Go City Card Reviews from Real Customers

The simple, safe and fun Go City Cards have saved more than $15 million for our customers. Here’s what they have to say:

1. “Hassle-Free”

“We found the Go Boston Card to be an incredible value and so easy to use…Not only was the card hassle-free, it also came with a pocket sized guidebook that noted important info!”

—Liz, Cleveland, OH

2. “Awesome”

“I’m not usually one to promote stuff like this – but we saved a bundle and saw almost every single part of Chicago last year. Awesome City, awesome card.”

—Nina, Facebook fan

3. “Great Price”

“Went on our first trip with Smart Destinations last summer to Los Angeles. We had the best trip! We did so much and it was great only having to pay for food..so much to do for such a great price. We were never bored!”

—Julia, Facebook fan

4. “Saved A Great Deal”

“My boyfriend and I bought the Explorer Pass before our 5 day trip to NYC in December. It saved us a great deal of money as the destinations that are available with this pass are ones that we had already planned on visiting.”

—Crystal, Charleston, SC

5. “Paid for Itself”

“The [Go Oahu] card is great for the value. For two of us, it basically paid for itself after a couple of attractions. Easy to use, just present it and they gave you the very best entry possible including i-pod audio tours on some.”

—Reviewer, Alberta, Canada

6. “Great to Work With”

“Best way to visit other areas in Orlando besides the parks, great shows with great value. Smart Destinations is great to work with, we have used previously and will continue to use. THANKS!”

—Reviewer, Cedar Rapids, IA

7. “Spectacular…Friendly When I Handed Them the Card”

“This card is spectacular. I found new and exciting places to go that I would not have gone otherwise. The card certainly pays for itself, especially if you wish to visit SeaWorld San Diego more than once. Everywhere I went that took the card, I simply gave it to them like I would a credit card, and they took it without hesitation. People were actually friendly when I handed them the card, almost proud to accept it. The next time I travel, I’ll be looking for a Smart Destinations card for that city!”

—Reviewer, Denver, CO

8. “Helped Make our Vacation Amazing”

“We are in San Fran now using the go San Francisco card and LOVE it! We have saved so much money and have done so much more than we ever would have done on our own. We are headed to wine country tomorrow on the card and can’t wait. Thanks, Smart Destinations. You have helped make our vacation amazing!”

—Missy, Facebook fan

9. “A Breeze”

“We’ve used Smart Destinations Go San Diego Card pass, San Francisco, and Go Los Angeles Pass. By doing so, we saved money, made “spontaneous” trip planning a breeze, and experienced attractions that we otherwise would have passed up.”

—Kate, Southern California Travel Blogger

10. “Bargain-Savvy”

“If you are bargain savvy, this is such a great deal!”

—Sally, Monroe, NC

11. “Worry-Free Card”

“This is a worry free card. When you get to where you are going you just show the card, it’s that easy. No digging through your pocket book or waiting in long lines to get in.”

—Johnson, Myrtle Beach, S

12. “Easy”

“My husband & I purchased two of your books for 5 days. Ran out of time to do things but not out things to do. Your book make it easy to decide what to do. And finding everything was easy. We saved more money that the books cost us. It was a great idea to purchase your booklet & cards. Thanks for the ideas & the fun.”

—Linda W., Baytown, TX

13. “Very Pleased”

“I was very pleased. I did save a great deal of money and my husband even recommended it to some other people while on vacation.”

—LaVerne J. – Go Miami Card

15. “Everything that was Advertised”

“The Explorer Passes that were purchased were everything that was advertised. They were easy to use at each event and saved us time and money in NYC. I ordered 7 Explorer Passes for my 38th Vietnam reunion in NYC.”

—Edward N. – NYC Explorer Pass

16. “Worked Well for Us”

“The Go City Cards that we used worked well for us and we hope to continue to use your company in the future.”

—Wendy I. – Go San Diego Card

17. “Saved $500!”

“My husband and I decided to go to Boston at the spur of the moment. I was researching Boston and ran across the Go City Card. I purchased a 5 day pass and loved it. We were able to go to places we would have not if we did not have the card. I keep track of all the things we used it for and saved $500! Our days were full of fun and excitement. Thanks for all the savings!”

