• How is COVID-19 impacting my upcoming travel plans with my Go Las Vegas pass?

    Attractions in Las Vegas are starting to open and we're working closely with them to ensure a seamless experience during your visit. We advise you check the individual attraction website for the latest opening news. 

    In light of the outbreak, Las Vegas has automatically updated passes to be valid for two years from the purchase date. If your travel plans have been disrupted, but you are planning on exploring Las Vegas within the next two years, we suggest you hold on to your Go Las Vegas pass and do not activate it until your next trip.

    For more information on Go City and COVID-19 please click here



  • Go 拉斯维加斯通票是一款什么样的通票?

    GO 拉斯维加斯通票是一款可以让您尽情游玩拉斯维加斯并且在著名景点的门票上为您节省开支的旅游通票。
    您可以从 3 种不同类型的通票中选择,这些不同类型的通票都是为满足旅游者不同的需要量身打造的。查看我们的通票比较页面更好地选择适合您的通票吧。

  • What are the different Go Las Vegas pass types?
  • How does the Go Las Vegas card work?

    There are three pass types to choose from - All-Inclusive, Explorer and Build Your Own. The All-Inclusive pass offers unlimited entry to Go Las Vegas attractions for a select number of days. The Explorer pass lets you choose a select number of attractions to visit within 60 days. With the Build Your Own pass you can create your own attraction pass to use within 60 days. Once you've chosen your pass type and purchased, it's ready to use. Simply download your pass to the free Go City app and you can start exploring the city and making huge savings. There's no need to choose your attractions before you buy with the Explorer and All-Inclusive pass. You can pick and choose as you go - just be sure to check the attraction page to see if you need to make a reservation before.

  • How does the All-Inclusive pass work?

    The All-Inclusive pass is perfect for sightseers who are only going to be in the city for a short time and want to see as much as they can.

    With this pass, you can choose the number of days you want to sightsee, with 2, 3, 4, or 5 days available. You'll have unlimited access to all the non-premium attractions for the duration of your pass. Make sure you check out the attraction line up here for the All-Inclusive pass as they vary from pass to pass.

    Once activated, your pass will be valid for the number of consecutive calendar days (not 24-hour periods) indicated on your pass. For example, if you have a three-day pass and you visit your first attraction on Monday afternoon, your pass will be valid for the remainder of that Monday and the following two calendar days (Tuesday and Wednesday). We suggest starting early on your first day to maximize the number of attractions you can visit with your pass. Don't forget to check the opening times of each attraction you plan to visit too so you don't miss out on anything.

    If you select a 3, 5, or 7-day pass, you can choose one of our premium experiences which include the Full-Day Grand Canyon Tour, the Blue Man Group Show, the Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour, and more.

    The more you see, the more you save - with the All-Inclusive pass, you can save up to 58% on attraction ticket prices.

    Want to visit an attraction again? You can. With an All-Inclusive pass, you can visit each attraction once per day for the duration of your pass.

  • 探索者通票是什么?


    持探索者通票,旅客可选择想要游览的景点,从 2、3、4、5 或 7 个景点组合中挑选。通票一旦激活后,在 30 日内有效。无需在购买时选择想要游览的景点,你可在购买后任意挑选包含在探索者通票内的景点。

    选择越多景点组合,节省的更多,最高能为您节省高达 76% 的门票开支。记得购买前在 此处 查看他那所这通票所包含的景点。

  • How does the Build Your Own pass work?

    The Build Your Own pass is perfect for sightseers who know exactly what attractions they want to visit and want plenty of time to visit them in.

    You can select as many attractions as you want, and you'll have up to 60 days from first activation to visit them. With the Build Your Own pass, you'll save 20% on attraction admission prices when you select two or more. The Build Your Own pass has its own line up of attractions which you can view here.

  • What is the best Las Vegas city pass?

    There are several Go Las Vegas passes to choose from depending on the length of your stay and how much you want to see in the city. Check out our comparison page to see the differences between each pass and identify which one is best for you.

  • How much do the Go Las Vegas passes cost?

    Check out the individual price pages for the All-Inclusive pass, the Explorer pass, and the Build Your Own pass. We have a huge range of passes and example itineraries to show you how much you can save. If you sign up to our Go City emails, you can save even more on your first purchase.

  • What does the Las Vegas card include?

    Go Las Vegas cards include admission to Las Vegas's best things to do for a set number of days or a fixed number of attractions. You'll also get skip-the-line access to select attractions with your pass and special pass offers too. These may include early-bird entry, gift shop discounts, dining offers, and much more.

  • What are the benefits of the Go Las Vegas card?

    The Go Las Vegas pass benefits are huge. You'll not only save up to 76% on attraction admission; you'll also be able to skip-the-line at select attractions. All your entry tickets will be on one easy-to-download pass, making organizing your trip extra convenient.

