Best Things to do at Hudson Yards NYC

The recently opened Hudson Yards development brings even more shopping, dining, and public art to west Manhattan. Named after the rail yards it’s built on top of, Hudson Yards re-imagines what this previously industrial neighborhood could offer to Manhattanites and tourists.

This substantial development project involves not only a bundle of high-end fashion boutiques – along with a few fast fashion offerings – but also a selection of sumptuous dining experiences curated by big name chefs. There’s also a residential component, featuring sparkling new luxury apartments with a hefty price tag.

While you may also enjoy the more traditional areas of NYC on a regular basis – Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and so on – visitors to New York should also scope out this hot new area. Here’s our guide to this glamorous new neighborhood, including the best things to do at Hudson Yards and some tips for visiting.


With a wide selection of dining offerings spanning the gamut from coffee shops and fast casual options to upscale, fine dining experiences, you can find practically anything you’d like to eat at Hudson Yards. Here’s a selection of some of our standout favorites.

  • Belcampo: Promising to serve only the highest quality, sustainably raised meat, Belcampo offers everything from drool-worthy burgers to hearty salads.
  • Citarella Gourmet Market: As its name implies, this venue is an upscale market serving “thoughtfully-sourced ingredients” and dishes designed by expert chefs. They also have a sister shop that sells wine and spirits.
  • Dylan’s Candy Bar: Who doesn’t love this nostalgia-inducing candy shop? Be ready to spend a pretty penny on your favorite candies, reinvented. Wine gummies, anyone?
  • Estiatorio Milos: This global seafood restaurant has been praised to the heavens in food magazines and blogs, and Chef Costas Spiliadis has pulled out all the stops for this location.
  • Hudson Yards Grill:  An approachable restaurant featuring “refined classics” and an extensive but unintimidating wine list is a good mid-range option for folks looking to enjoy the culinary scene of Hudson Yards without breaking the bank.
  • Mercado Little Spain: An NYC offering by none other than the inimitable Chef José Andrés, this casual food hall offers sumptuous tastes of jamon, paella, patata bravas, and so much more. Pick and choose at market-style stalls to customize your dining experience.
  • Queensyard: The brainchild of a London-based restaurant group, Queensyard serves up re-imagined British cooking with an Atlantic influence alongside smart cocktails and tasty craft beers.


Then, of course, there’s the shopping. Hudson Yards is anchored by a massive mall, after all, and the shopping is all part of the experience. You can find a variety of shops here, retailing everything from men and women’s apparel to jewelry to luxury eyewear. Here are a few of the top stores in Hudson Yards by our book.

  • AG Adriano Goldschmied: Everyone’s favorite denim brand has a rare stand-alone store in this mall featuring those oh-so-flattering jeans among other luxe apparel. (Like this? Check out Madewell, too.)
  • B8TA: This unusual store combines the appeal of long-gone tech shops with the fun and interactivity of convention booths: try out new and innovative tech that changes each month.
  • Cartier: If you’re got the budget for something special – say, an iconic Cartier watch – then head to this classic jewelry store. (Rolex is another, similar option for timepieces.)
  • H&M: This fast-fashion favorite is seemingly a must in new malls these days. Spend an hour in this store and you’ll come home with an armful of stylish, affordable new clothes.
  • Jo Malone London: This luxury beauty shop offers signature scents, lushly fragranced candles, and decadent bath and body products. A rare treat outside of the U.K.
  • Kate Spade New York: Who doesn’t love the bright and enthusiastic vibe of Kate Spade designs? Featuring their famous handbags, playful shoes & apparel, and pop home décor, this store has a little something for everyone.
  • Milk & Honey Babies: A store for the spoiled babies in your life, this shop is designed to be a destination for stylish and sustainable toys, gear, and accessories.
  • Neiman Marcus: The flagship store at Hudson Yards, this Neiman Marcus is among the largest in the city with housewares, apparel, accessories, a beauty salon, multiple restaurants, and more.

Public Art

Finally, if you’d like to scope out what Hudson Yards has to offer on the artsy side of things, you should know that this new development boasts several pieces of public art, from the interactive, climbable structure currently (and temporarily) known as “The Vessel” to an expansive exhibit space. Here’s a rundown of what’s available.

  • The Vessel: Designed as the centerpiece of the Public Square and Gardens, this interactive sculpture invites visitors to roam its seemingly endless stairways. M.C. Escher would be proud.
  • Snark Park: Featuring a series of endlessly delightful rotating exhibits, this gallery also encourages interaction with its art and architecture. You can also find a unique gift shop with custom merchandise.
  • The Shed: A new kind of artist space, this center actually commissions public art & performances from emerging artists. They intend to present art from multiple disciplines, including everything from sculpture and painting to hip-hop performances and classical music concerts.
  • edge: The aptly-named edge is the highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere. When it opens (estimated in 2020), you can walk out 65 feet from the building, peer down into the complex below, then look out to the stunning vista beyond. It will be a great place to watch the sun set.
  • Public Square and Gardens: Host to many of the works of art on this list, this expansive central space is a marvel of sustainable green design. Painstakingly designed to incorporate rainwater-reclamation, “smart soil,” and even a colony of bees, these gardens are unlike anything else in New York.

Tips for Visiting

There’s literally too much to do in one visit at Hudson Yards – and it’s designed to be that way. Tackle it without a plan, and you’re likely to be exhausted before you even get to lunch. Follow our tips for visiting for an easier time of it, and make the most of your time in Hudson Yards.

  • Decide where you want to eat before going. There are so many options that you’ll likely be overwhelmed by having to choose on the spot.
  • Make dinner reservations. If you’ve got your heart set on one of the more popular restaurants in the mall, the last thing you want is for all the tables to be filled when you want to dine.
  • Alternatively, plan to stay for lunch instead of dinner. It will be easier on your wallet and you can enjoy fewer crowds.
  • Pick a budget, and stick with it. It can be hard to limit your spending at a mall where everything is right at your fingertips, but your wallet will thank you later.
  • Look at the Shed’s performance schedule in advance. If you’re going to want to see a particular type of show or concert, you’ll need to know what’s on during your visit.
  • Avoid staying at the on-site hotel. Unless you’ve got a big budget or a special occasion planned, you’re better off avoiding the high price tag of Equinox Hotel and staying somewhere else in Manhattan.
  • Don’t miss the High Line. The public project that started it all, this abandoned elevated rail line has been converted into a park-slash-walking path. It wraps around the Hudson Yards neighborhood and offers a serene strolling experience.

The best things to do at Hudson Yards are clearly manifold – dining, shopping, strolling, spectating, it’s all here. If you’ve got a free day to spend on your next trip to New York, consider spending it exploring this glimmering new addition to the Manhattan landscape.

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