—Diane W. – Go Boston Card

18. “Completely Enjoyed the Places the Card Includes”

“It was a pleasure to take advantage of your services this summer. My family completely enjoyed the places the card includes, so much so that we are definitely going to use them again!”

—Theresa G. – Go San Diego Card

19. “Loved the Convenience”

“We loved the convenience of the card and all the Chicago attractions that were included!”

—Renee K. – Go Chicago Card

20. “A Great Product”

“I think you have a great product and I have told others about it. I am hoping that we will get to try again at some point.”

—Becky S. – Go Chicago Card

21. “Fantastic Deal”

Fantastic deal and would recommend to anyone who is visiting many of the cities or offer to check out the website as the discounted go-cards are fabulous value for money.”

—Caroline D. – Go Los Angeles Card

22. “Allowed us to Avoid Some Line Hassles”

“I would like to provide a testimonial. My wife and I purchased the G0-Boston three day card a few months ago and were very pleased. It allowed us to avoid some line hassles and try some tours that we would not have otherwise. Two places that were great that we would not have gone to a-la-carte were the Museum of Science and the Aquarium.

—Mark B. – Go Boston Card

23. “Awesome Find”

“This card was an awesome find by my son and his wife for visiting San Diego and seeing the attractions. We saved a ton of money on admissions! What a way to go!”

—G.R. – Go San Diego Card

24. “Would Definitely Buy Again”

“The value was excellent. There is just about anything you would like to do in the area available to do on the card. We kept track of the money we would have spent and we would have spent over 3 times what the card cost us. I would definitely buy this card again

—Diann W. – Go San Diego Card

25. “It’s Worth It”

“Believe me it’s worth it. We made excellent use of this card”

— Arun – Go San Diego Card

26. “Very Easy to Use”

“I bought this for our San Diego vacation, really loved it! It’s definitely a great value, offers a great variety for every one. The online purchase was very easy, I got the card in mail within a week. It’s also very easy to use – just take it to the ticket window and redeem the free ticket.”

—Jade – Go San Diego Card

27. “Saved a Lot of Money”

“I have to echo the reviews that I read. This card saved my family a lot of money. We tried things that we would have not ordinarily done.”

— Allen – Go San Diego Card

28. “A Must Have”

“If you are going to LA and plan to do a lot of tourist stuff then you can not go without getting one of these cards. It saved us a lot of money and it has a lot of things that you can do with the card. It is a MUST HAVE in my book.”

— Ally – Go Los Angeles Card

29. “Really Got Our Money’s Worth”

“Great value! We purchased the 2 day Go Pass in LA and we really got our money’s worth. We did the Kodak Theater tour, Red Lion Walking Tour, and the Hollywood Homes Tour on the first day. The second day we went to Santa Monica and used the bikes along the pier (very fun) and went on the Warner Brothers Tour in Burbank.”

— James M. – Go Los Angeles Card

30. “Excellent Value”

“We had the 7-day card and found it excellent value for the money.”

—Lynn M. – NYC Explorer Pass

31. “See Sights we Otherwise Would Not”

“The card enabled us to see sights that we otherwise would not have paid extra for. With our 3 day card we went to Universal Studios, rented bikes at the beach, and toured movie studios, theaters and wax museums. My son was so impressed that he chose to pitch the Go Card as part of his speech class project after we returned!”

—Laurie M. – Go Los Angeles Card

32. “Easy to Use”

“The Go Los Angeles Card saves you a lot of money and is easy to use!”

—Jesse C. – Go Los Angeles Card

33. “Worked Great”

Worked great – this is a great value for a number of LA attractions.”

—Jason B. – Go Los Angeles Card

34. “Lots of Places”

“Excellent card can be used in lots of places!”

—Hayley L. – Go Los Angeles Card

35. “Would have Been a Mess”

“Without the Go LA card, planning and obtaining tickets for all the activities individually would have been a mess. I also recommend that you make sure you plan your activities ahead of time to maximize usage.”

