The world is slowly beginning to open up again, and we’re ready for it. But with vacation planning still not quite on the agenda, now’s the perfect time to take that staycation you’ve always thought about having. And Go Boston is here to help you plan it. For the solo explorers, family field trippers, or the loved up couples, we’ve got the itinerary for you.

Scroll down and discover our favorite Boston itineraries, for every type of traveler. 


Solo Adventure

Solo adventure

  • Breakfast pick: The Gallows

    Located on the spot where public hangings took place in colonial times, The Gallows definitely embraces its gory past, but once inside you’ll discover that the food is anything but gruesome.The Gallow’s weekend menu is loaded with hearty dishes that are sure to banish the Sunday Scaries. Famous for its poutine, their twist on the Canadian favorite includes country smoked ham, curds, and sunny eggs. DELISH.


    Public Us
  • AM: Boston Bike Rental
    Boston Bike Rental


    Why do it?
    There's no better way to get a feel for Boston than by hitting the road on a two-wheeler and taking a self-guided tour of the sights.

    How long should I rent a bike for? 
    Grab a bike around 9AM to avoid the crowds, and give yourself the morning to cycle around the city.

    Boston is incredibly bike-friendly and easy to navigate, making this the ideal way to get around.

    Boston Bike Rental is available with a Go Boston pass

  • AM: CityView Hop-On Hop-Off Trolley: 1-Day Ticket

    Why go?
    If the weather isn’t cycle-friendly then taking the CityView Trolley Tour is a great alternative way to see the sights. It hits all the top attractions and as you ride, you’ll learn all about Boston’s unique history.

    How long do I have? 
    As long as you wish! You’ve got the whole day to stop off at as many places as possible.

    It’s gotta be those open-air views. Sightseeing has never been so easy.

    CityView: Hop-On Hop-Off Trolley is available with a Go Boston pass


    CityView Hop-On Hop-Off Trolley
  • PM: Salem Witch Museum
    Salem Witch Museum


    Why go?
    This endlessly fascinating and bizarre period of our history is brought to life through life-size sets, which explore the story of the witch trials, as well as the people who were accused and imprisoned for witchcraft. 

    How long will I need? 
    Give yourself a couple of hours to explore all the areas of the museum, before catching the ferry back to Boston.

    The second exhibit, Witches: Evolving Perceptions, is a staff-guided tour focusing on the meaning behind the word witch as well as the evolution of the image of the witch over time. It will give you some excellent background knowledge about how the Salem witch trials came to be.

    Where to next?
    If you need a little fresh air, make a beeline for Salem Willows Park. This 35-acre oceanfront spot has plenty of coffee and ice-cream options to choose from, and you can wander along its pretty pathways and onto the beach for a break from the Boston crowds. 

    Salem Witch Museum is available with a Go Boston pass

  • Dinner pick: Tres Gatos

    Part-music store, part-restaurant, Tres Gatos wraparound bar is the perfect solo dining spot, where you can tuck into some Spanish-inspired small plates and have a natter with the bar staff. 


    Tres Gatos

Family fun

  • Breakfast pick: Friendly Toast

    Friendly Toast’s bold and kitschy decor is just the wake-up you’ll need before a day of sightseeing in Boston. They have an extensive menu of fun brunch favorites with incredibly punny names - we’re looking at you ‘Doughnut Stop Believin’.


    Friendly Toast
  • AM: Boston Duck Tour
    Boston Duck Tour


    Why go?
    Make sightseeing extra fun by hopping aboard a World War II-style landing craft. You’ll cruise past attractions such as Trinity Church and Bunker Hill, and just when you think you've seen it all, your tour bus will transform into a boat and you'll glide right into the Charles River to get a duck's-eye view of Cambridge and Boston.

    How long is the tour? 
    80 minutes

    It’s great to see Boston landmarks such as the famous gold-domed State House and Beacon Hill neighborhood, but it’s when your landing craft turns into a 'duck' that the kids will really love this tour. 

    Boston Duck tour is available with a Go Boston pass

  • PM: Boston Children's Museum

    Why go?
    Fun and educational, the Children’s Museum has a diverse range of exhibits, exploring everything from science and environmental awareness to culture and the arts.

    How long should I spend here?
    There’s plenty for kids to do here, so this is definitely worth putting three or four hours aside for. 

    Your kids will love the New Balance Foundation Climb. The three-story climbing sculpture is made of flowing curved platforms, rising up through the glass lobby of Boston Children’s Museum and inviting children to scamper and scale this vertical maze.

    Boston Children's Museum is available on the Go Boston pass

    Image courtesy of Oscar Williams


    Boston Children's Museum
  • PM: New England Aquarium
    New England Aquarium


    Why go? 
    There are 14 themed areas to explore with your New England Aquarium ticket, including a four-story Caribbean coral reef teeming with eels, barracuda, tarpon, and hundreds of colorful tropical fish.

    How long should I spend here? 
    You could easily spend most of the day here, but if time is of the essence, give yourself three hours in the afternoon. 

    Check out the Pacific Community Reef – this stunning tropical exhibit will take you on a journey through the waters of the Pacific. You’ll see coral catsharks, unicorn tangs, blue-striped cleaner fish, palette surgeonfish and beautiful coral habitats.

    New England Aquarium is available on the Go Boston Pass

  • Dinner pick: Sacco's Bowl Haven at Flatbread Company

    Old-fashioned candlepin bowling paired with local organic flatbread, it’s a great way to end a day of exploring. Who doesn’t love a spot of friendly rivalry served alongside some tasty organic pizzas?


    Sacco's Bowl Haven

Romantic city break

  • Breakfast pick: Cafe Luna

    A fig, prosciutto and goat cheese omelet, cinnamon French toast and lemon ricotta pancakes are just some of the highlights from Cafe Luna’s gargantuan weekend brunch menu. And we mean gargantuan. There are over 50 dishes to devour, from the classics to the quirky. 

    Cafe Luna
  • AM: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
    Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum


    Why go? 
    For a cultured start to the day, head to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Housed in a striking 19th-century building, it’s a dreamy spot to walk around with its Venetian-style palazzo filled with plants and trees.

    How long should I spend here? 
    Give it a couple of hours.

    Although the building itself is incredibly gorgeous, it’s the collections here that are the star of the show. The historic galleries surrounding the verdant courtyard contain more than 2,500 extraordinary pieces, including work by Titian, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Manet, Degas, Whistler, and Sargent.

    Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is available with a Go Boston pass

  • PM: Peabody Essex Museum

    Why go? 
    For some dinner conversation later on, head to Peabody Essex and explore the weird and wonderful artifacts from across the globe at America's oldest continuously operating museum. Found in 1799, you’ll find an eclectic collection of items here. 

    How long should I spend here? 
    Two hours

    What is the main highlight? 
    Make sure you visit ‘Written on the Waves’: this exhibition features shipboard logs and journals of 18th-century sea captains who voyaged around the globe, recording their expeditions and feats. 

    Peabody Essex Museum is available with a Go Boston pass


    Peabody Essex Museum
  • PM: Sunset Cruise
    Sunset Cruise


    Why go? 
    What could be a more romantic ending to the day than by enjoying sunset views? 

    How long does the cruise last? 
    90 minutes.

    It’s got to be those incredible views. Long Island, Spectacle Island and Castle Island are just some of the places you’ll see along the way.

    A sunset cruise is available with a Go Boston pass

  • Dinner pick: Pammy’s

    Whizz over to nearby Cambridge and grab a table at this minimalist and stylish trattoria. Seafood is the real winner on their menu - be sure to try the clams with shishito and garlicky breadcrumbs..


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