Things to do When it Rains in Shanghai (Popular Indoor Activities)

If you’re visiting Shanghai during the summer, you’re likely to run into quite a bit of rain. Especially between August and September, the average rainfall is high enough that you’d be lucky to escape without encountering a monsoon.

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of things to do inside in Shanghai so you won’t find yourself scrambling in the event of inclement weather.

Whether you’re interested in arts and culture, sightseeing, the natural world, and something else, you’ll find a delightful indoors attraction to enjoy in Shanghai.

Looking for Some Fun Things to do Indoors?

Searching for indoors attractions in Shanghai? Check out this list of popular indoors activities, including:

  • Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory
  • Guanfu Classical Art Museum
  • Shanghai Museum of Glass
  • Changfeng Ocean World

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Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory

Among the top ten tallest buildings in the entire world, the Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory also features one of the best observation decks in the city.

Located on the 100th floor, the highest observation deck offers excellent views of downtown Shanghai and the Huangpu River.

There are also observation decks on the 97th and 94th floors. The former is an open air deck (with a glass roof) and the latter encompasses more than 2,000 square feet in a space with floor-to-ceiling windows.

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Shanghai Tower: Guanfu Classical Art Museum

Found on the 37th floor of the Shanghai Tower, the Guanfu Classical Art Museum features an exquisite private collection of art and artifacts.

With a collection designed to survey the history of China’s culture, this museum showcases everything from precious metals to statuary to fine porcelain.

There’s even an East-West Hall, which traces the history of the contact between China and the West in the eighteenth century, in part through artifacts that provide evidence of a Chinese influence in England and Europe.

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Shanghai Museum of Glass

An immensely popular institution in Shanghai, the Museum of Glass encompasses a distinctive collection of glass in a wide variety of contexts, from art to industry.

You’ll get to wander through exhibitions of work by the world’s top glassworks artisans, including my favorite, BRKN, which features purposefully shattered pieces of glass.

There’s also a Kids Museum of Glass. Here your little ones can enjoy a glass-based Mirror Maze and some arts and crafts.

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Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World

This engaging aquarium is filled with over 10,000 marine critters from more than 1,500 different species.

With interactive touch-tanks, striking exhibits, and charming collections of marine animals like penguins, jellies, and more, this massive aquarium is popular with visitors of all ages.

It’s a must-visit place for animal lovers (especially if you’re missing out on the Shanghai Zoo due to bad weather).

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Rainy Day Recap

So there you have it – a number of top indoors attractions for you to enjoy on a rainy day in Shanghai.

Consider picking up a Go Shanghai® Card to aid you in your rainy day explorations, and you can save up to 30% on admission.

Happy travels!

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