— Marc W. – Go Los Angeles Card

36. “Without Paying a Fortune”

“Getting this card was totally worth it, it gave us the freedom to go on tours and museums without paying a fortune.”

— Nicole M. – Go Los Angeles Card

37. “Best Choice”

“It was the best choice to buy the Go LA Card!”

—Nadine L. – Go Los Angeles Card

38. “Had No Problems”

“Not having to pay each time for the attractions made covering 3 or 4 sites in one day very easy. Also at some of the attractions you had priority over other visitors. Also on the whale trip you could book the day before and collect your tickets. Used card in some of the restaurants we visited and had no problems with the discount.”

— S.H. – Go Boston Card

39. “Saw Some Great Things”

“Take some time and plan your activities. We saved some money, and saw some great things that we would not have considered if it wasn’t on the card.”

—Michael S. – Go Boston Card

40. “Recommend to All”

“This certainly came in handy and saved us money. Would recommend to all visitors.”

—Roy C. – Go Boston Card

41. “Fantastic. Recommend to Anyone.”

“The Go Boston Card is fantastic, and I would recommend it to anyone. We booked the three day card and did Salem, Plymouth Plantation and all of Boston – the Duck Tour, Harbor Tour, Trolley Tour etc. Even got the kids into museums! Do your research first as this ensure you get the most out of the card.”

—Claire H. – Go Boston Card

42. “A Must Buy”

“Excellent value – a must buy.”

—Michelle M. – Go Boston Card

43. “Handy Dandy”

“The Los Angeles Go Card was a wonderful way to explore Los Angeles attractions at my leisure. Once I received my card, all I had to do was present it at the locations listed in my handy dandy little Go Card booklet.”

—Arletia M – Go Los Angeles Card

44. “Fantastic Value”

“Fantastic value for money.”

—Ronald M. – Go Oahu Card

45. “Needed More Time!”

“Nice because there was things to do that picked you up and brought you back to the hotel if you didn’t have a car like us, but make sure you do a 3-day pass if you will be there for a week. We were there for a convention and I felt rushed with the 2-day – I needed more time!

—Rochelle P – Go Oahu Card

46. “Excellent Return”

Excellent return for such a small outlay. Will recommend to all.”

— Michael H. – Go Oahu Card

47. “Purchasing It Again”

“This card is worth it price!! I had a great time visiting most of the sites and looking forward to purchasing it again for my next visit to Oahu. The Grand Island Circle tour is a must for all visitors, especially if you get Bob the tour operator I learned so much.”

—Lori J. – Go Oahu Card

48. “Good Value and Good Fun”

“So much to do so little time. The card was an easy way to see the key attractions of San Diego. Good value and good fun.”

—Thomas B. – Go San Diego Card

49. “Worth Every Penny”

“This was worth every penny. There is so much to see and do in Chicago. We were there for 4 days and had to rush around. We could have stayed longer. This card did save us a lot of money. I definitely recommend this.”

—John K. – Go Chicago Card

50. “Everyone Accepted the Card”

“The Go Card was easy to use. Everyone accepted the card as stated. Recommend taking the time to plan your events to get the best usage.”

—Theresa O. – Go Los Angeles Card

51. “Go Card Encompasses More”

“I love this card for budget travel. I’ve used Go Cards in San Francisco and Boston and it really does give you the best deal. I know some cities have the “City Pass” for the main attractions, but the Go Card encompasses more things to do in the city, including small historical sites and places of interest very few know about. Great card for getting a little bit of everything.”

—Sally – Go Boston Card

52. “We had No Problems”

“We had no problems locating the reception area in the shopping center to collect the cards. The lady on the desk explained how to make the best use of the cards, in particular the tour bus. This system of purchasing the card prior to our holiday really worked for us, as our sightseeing did not bite into our spending cash.”

—Carol H. – Go Chicago Card

53. “The Only Way to Go!”

