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Helsinki is well-known for its efficient public transportation system. When you purchase your Go Helsinki Card it automatically includes travel in the city of Helsinki. Your Go Helsinki Card CITY acts as your travel card throughout the validity and duration of your card. The Go Helsinki Card CITY can be used across all public transport within zones AB, making it a great way to see the top sights included in the Go Helsinki Card. 

The Go Helsinki Card allows you unlimited travel across all transport networks in Helsinki:

✔ Buses

✔ Trams

✔ Metro

✔ Local Trains

✔ Suomenlinna Ferry

Go Helsinki Card CITY holders are entitled to unlimited travel within the zones AB for the duration of their Go Helsinki Card; 1, 2 or 3 days. Enjoy unlimited travel for 24, 48 or 72 hours after the first activation.

Top tip: 

  • See the downtown of Helsinki easily on the tram lines 2, 3 and 7
  • Children under 7 years free of charge on public transport when accompanied by an adult with a valid travelcard.


Please note! With Go Helsinki Card CITY you cannot travel to/from the Helsinki Airport.

If you want to travel to/from the Helsinki Airport you need Helsinki Card REGION. Helsinki Card REGION includes free public transport in zones ABC.





Using your Go Helsinki Card CITY as a travelcard

Upon boarding the public transport, make sure you scan your card on the card reader. When the card reader beeps and turns green, the card has been read and your journey has been validated.

The travelcard is activated from the first time it is used, so be aware, if you activate your card on public transport before visiting an attraction, this will count as activating the whole card.



Download printable maps and timetables 

Plan your journey in advance with handy transportation maps of Helsinki. 



PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you tap your Go Helsinki Card on the card reader to properly validate the journey. You may be charged a Penalty Fare if you are caught travelling without a valid ticket or Go Helsinki Card.

If you need to check the validity of your card at any point during the duration, you can do this by holding the card up against the reader on public transport, and it will tell you how much longer your card is valid for. If your card beeps red then it has already expired.

The Go Helsinki Card CITY VS. Helsinki Card REGION 

When exploring Helsinki, you have two options to choose between - Go Helsinki Card CITY and Helsinki Card REGION. The cards have the same benefits and same durations, the only difference is in using public transport. Go Helsinki Card CITY is your free travelcard around the city of Helsinki in zones AB. Helsinki Card REGION is your free travelcard around the city of Helsinki and in the Metropolitan area in zones ABC, including travel to/from the Helsinki Airport. Perfect if you’d like to venture out of the city.


Where to purchase the card

Only Helsinki Card CITY can be purchased online at It is also on sale in many sales points in Helsinki. Helsinki Card REGION is available at many sales points around the city and at the Helsinki Airport. Please see page Collection.



Go Helsinki Card CITY: use within zones AB


Helsinki Card REGION: use within zones ABC

Go Helsinki Card CITY FAQs

  • How do I take the ferry to Suomenlinna using my Go Helsinki Card CITY

    Ferries depart once every hour, to/from Suomenlinna to the Market Square, but from the beginning of May through August, they will run 3–4 times per hour. The ferry trip takes about 15 minutes and is free of charge, included with the travelcard (CITY) part of your Helsinki Card. Simply board the ferry and present your card to the reader until the green light has validated your journey.

    Ferries run daily:

    from Market Square 06.20-02.20
    from Suomenlinna 06.00-02.00

  • Can I use my Go Helsinki Card CITY travelcard for the airport?

    The Go Helsinki Card CITY travelcard does not include free travel to/from the airport.

    You could purchase the the Go Helsinki Card REGION (sold in Helsinki in several sales points) to travel for free within the zones ABC on the Ring Rail line from Helsinki city centre to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

    Without the REGION Card, a ticket will cost 4,10 euros.

Helsinki Card REGION FAQs

  • Where can I use the Helsinki Card REGION?

    Helsinki Card REGION entitles the cardholder to free travel in the metropolitan area: not only in Helsinki but also Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa in zones ABC.

    ✔ Metro

    ✔ Buses

    ✔ Trams

    ✔ Suomenlinna ferry

    ✔ Commuter trains

    ✔ Airport train

  • How do I use my Helsinki Card REGION

    Use your Helsinki Card REGION the same way as you would the Go Helsinki Card City, simply present the card onto the reader upon boarding the public transport and wait until the beep and green light. Then you will know your journey has been validated.

  • How much does the Helsinki Card REGION cost?

    24-hour adult Helsinki Card REGION 55 €

    48-hour adult Helsinki Card REGION 69 €

    72-hour adult Helsinki Card REGION 82 €

    24-hour child Helsinki Card REGION 27 €

    48-hour child Helsinki Card REGION 34 €

    72-hour child Helsinki Card REGION 41 €

  •  Where can I buy the Helsinki Card REGION?

    You can find a full list of sales points on our Collection page.

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