  • Is the Go Las Vegas card worth it?

    Yes - the Go Las Vegas pass is the best way to sightsee and save big. Check out our example itineraries to see how much you could save while exploring the city. With our All-Inclusive pass, you could save up to 76% on attraction admission tickets. Don't just take our word for it, check out our Trustpilot rating and our customer reviews here.

  • What is the age range for child Go Las Vegas passes?

    Child passes are for ages 3 to 12. Adult passes are for ages 12+.

  • Is it worth buying a Go Las Vegas child pass?

    Yes. If you're traveling as a family, we'd recommend purchasing child passes. They're an easy way to budget, save on attraction prices, and have all your tickets conveniently in one place.

  • Does the Go Las Vegas card include transport?

    No, the Las Vegas pass does not include transport. But our passes do include tours and sightseeing buses - be sure to check them out. 

  • What are Go Las Vegas premium attractions?

    With a 3, 4, or 5-day All-Inclusive pass, you can choose one of our premium experiences. For a complete list of Las Vegas premium attractions visit the All-Inclusive page.


  • 如何获取我的 Go 拉斯维加斯通票

    当您购买 Go 拉斯维加斯通票后,您将通过你所填写的邮箱自动收到。您可以选择把通票打印出来或者下载我们的 Go 旅城应用,在手机上直接下载使用通票。

  • 如果没有收到我的通票应该联系谁?


  • 我可以通过邮件接收我的Go 拉斯维加斯通票吗?

    为了您的便利,Go 拉斯维加斯通票会通过电子形式发送。您可以通过邮箱接收您的通票,打印出来或下载我们的 Go 旅城应用程序直接开始使用。

  • 我可以用我的确认邮件进入景点吗?

    您的确认邮件将指导您下载您的通票并且扫描入场。 如果您更偏好纸质门票,您也可以从确认邮件中打印您的通票。


  • 我可以在哪里购买Go 拉斯维加斯通票?

    您可以在 Go 拉斯维加斯官方网站上购买 Go 拉斯维加斯通票,并且能享受到我们的特别优惠。

  • 支付方式有哪些呢?

    我们接受 PayPal,Google 支付,Apple 支付还有各种借记卡和信用卡支付,包括 Visa,Mastercard 和美国运通

  • 当我购买后会发生什么?

    当您购买了 Go 拉斯维加斯通票后,我们的确认邮件将会发送到您所填写的邮箱上。请耐心等待我们对您的订单进行审核。
    当您收到您的通票后,您可以打印出来或者下载我们的免费应用程序 Go 旅城并且加载您的电子通票。

  • 购买时遇到问题,我应该联系谁?

    如您在购买 Go 拉斯维加斯通票过程遇到问题,请确保您的付款地址上的银行信息和您选择的支付方式一致。如仍未能解决问题,请致电或填写表格,联系我们的客服。您可在本页面找到热线电话和相关表格。

  • 可以寄送 Go 拉斯维加斯通票到国外吗?


  • 如何取消我的Go 拉斯维加斯订单?
    • 购买后 14 天内,未激活使用的通票适用全额无忧退款保证服务。
    • 可另加购延长全额退款保证最多至 90 天,您需另支付 30 美元、30 英镑或 30 欧元不等的手续费, 费用将以各城市通票官网的基本货币收取。购买超过90天后恕不接受退款申请。 
    • 使用条款及细则以各城市通票官方网站为准。Go City 旅城将保留退换货相关条款的最终解释权。


  • 如何使用 Go 拉斯维加斯通票?


  • 我的 Go 拉斯维加斯通票什么时候过期?

    购买 Go 拉斯维加斯通票后,您将有 1 年的使用期限。当您激活您的通票后,如果是畅游通票它将在您购买的日期内有效,如果是探索者通票或随心随选通票,在 30 天内有效。

  • 我的 Go 拉斯维加斯通票可以借给他人吗?


  • 我能不能多次参观同一景点?


  • 我需不需要预订景点?


  • 我想申请 Go 拉斯维加斯通票的退款,可以提供退款吗?

    我们提供 30 天无忧退款保证。若您在购买后未激活使用通票,可在 30 天内获取全额退款。只需填写以下表格,提供您的通票订单号码,并联系我们的客服团队,即可获退款。

    Risk Free Guarantee.

  • 使用 Go 拉斯维加斯可以优先排队入场吗?

    持有 Go 拉斯维加斯通票,您可尊享特定景点的优先排队入场景点的待遇。每个景点都会说明是否提供优先排队入场的待遇。您也可以查看其他特别优惠是否包含在您的通票中。

  • 购买通票后,我可以升级通票的类型吗?




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