Carol F saved $282.31

I was planning a trip to Vegas and this came up on Groupon. i looked further into the deal and decided to do a bigger package (not on groupon) so I could do the Grand Canyon Tour. We were able to do so much and experience so many great things for a small price. We ate lunch and had open bar, visited the Canyon, several shows, Eiffel tower, to name a few. It was well worth the price Next time I plan a trip I will check to see if there is a Go city card for that place too. Saved us alot of money

Carol F, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Purchased 7/21/18


所参观景点的门票总价值: $581.31
Carol F 购买了a 4 Day All-Inclusive pass 并付款: $299.00
每人尽享超值优惠 $282.31
Steven M saved $414.99
BB Girl

Very great value if you use it. I enjoyed the shows and attractions that I went to and saved a lot of money compared to regular admission prices. The Grand Canyon tour was great.

Steven M, Los Angeles, CA
Purchased 6/12/18


所参观景点的门票总价值: $768.99
Steven M 购买了a 5 Day All-Inclusive pass 并付款: $354.00
每人尽享超值优惠 $414.99
Joanne G saved $21.88

Bought the go City all inclusive card Vegas for my first time in the city and really thought it was great its maybe not for everyone but it did make myself and friend get up and about to see the city the city and was still lots left that we never had time to use, if went again I'd maybe purchase it again however if I was going to another city that this was available for I'd most definite buy

Joanne G, Boston, MA
Purchased 12/14/18


所参观景点的门票总价值: $375.88
Joanne G 购买了a 5 Day All-Inclusive pass 并付款: $354.00
每人尽享超值优惠 $21.88