San Diego is the Place to Be – and New Data Proves It

Are you considering visiting San Diego? Rising to popularity for its sunny climes and spectacular scenery, not to mention a wealth of beaches and parks, San Diego is the destination to see this year.

This coastal delight is known for its pleasant weather and captivating sights, however, that isn’t all the city has to offer. With an abundance of affordable tasty treats on offer as well as low stress levels, San Diego should be at the top of your tourist list.

Here are our top reasons why you should visit San Diego.

Coastal Cuisine

San Diego has 5,145 restaurants and 126 takeaways so it’s a given that you will find somewhere to tantalise your tastebuds. What also sets San Diego apart from stiff competition is the unbeatable prices for food.

For example, the average cost of an Italian dinner for two is a mere $79, providing plenty of bruschetta for your buck. In addition, it’s easier to get your caffeine fix than ever since a cappuccino only costs $4.88 on average. The average cost of a fast food combo meal is also only $7.90, leaving plenty of room for dessert.

Looking for some top notch recommendations? Blue Water specialises in local cuisine, serving up fresh fish and seafood tacos. If only the finest will do, A.R. Valentien at The Lodge at Torrey Pines gives you the opportunity to wine and dine, sampling the amuse bouche and organic spaghetti in an ambient environment. Sticking to a budget? Hodad’s is the place to be, offering classic American grub from stacked burgers to thick ice cream shakes.

Regardless of your preference, San Diego is sure to tickle your tastebuds with one of its many eateries.

Excellent Environment

Though the environment may not be a priority for all, San Diego provides a panoramic paradise for locals and tourists alike. Did you know that the city receives 3,055 hours of sunshine a year? Soaking up that many rays will be perfect for topping up your tan! In fact, it’s all fun in the sun for San Diego, with only 10.3 annual inches of rainfall – looks like your umbrella will be gathering dust.

Owing its prominence to its vast number of green spaces, San Diego promises an abundance of parkland – specifically a staggering 34.9 park acres per 1,000 residents! As if the greenery wasn’t enough, the air quality index reveals San Diego to be a city filled with fresh air, promising 83 good days.

Sunshine, parkland and good air quality clearly has its health benefits. The average life expectancy in San Diego is 81.1 years, which is certainly a lifespan to be proud of. Looks like seafood and sea air is the way to go for your holiday!

If you’re looking for the best tourist attractions, then we recommend looking at our travel itineraries. Our recent San Diego Neighborhoods Guide gives you a full run down of where to visit, no matter which part of San Diego you are visiting.

Don’t forget, a trip to San Diego isn’t complete without your Go San Diego Card, which will give you access to special offers and discounts for tourist attractions – in fact, our all inclusive go card will let you save a staggering 55% vs paying at the gate!

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