There's more to see and do with a Go Helsinki Card

Helsinki is a beautiful and peaceful capital, famous not only for its history and heritage but for its Old Town, coastline and archipelagos. The city offers a wide range of historic attractions, top museums, art galleries, tours and experiences for everyone of all ages to enjoy.

One of the most popular historic attractions in Helsinki is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Suomelinna Fortress Island, which played an integral part in the naval history and defense under Swedish, Russian and Finnish rule. A visit to this fascinating island includes a guided tour, three museums, and a submarine! Another historic landmark not to be missed is the stunning Rock Church for its awe-inspiring architecture.

Helsinki is renowned for its museums and galleries. The Old Town is a great place to while away the hours. 

Experience Helsinki from different perspectives - land, sea and air. SkyWheel is an attraction on the city skyline that offers views over this historic capital and the Flying Cinema Tour Of Helsinki is a unique way to explore the sights at speed! There are two bus tours, the Panorama Sightseeing Bus Tour (January-April and October-December 2022) and the City Sightseeing Hop on Hop off Buses (May-September 2022), which take you on a guided tour of Helsinki and you can explore the main sights and landmarks. The Beautiful Canal Route island cruise (May-September) is perhaps one of the most picturesque ways to experience the city by cruising past the beaches and villas.

If you’ve got kids, Helsinki Zoo is a popular family attraction to see the exotic animals and their natural habitats. Seurasaari Open-Air Museum is also a wonderful way to see Finland's history rebuilt.

In a nutshell, there are over 25 top Helsinki attractions included in the Go Helsinki Card from historic landmarks, to museums and tours - and the card includes an extra 14 attractions and experiences at discounted prices.

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