Swim along the shallow waters of the Great Mayan Reef and discover the unique and colorful sea life of Cancun’s waters. It may sound crazy at first but snorkeling at night is an incredible experience. It’s the perfect way to get outside of your comfort zone and see the aquatic animals come alive under the moonlight.

What to expect:

With your Moonlight Bioluminescence Snorkeling Tour tickets, enjoy swimming leisurely over 3 different reefs and areas for 1.5 hours. Prior to entering the water, your guide will brief you on the ins and outs of snorkeling – so not to worry if you’re a newbie. And keep your eyes peeled, most tour guides estimate you’ll see 1-5 sea turtles on your trip.



  • Area 1: at this very well conserved coral reef you’ll find octopus moray eels, squids, lobsters and crabs swimming about the uniquely colored reef formations.
  • Area 2: here is where you have your best shot at swimming with a sea turtle or two! Most snorkelers consider this their favorite part of the Moonlight Snorkel Tour – when else will you have the chance to do this?
  • Area 3: lights off! This is when “The Tinkerbell Experience” comes to life. Shake your hands and feet off and amaze yourself with the tiny particles lighting up around you – it’s bioluminescence.
  • The reef is only 5 minutes off shore, making it an easy swim for all participants


Tips for Visiting:

Make sure you pick up your free souvenir photo that is included with your Moonlight Bioluminescence Snorkeling Tour tickets. You won’t want to forget your experience on the reef!

Fun facts:


  • Bioluminescence is the biochemical emission of light by living organisms such as fireflies and deep-sea fishes. In other words, it’s what makes certain fishes and jellies appear to be neon!
  • Many visitors compare the Tinkerbell Experience to Pandora from the movie Avatar
  • The oldest known sea turtle fossils date back 150 million years, making them the oldest creatures on earth (even older than dinosaurs)


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Hours of Operation

Tours depart daily at 7:30 pm.

Closings & Holidays

Open year-round weather permitting.

Know before you go

Reservations must be made at least 12 hours in advance. Requests can be made via email to [email protected] Please provide the date of tour, hotel details for pick up and your pass number(s) when requesting the reservation.

Dock fee and reef conservation tax (total $10.00 USD per person) due at check-in. Swimsuit, dry clothes, towel and cash.

Getting there

Moonlight Snorkeling Bioluminescence Tour with additional transportation

MX, Q.R., Cancun, 77520, Moonlight Snorkeling Bioluminescence Tour


Moonlight Snorkeling Bioluminescence Tour
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