Terms and Conditions

May 2021

The following terms & conditions regulate the contractual relationship between the Amsterdam Pass holder and Stromma Nederland. By purchasing a Amsterdam Pass, the customer accepts these terms & conditions.

The Amsterdam Pass holder recognises that while visiting the attractions they are solely a contractual partner of the operator of the attraction in question. To clarify, these terms & conditions only regulate the contractual relationship between Stromma Nederland and the Amsterdam Pass holder with regard to the Amsterdam Pass. The attractions included in the Amsterdam Pass are hereinafter referred to as “contractual partners” of Amsterdam Pass.


  1. Amsterdam Pass 
    The Amsterdam Pass is a multi purpose voucher with a QR code that, against a one-time payment, entitles the holder to a single free admission to each attraction listed on the Amsterdam Pass website for the chosen duration of one, two, three or five consecutive days.

  2. Card holder 
    The card holder is the person to whom the voucher Amsterdam Pass was issued. A limit of one person per pass is strictly enforced, although customers may purchase passes for others who will be the sole users of their respective pass. Additionally, passes may not be resold, except by contracted wholesalers of Stromma Nederland’s products. The use of a single pass to gain admissions by multiple individuals constitutes fraud and may be subject to legal action and damages. Anyone with a Child Pass must be accompanied by an Adult Pass holder at all times. You can not buy a single Child Pass without buying an Adult Pass at the same time.

  3. Rights and duties of the card holder. During the validity period of the Amsterdam Pass, the card holder may use the services as listed on the Amsterdam Pass website. The customer is not entitled to any reimbursement for unused or not consumed services or for attractions being closed during the validity period of their pass. Stromma Nederland is not liable for any deficiencies in service, problems with admission, public health violations, safety problems, or personal injury that should occur when the pass holder visits any attraction included in his or her pass. Stromma Nederland is also not responsible for traffic conditions or weather that may impact a customer’s ability to reach or enjoy an included attraction. Customers of Stromma Nederland recognize and accept that they visit any attraction voluntarily and entirely at their own risk. All and any complaints or claims for redress must be made directly to the Attraction concerned. 
    The cardholder is obliged to store the Amsterdam Pass carefully. In case of any complaint relating to the reservation, the customer must apply directly to Stromma Nederland.

  4. Liability
    Stromma Nederland shall not be liable for any deficiencies, damages, losses, or non-provision of services by individual contractual partners. Any complaints and claims the cardholder may have regarding the use of the services of a contractual partner can therefore only be raised against the relevant contractual partner of Stromma Nederland. In such a case, the terms & conditions of the relevant
    contractual partner of Stromma Nederland shall apply. Stromma Nederland is not responsible for complaints that arise during the cardholder’s visit to the contractual partner.

  5. Period of validity
    The Amsterdam Pass is valid for one, two, three or five consecutive days, as agreed. This agreed-upon validity period will be printed on the Amsterdam Pass. The Amsterdam Pass must be redeemed within one year of its purchase or during the validity period printed on the card; thereafter, the card shall no longer be valid. If the contract between Amsterdam Pass and a contractual partner of the operator of an attraction is terminated, the Amsterdam Pass shall no longer be valid for that attraction.

  6. Loss of the card
    In case of loss of an unused Amsterdam Pass, Stromma Nederland must be notified immediately. No replacements or refunds can be offered for lost or stolen cards. The Amsterdam Pass is not valid for return visits to any attraction.

  7. Distance and Doorstep Sales Act
    Stromma Nederland follows the Distance and Doorstep Sales Act which means that you have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days after your purchase. At regretted purchase you have to contact Stromma Nederland by phone or e-mail within 14 Days. The card will then be sent back to Stromma Nederland at below address. Return postage and any additional cost are payed by the customer. The money for the purchase will be refunded when the cards are delivered to Stromma Nederland.


  1. Address:
    Strömma Nederland
    Weteringschans 26
    1017 SG  AMSTERDAM
    The Netherlands

  2. Force Majeure
    For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, "Force Majeure" means any cause beyond our control including, without limitation, act of God, war, insurrection, riot, civil disturbances, acts of terrorism, fire, explosion, flood, theft of essential equipment, malicious damage, strike, lock out, weather, third party injunction, national defence requirements, actions taken by the police, acts or regulations of national or local governments. We will not be liable to You for failure to perform any obligation under these Terms and Conditions to the extent that the failure is caused by Force Majeure.

  3. Privacy and data protection
    Stromma Nederland processes the cardholder's personal data received (in particular: full name, address, and the type, date, time and scope of services received), hereinafter referred to as “data”, and the data obtained during the use of the Amsterdam Pass. By purchasing the Amsterdam Pass, the cardholder agrees that these data may also be used by Amsterdam Pass and its contractual partners for tourism-related evaluations and for the development and optimisation of the Amsterdam Pass. At any time, the cardholder may withdraw this consent without giving any reason by contacting Amsterdam Pass. The data shall not be disclosed to third parties.

  4. Miscellaneous
    Additional agreements shall only be valid in writing.

  5. Special provisions for online purchases
    Items 1 through 10 shall also apply to online purchases. The following additional provisions shall apply:
    12.1.) The purpose of the website is the sale of the voucher Amsterdam Pass.
    12.2.) An online purchase can only be made with a valid credit or debit card.
    12.3.) Personal data required for purchases or enquiries, such as name, phone number, fax number or e-mail address, will only be used for the above mentioned purposes and will not be disclosed to third parties.
    12.4.) You have the right to cancel your order for the Amsterdam Pass within 14 working days starting from the day after completion of your online order (“Cancellation Period”).
    To cancel, you must contact us by email ([email protected]) within the Cancellation Period.
    If you cancel your order within the Cancellation Period you must return the Amsterdam Pass to Strömma Nederland, ATT: Amsterdam Pass, Weteringschans 26, 1017 SG AMSTERDAM, Netherlands within 30 days.
    The money for the purchase will be refunded when the cards are delivered to Stromma Nederland. You are responsible for the cost of returning the Amsterdam Pass. You do not have the right to cancel your order for the Amsterdam Pass within the cancellation period if you have activated the Amsterdam Pass.
    We at Stromma Nederland have done our best to ensure the accuracy of the information on our website and in our guidebooks. However, because attraction conditions, including hours, holiday closures, and so forth, may change subsequent to the time the customer purchased his or her pass, Stromma Nederland cannot guarantee that each facility will operate as described by the information on our website or in our guidebooks. 
    Stromma Nederland is not responsible for delays or any other delivery problems that are the fault of the postal service.