“We loved the Go Boston Card. This is a super value. There are so many options to choose from with this card. If you want to enjoy the best of Boston with value pricing this card is the only way to go! We were able to visit the Boston Aquarium (VIP access – skip the line), Tomb tour, and Maparium. We also received a 15% restaurant discount and $10 off of the play Sheer Madness.”

—Alesia S. – Go Boston Card

54. “Would Have Spent Close to $600”

“This is the way to go if you are going to visit a new city. My girlfriend and I paid around 200 dollars for both of the cards and I would say that if we had not had them we would have spent close to $600 on all of the things that we did in Boston. It really is a great deal even if you are only going for a couple of days.”

—Cameron C. – Go Boston Card

55. “Such A Money-Saver”

“Wow! It was such a money saver. We got to see a lot of things in Boston for a small fee. If you are going to Boston for the first time and want to enjoy all of the attractions and history, this is it!”

—Patrice L. – Go Boston Card

56. “Made My Vacation”

“The Go Chicago card MADE my vacation. It made entry to dozens of sites quick and easy. There were so many possible excursions covered by the card that I couldn’t do them all! It was a most fortunate purchase on my part.”

—Margaret G. – Go Chicago Card

57. “Would Buy One Again”

“This card was great. We saved about $50-$75 by buying it. I was in Chicago for three full days and went to a ton of places with the card. It was easy, we could have skipped lines if there were any and it was much easier to enjoy the attractions with out having to fork over money every time we went into some place. I would buy one again if I went to another city that has one.”

—Daniel T. – Go Chicago Card

58. “Everyone Should Go for This”

“Very useful card. I think everyone should go for this. It makes your trip very easy. I highly recommend for everyone. Thank You Go Los Angles Card.”

—Vinay R. – Go Los Angeles Card

59. “Would Have Been Well Over $200”

“Even with our late start each day we saved over $150 for our family of 4. But we also did a few things only because we had the card. Had we done all the things I wanted to do, our savings would have been well over $200.”

—Anonymous – Go Boston Card

60. “Would Have Gotten the 5-Day Card”

“We were able to see just about everything we wanted for a third of the price. I definitely recommend the card if it covers what you want to do, you have some time to plan the trip, and you have the energy to run around. If we had been in town longer I would have gotten the five-day card, which would definitely give you the time to see everything without as much running around.”

—Meredith D. – Go Chicago Card

61. “Saved $40 Each for 4 People”

“We used the 5 day card last July for our trip to Boston and loved it. We saved $40 for each of 4 people so it was worth it for us. It actually helped us plan our itinerary and we did not get bad service from any of the attractions. I would recommend it to anyone but you have to do some figuring to make sure it will save you money. Not a tourist trap at all.”

Anonymous – Go Boston Card

62. “Such a Useful Way to Do Everything”

“What great savings! It’s such a useful way to do everything in Orlando!”

—Candice – Go Orlando Card

63. “Recommend to Anyone”

“I would recommend this card to anyone who had some time to spend in Orlando and wanted to see many Orlando attractions during that time period.”

—Kelvin. – Go Orlando Card

64. “Very Flexible”

“Made the our trip very flexible and gave us the ability to see much more things.”

—Dwayne B. – Go Orlando Card

65. “Good Value”

Good value for money. I would strongly recommend you do the Empire State Building Observation Deck early in the morning (when it opens) and the boat out to The Statue of Liberty, as these lines can be about 2 hrs long.”

—Alicia P. – NYC Explorer Pass

66. “Competitors Not Nearly As Good”

“This is the second time I have purchased the NYP. I love the fact that so many different places and tours are included in the options. I also love the fact that I don’t have to be pulling out money all of the time and that I get to jump the queues! I purchased another competitors card on my last trip and it was not nearly as good value.”

—Fiona G. – NYC Explorer Pass

67. “A Great Deal”

“It was great, I didn’t have time to do everything I wanted to do, b/c of personal commitments already scheduled. I feel like it was a great deal!!!”

—Stephanie C. – Go Orlando Card

68. “Worth the Money”

“Would do it Again. The card was worth the money, especially not having to pull your wallet out all the time.”

