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Read on for some Amsterdam inspiration and discover how you can save on your sightseeing.

Amsterdam Itinerary - Go City app
Amsterdam Itinerary Heineken Tour

Day 1 total cost without a pass: €80

Day 1

Start your trip admiring Vermeers and Van Goghs.

Heineken Experience
It’s 5PM somewhere. Visit the Heineken Experience to learn about this famous beer. 

Moco Museum
Next, head across the canal to this boutique gallery and admire its collection of modern art - it's just begging to be added to your ‘gram. 

100 Highlights Cruise
End your day by taking in the views from Amsterdam’s famous canals. 

Amsterdam Itinerary view of Amsterdam

Day 2 total cost without a pass: €58.50

Day 2

Start off your morning at Amsterdam’s best viewpoint. Take in the city views before taking on the city! 

Handily located next door to A’DAM, THIS IS HOLLAND is the perfect next stop to your itinerary. Enjoy a 5D flight simulator that takes you over the best sights in the country. 

Tour de BonTon
Among Amsterdam’s most controversial tourist attractions is its Red Light District and this tour is the perfect way to learn about this often misunderstood industry.

Amsterdam Itinerary bike

Day 3 total cost without a pass: €40.75

Day 3

Get into the mind of Rembrandt and see some of his works up close on a visit to his former home in the heart of Amsterdam. 

Diamond Museum
You know what they say, diamonds are a sightseer's best friend… for an afternoon of all that glitters, step inside this fascinating museum and learn all about diamonds. 

MacBike Rental
There is no better way to see Amsterdam than by bike. Do as the locals do and spend your afternoon cycling along canals and taking in the views. You’ll have never felt so European. 

By visiting these attractions with an All-Inclusive Pass, you'll have saved 52% on your sightseeing. So, what you waiting for? It's time to get planning that Amsterdam adventure now!

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