Top 10 Things to Do in Sydney

luna park sydney

Sun-soaked Sydney has it all – plenty of surf, wildlife-packed turf and an entire cityscape of cutting-edge culture. There’s more than meets the eye in New South Wales’ capital. Architectural wonders and sweeping gold sands are what give Sydney its sunny reputation… [Read More]

Where’s Hot in February

By February, we’re all longing for the warmth and sunshine. The December holidays seem like the distant past, and while February is the shortest month, it’s also one of the hardest to get through in terms of the often-miserable weather. If you’re… [Read More]

Best New Year’s Eve Firework Displays Around the World

New Year’s Eve has to be one of the most anticipated annual celebrations on Earth. The whole world joins together against the backdrop of lit-up skies.

Where’s Hot in December?

where's hot in december

It’s that time of year where most of us are already tired of the cold weather. Depending upon where your home base is located, you may also be sick of the snow, wind, and/or icy rain. That’s where our handy little hot-weather… [Read More]

Best Places to Learn to Surf

Waikiki Beach is a popular spot to go surfing

Wondering where’s the best place to catch a wave? We’re here to help. Here’s our list of the top surfing spots around the world for beginners and pros.