—Marlene M. – Go Chicago Card

69. “Hit the Ground Running”

“Great value, picked up my pass at 7:30am and hit the ground running.”

—Joseph. D. – NYC Explorer Pass

70. “For Locals as Well”

“I was also able to skip some seriously long lines because of the card which was a nice little added bonus. I thought the little booklet was easy to use and fit very nicely in my pocket so I didn’t look too much like a tourist geek. I would recommend the card to not only tourists, as my friend and his family also got great use out of it but for locals as well. ”

—Herbie – Go Boston Card

71. “Loved the ‘Skip the Line'”

“Great idea. Ran out of time to see everything. Loved the “skip the line” tours, but only buy what you can fit in and be mindful when you use it as that counts as a day. To get the most out of it, use it at the start of a new day.”

—Debbie – Go Chicago Card

72. “Very Glad We Did”

“Decided to at the last minute and was very glad we did. On our next visit we intend to still buy the pass as we have still lots more to do next time. Thoroughly worth the money.”

—Christopher H. – NYC Explorer Pass

73. “One-Stop Shopping”

“The Go Chicago Card provides one stop shopping for busy weekend visitors. It included all the venues and tours we were hoping to take in and shopping discounts were an added bonus.”

—Janis R. – Go Chicago Card

74. “Saved Approx. $500”

“I would definitely recommend the purchase of the go Miami card, we saved approx. $500 between us. We used it over our 14 day holiday.”

—Roddy F. – Go Miami Card

75. “Line Had Over 200 People”

“The line for the Shedd Aquarium had over 200 people, in it. With the Go Card, we moved to the front and got in immediately without waiting. ”

—Steven P. – Go Chicago Card

76. “Great Value”

“Great value for money. Would recommend hiring a car to get to the attractions as they are quite spread out.”

—Evan S. – Go Miami Card

77. “Very Useful”

“The New York Pass is a MUST if you’re going to New York, it saved my boyfriend and I a lot of money and comes with a little guide book to show you all the places you can get in to for free or get a discount on. There was also a map inside which came in very useful!”

—Emma W. – NYC Explorer Pass

78. “Fast Track Access A Must “

“It was a fantastic value. The fast track access is a must when traveling with kids. We fit in the cruise, the trolley & bus tour, and a trip to the aquarium.”

—Joanne C. – Go Boston Card

79. “Worth Every Penny!”

“This is the first real vacation my family has taken in the past 15 years, and I would recommend this card to everyone. The only problem we ran into was not enough hours in the day to do all the things we wanted to do that were available with this card. Worth every penny!”

—Sue M. – Go Miami Card

80. “Saved Me Heaps”

“This pass was great! It saved me heaps of money and allowed me to skip the ticket queues. It has a great variety of activities from cruises, bike hire, observation decks and museum entry.”

—Shafia H. – NYC Explorer Pass

81. “Only an Idiot”

“Only an idiot would go to New York and not use this pass, we saved hundreds when we visited all of the different sites. Fantastic piece of plastic!”

—Robert M. – NYC Explorer Pass

82. “Fast-Tracking was Very Helpful”

“Excellent value for money. Discovered a wide variety of different attractions that we may otherwise have overlooked. Fast-tracking at the most popular attractions was very helpful and we would really recommend going up the Empire State Building at night – the view is incredible and almost no queueing!”

—Tina. – NYC Explorer Pass

83. “Paid for Itself the First Day!”

“Definitely the way to go! It paid for itself within the first day! We were able to go to so many attractions in two days because of this pass! I highly recommend anyone who is taking a trip to New York to grab one of these instead of paying individual ticket prices!”

—Christina C. – NYC Explorer Pass

84. “Start Your Day Early!”

“Would recommend the Go LA card, however definitely plan your day activities beforehand, and start your day early!”

—Dale S. – Go Los Angeles Card

85. “Used Card With No Problem”

“Used card with no problem. Plan in advance to make the most out of it as L.A. is a big place. ”

—Martin – Go Los Angeles Card

86. “Wow. What A Deal!”

