The World’s Best (Virtual) Travel Experiences

golden gate bridge virtual tour

Right now, you may find yourself confined to the realms of your couch. But don’t let that stop you from exploring some of the world’s most incredible attractions. In today’s digital age, many of the best tourist sites can be seen up… [Read More]

Best Beach Vacations for Couples

If you’re looking for a beachy city to visit for a vacation with your significant other, check out our guide to the best beach vacations for couples.

San Diego Memorial Day Weekend 2020 – 10+ Fun Things to Do in May

With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, we wanted to put together a list of some fun activities and ideas for things to do in San Diego in May.

Make the most of your long weekend by including a few of these popular attractions into your itinerary.

10+ Things to Do in San Diego in Spring 2020 – Activities & More

Springtime is approaching, so take a peak at our ideas for things to do in San Diego in the spring.

Make the most of your trip by adding a few of these activities and fun seasonal events into your vacation itinerary.

10+ Romantic Things to Do in San Diego – Valentine’s Day 2020 & More

Check out these fun ideas for romantic things to do in San Diego just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Make the most of your time in the city and check out a few of our suggestions for a romantic itinerary.

What is San Diego Known For?

san diego famous beach

San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Padres, and a thriving craft beer industry make San Diego a city worth visiting. Find out what else the Californian city is famous for…

San Diego Neighborhood Guide

Little Italy, San Diego

San Diego is a delightful vacation destination. Filled with top-notch cultural attractions, exciting sports teams, and sunny, sandy beaches—San Diego’s neighborhood variety makes it practically perfect. It’s also, however, quite large, making it difficult to truly tackle the whole city in one… [Read More]

Best Vacations for Toddlers

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The best vacations for toddlers include fun, engaging activities, and attractions made specifically for little kids. Here are our top picks…

Best Vacations for Teens

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We’ve put together a list of the top cities to go on vacation with teens. They’re full of exciting and diverse attractions that are perfect for teenagers.

Best Places for a Christmas Vacation

Take a vacation this holiday season for a unique and memorable Christmas. Holidays at home can often blur into one, so why not try something different and take a vacation to a new city? Here’s our list of the best cities to… [Read More]

Best Christmas Vacations for Families

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Make this Christmas special with a family vacation. Take a trip to an exciting city to experience their fun and festive attractions, while spending time together. We’ve put together recommendations for the best Christmas vacations for families. The options are diverse and… [Read More]

Christmas in San Diego 2019 – Holiday Things to Do & Fun Seasonal Activities

The winter holiday season is upon us, so check out our suggestions for things to do during Christmas time in San Diego 2018.

Make the most of your end of year trip by adding a few of these activities and fun seasonal events into your upcoming itinerary.

Things to Do in San Diego in Fall 2019 – Attractions, Activities & More

Looking for some exciting things to do in San Diego in the Fall?

Check out a few of these suggestions for top attractions, seasonal events, and more.

Making the most of your upcoming vacation just got a whole lot easier.

Haunted Attractions in San Diego for Halloween

gaslamp quarter san diego go city

Autumn is one of our favorite times of year—from crunching leaves and crisp breezes to all the spooky Halloween activities that make October such a great month. And while Halloween is popular throughout the United States, San Diego is a particularly appropriate… [Read More]

Best Weekend Breaks in the USA

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In today’s busy world, we don’t always have time to take a good long vacation. It may seem like a bummer upon the first reflection. However, it opens you up to other possibilities like a great weekend getaway.  A first-time visitor to… [Read More]

How to Plan Your American Road Trip

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Road trips are the stuff of vacation legend. They’re bound to be an unforgettable experience for you and your family, friends, or significant other. The key, however, is making sure that you never forget this trip for all the right reasons. (We’ve… [Read More]

Old Town San Diego Guide

old town san diego go city

A historic neighborhood in San Diego, Old Town is most well known for its old-world charm and modern recreation opportunities. It’s remarkable as the site of the first European settlement in what is today California. Old Town is also the home of… [Read More]

Ultimate US Bucket List

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Welcome to Go City’s Ultimate USA Bucket List. Here you’ll find ideas for landmarks, attractions, and activities that you just have to see, visit, and do in the US. Whether you’re from the US and want to go on vacation in another… [Read More]

Fun Facts About San Diego: Your Essential Trivia

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You’ve heard of the zoo and the Gaslamp quarter, but how much do you know about San Diego? Test your knowledge of this SoCal city with our top San Diego facts below. Top San Diego facts 1-10 SeaWorld San Diego is the… [Read More]

Thanksgiving in San Diego 2019 – Things to Do in November & More

You’ve got a nice long weekend coming up, so why not check out a few of these things to do in November.

Make the most of Thanksgiving in San Diego by including a few of these popular activities and fun events into your weekend itinerary.

Best Theme Parks in the World

six flags magic mountain LA go Los Angeles pass

The thrill-seeker in all of us loves a good theme park. Young or old, adventurous or shy, the theme park brings out the most excitable, boisterous parts of ourselves.  Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a theme park aficionado, this list of… [Read More]

A Guide to Whale Watching in San Diego

Due to its ideal location along the Pacific coast, San Diego is one of the premier spots for whale watching in the U.S. Travelers will be amazed at the variety of whales that swim majestically along their migratory patterns through the Pacific… [Read More]

Your Guide to San Diego International Airport – Shopping, Dining, Travel Tips, & More

San Diego go city

Trips to San Diego are the stuff of childhood legends—and the fond reminiscing of adults, too! There are so many wonderful things to do in this world-class city, from visiting the San Diego Zoo to scoping out the USS Midway Museum to… [Read More]

San Diego Air & Space Museum Discount Tickets & Tips for Visiting

Make the most of your visit to Balboa Park’s San Diego Air & Space Museum.

Check out our helpful guide, packed full of ways to save on admission, tips for visiting, other nearby attractions, and much more.

Visiting the USS Midway Museum – Discount Tickets, Tips & More

Ranked #1 among all San Diego attractions on TripAdvisor, the USS Midway Museum offers you the chance to explore the retired aircraft carrier that served 47 years for the U.S. Navy.

Check out our helpful guide, packed full of tips for visiting, ways to save on admission, and much more.