Los Angeles Spring Break 2020 – Things to Do in February & March During Your Vacation

Check out these fun ideas for things to do during Los Angeles Spring Break 2019.

Make the most of your spring vacation with a few of our suggestions for fun activities and more.

Best Vacations for Teens

los angeles santa monica

We’ve put together a list of the top cities to go on vacation with teens. They’re full of exciting and diverse attractions that are perfect for teenagers.

10+ Things to Do in Los Angeles in Winter 2019-2020 – January Events & More

Check out these popular things to do in Los Angeles in the winter.

Make the most of your visit by adding a few of these popular attractions and fun holiday events into your vacation itinerary.

Best Cities to Visit for Thanksgiving 2019

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Best Beach Vacations for Couples

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Shopping in Los Angeles

the grove los angeles

Home to Hollywood and its bevy of celebrities, it’s no surprise that L.A. also boasts some truly excellent shopping. Of course, it’s not all Rodeo Drive, either—plenty of regular people live and shop in Los Angeles, too! Spend some of your time… [Read More]

Best US Cities for Sports Fans

philadelphia sports

The United States is among the best places in the world to visit for sports fans. You’ll find that the major sports are well represented in most of the big cities, with everything from basketball to hockey to soccer-playing a huge role… [Read More]

One Week in Los Angeles Itinerary – 7 Day Itinerary for Your Vacation

Los Angeles attractions

You bought your flight and booked your hotel, now you’re planning what you and your family are going to do while in Los Angeles.

Our destination experts crafted this one week in Los Angeles vacation itinerary filled with a wide variety of attractions and activities, so you can save money and have a wonderful trip. Enjoy!

Things to Do in Los Angeles in Fall 2019 – Attractions, Activities & More

Looking for some exciting things to do in Los Angeles in the Fall?

Check out a few of these suggestions for top attractions, seasonal events, and more.

Making the most of your upcoming vacation just got a whole lot easier.

Best Halloween Events in the USA

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Things to Do for Halloween 2019 in Los Angeles

Check out these seasonal ideas for things to do for Halloween in Los Angeles this year.

Consider including a few of these relevant activities, attractions and events into your weekend itinerary.

Your Guide to the Los Angeles Airport

los angeles downtown

Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities to visit in California. It’s conveniently located between San Francisco and San Diego (making it ideal for a Cali road trip vacation). La also has a wealth of attractions in itself.  However, if… [Read More]

Best Outdoor Activities in Los Angeles

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LA may be best known for its Hollywood attractions and glittering storefronts. But Los Angeles’ beautiful year-round weather also makes it the perfect destination for those who love to enjoy the great outdoors. Looking to soak up some of that legendary California… [Read More]

Best Weekend Breaks in the USA

Miami go city pass orlando

In today’s busy world, we don’t always have time to take a good long vacation. It may seem like a bummer upon the first reflection. However, it opens you up to other possibilities like a great weekend getaway.  A first-time visitor to… [Read More]

Celebrity-themed Attractions in Los Angeles

hollywood sign

For many Los Angeles visitors, Hollywood is the primary inspiration for making L.A. their vacation destination. Fans of the celebrity culture—from comic books and video games to television shows and movies—will love a trip to Los Angeles. If you’re hoping to explore… [Read More]

Solo Travel in Los Angeles

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Traveling alone can be a great opportunity to satisfy your inclinations and enjoy only the things you want to do. Forget about taking the kids to the theme park, or your significant other to that one specific place. Do what you want… [Read More]

Ultimate Los Angeles Bucket List

los angeles santa monica

As one of the biggest and most diverse cities in the United States, Los Angeles is a top destination for visitors looking to explore its many wonders. The problem is, there is far too much to see and do for one trip…. [Read More]

How to Plan Your American Road Trip

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Road trips are the stuff of vacation legend. They’re bound to be an unforgettable experience for you and your family, friends, or significant other. The key, however, is making sure that you never forget this trip for all the right reasons. (We’ve… [Read More]

7 of the Best US Hikes

north shore oahu hike

Love hiking and adventure vacations? Look no further than the USA for your next hiking getaway. Use this guide to the best hikes in the US to help you decide where you should next visit… 

Futuristic Attractions in Los Angeles

california science center

We all know that robots are becoming an increasing part of human existence—from medical robots that preform precise surgeries that save lives to those little vacuuming automatons that we sometimes forget are still actually robots, they’re all over. Technology is such a… [Read More]

Ultimate US Bucket List

american flag stars and stripes

Welcome to Go City’s Ultimate USA Bucket List. Here you’ll find ideas for landmarks, attractions, and activities that you just have to see, visit, and do in the US. Whether you’re from the US and want to go on vacation in another… [Read More]

Cool things to do in LA

griffith park LA

The second-most populous city in the United States and among the most exciting travel destinations in the entire country, Los Angeles is full of things to do. The last thing you want, however, is to feel like you’re sticking to the same… [Read More]

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

The dining scene in Los Angeles is thriving, with everything from mouth-watering street food to haute cuisine on offer. L.A. is also an incredibly diverse city, meaning you’ll find an array of different cuisines to choose from. They’re particularly known for New… [Read More]

Why is Los Angeles Famous?

hollywood sign la los angeles

Los Angeles, or LA, is one of the most well-known cities in the world. But why is Los Angeles so famous? Hollywood stars, the TV & movie industries, and gorgeous beaches all make LA a famous city and a popular vacation spot…. [Read More]

Fun Facts About Los Angeles: Your Essential Trivia

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How much do you know about Los Angeles?  Before you head to LA on vacation check out our guide to essential Los Angeles trivia. Test your knowledge with these fun Los Angeles facts below… Top LA facts 1-10 Universal Studios Hollywood combines… [Read More]