Wow! what a deal! it took some organizing but we kept busy for 3 days from 8am to 8pm with just a show of a card. We went to things we wouldn’t have gone to if we had to pay individually and were glad we went. We had a full trip, sooo much fun. Totally worth the money and it made our trip!”

—Terry T. – NYC Explorer Pass

87. “Pick One Up!”

“Great value for money. You get access to a lot of great attractions, and depending how fast you navigate around New York you can see a lot. Pick one up!”

—Jevon B. – NYC Explorer Pass

88. “Only Wished We Stayed Longer!”

“Excellent value for the money. Only wished we had stayed longer to use more of the vouchers!”

—Barbara S. – NYC Explorer Pass

89. “Easier Than Having a Lot of Cash”

“Very easy to pick-up and made it very easy to get into sights and easier than having a lot of cash or credit cards on hand to keep up with!”

—Paige C. – NYC Explorer Pass

90. “You Won’t Be Disappointed!”

“The Go Los Angeles Card is worth the price of getting it. My family and I got the 7-day pass since we were going to be in the Los Angeles-Anaheim area for two weeks and we saved greatly on the price of admission to such places as Universal Studios, Starline Hollywood Tours, and Knotts Berry Farm. You won’t be disappointed getting the Go Los Angeles Card!”

—Alain – Go Los Angeles Card

91. “So Much to See”

“There were 4 adults & 1 infant. The infant was free to all attractions. I think the next time I visit New York I will buy a two day pass, so much to see, not just in Manhattan but the Bronx, Queens etc.”

—Fabian A. – NYC Explorer Pass

92. “Did Pay for Itself”

“We got the one day card and it can be pretty tough to get to even 3 of the attractions. But it did pay for itself just to go to one of the theme parks.”

—Beau L. – Go Los Angeles Card

93. “Makes Me Want to Keep Returning to New York”

“This is the 2nd time I’ve purchased the pass and I’ll be getting it again next time I go to NYC. It covers all the main tourist attractions that people go to NYC for, plus it’s an easy way to see so many more places which I personally would never of considered without the pass. It’s so easy to use and is such good value and I’d fully recommend it. The discounts you get are great too and even if you only pop into some of the places for half a hour, it’s great to be able to say you went there. It also makes me want to keep returning to New York to be able to try all the other places I didn’t have time to visit on this occasion. Money well spent in mine and my mum’s eyes.”

—Katy W. – NYC Explorer Pass

94. “Highly Recommend”

“We saved so much money by using the New York pass. I highly recommend the New York pass for those who intend to visit the city.”

—Ketaka – NYC Explorer Pass

95. “Real Money Saver”

“A great deal and a real money saver!”

—Lynn D. – Go Boston Card

96. “Allowed Us to Experience Everything”

“It was an awesome experience and the pass heightened everything we did. With the pass it allowed us to experience everything at each corner of the city!”

—Phyllip M. – NYC Explorer Pass

97. “Definitely Saved Money”

“Lots to do with this card – we definitely saved money on admission fees especially as the children wanted to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal and Knotts Berry Farm!”

—Graham T. – Go Los Angeles Card

98. “Worried How That Would Work.”

“This pass was a life saver on our trip. If you are on the fence, just do it. The guide was instrumental in planning our days! Do try to pick up the pass when you get in or during an evening as you maximize your time to use the pass it starts the day you use it, so start with the next morning. Pickup at the Planet Hollywood was convenient and very easy. I was worried how that would work, but it was a seamless operation.”

—Suzann M. – NYC Explorer Pass

99. “Already Worth the Money”

“Very good when you plan to do a lot of tours and go to a lot of museums. If you do more than two things, it’s already worth the money!”

—Nadine P. – Go Los Angeles Card

100. “Saving Money and Time”

“This is the best way to go if you want to see as much of New York as possible. We got to see everything we had planned and there were no queues to get tickets. The pass guarantees saving money and time to let you do more on your holiday.”

—Natasha M. – NYC Explorer Pass

101. “No Hassles Using the Pass”

“There were no hassles with using the pass, the guidebook was extremely useful and the maps were detailed and easy to use.”

—Walter K. – NYC Explorer Pass