If you're heading to Madrid this year for a birthday, then check out our picks of the best birthday things to do in the city. From Segway tours to murder mysteries, we've got something for everyone. So have a browse and find the perfect birthday experiences for you and yours!


  • Segway Tapas Tour
  • Murder Mystery by the Palace
  • CityPlay Arcade
  • Rompe Madrid
  • and more!
Things to do in Madrid for a birthday

Segway Tapas Tour

Segways are funny old things, aren't they? Some day, someone just thought, "Why can't I ride a weird electric bike standing up?" and the Segway was born. Truly a moment for the ages, logged in the annals of history as one of the key turning points in humanity's enlightenment. So, why not hop on the enlightenment train and make it a birthday to remember on this Segway and tapas tour of the city? 

With a guide in tow, you'll steer and swerve around the city, seeing all the biggest sights, such as the atmospheric Almudena Cathedral and the Royal Palace. Then, when your body's fuel deposits are running low, you'll head to the Plaza de Ópera, where you'll have a whole tapas table to try out. Pair all that with a glass of Spanish wine or a refreshing soft drink, and you have yourself one of the best things to do in Madrid for a birthday that's perfect for groups and families alike. 


Things to do in Madrid for a birthday

Chocolate and Churros Segway Tour

Don't worry, sweet tooths; we've got you covered too. If tapas isn't to your liking, or you just want a day in sugar paradise, you can take the exact same tour as above, but end it instead with sweet aplomb. 

See the sights with your guide, learn all about Madrid's most recognizable landmarks, then hit Plaza de Ópera and chow down on churros. For the three of you who don't know what churros are, they're Spain's answer to the humble donut—deep-fried bread, topped with mountains of sugar and served with a hot chocolate dipping sauce. 

They're as delicious as they are decadent, and if you've never tried them before, there's no time like the present!


Things to do in Madrid for a birthday

Murder Mystery by the Palace

But enough about Segways! There's more to Madrid than these two-wheeled wonders. There's also been a murder! You heard us right, a murder. And there's only one person who can solve the case and catch the murderer; you. Or you and some friends, whatever works. 

On this Murder Mystery by the Palace experience, you'll have to solve puzzles, chase clues, and roam the city to finally catch the killer. While the murder itself is fictional, the case is based on a mash-up of real-life murders that have taken place throughout the years. Not only is it one of the best things to do in Madrid for a birthday, but it's also a great way to see the city if you're only staying for a day or two. 

So if you're up for the challenge, head to the meet-up point, take your case file and prepare to use your wits to solve the case before every other team. Oh, that's right, it's competitive


Things to do in Madrid for a birthday

CityPlay Arcade

When you were a kid, did you long for days when your parents would take you to the local arcade? Remember walking through those hallowed doors and seeing video games that stretched on endlessly, outfitted with the most cutting-edge graphics and moving parts that made you feel like you were in the game? Simpler times, right? Nowadays, we have those same cutting-edge systems beneath our giant televisions. But nothing quite beats that arcade experience. 

Well, how about an arcade that includes minigolf, bowling, billiards, bumper cars, and a freaking bar? Welcome to your new love, CityPlay Arcade. It's Madrid's premier entertainment house, and it's one of the best things to do in the city for a birthday. 

So grab a group of buddies or the fam, and go relive the glory days. 


Things to do in Madrid for a birthday

Rompe Madrid

There's a primal joy to breaking stuff. Sure, throwing a controller at the frustration of defeat in an online game can be an expensive loss, but it releases something within us. Our chimp brains certainly love it, even if our bank accounts suffer. But what if we told you there was a better way, a way you could break stuff without suffering the mental and financial shame of your rage?

Welcome to Rompe Madrid. Priding itself as Madrid's first rage room, it gives punters a room full of things, a number of weapons to choose from, and then lets you loose. Smash, crash, and bash your way through stereos, TVs, bottles, and more. Break as much as you can for the allotted time, all while kitted out in safety gear that'll ensure you don't hurt yourself, and then leave feeling a sense of pride, achievement, and peace.

It's certainly one of the most unique things to do in Madrid for a birthday, but sometimes, it's good to get a little weird. 


Things to do in Madrid for a birthday

Rolling Dance & Burger

And finally, we'll end our exploration of the best things to do in Madrid for a birthday with a spot of time travel. Rolling Dance & Burger transports you back to the neon-soaked weirdness of the 1980s, when roller skating and burgers were all that mattered. 

Boasting one of the biggest skating rinks in Europe, you'll have nearly 10,000 square feet to play around in. Newbies can take a starter course to level up their skills quickly, and everyone else can hit the rink and skate their hearts out from the get-go. Thumping 80s tracks fill the air, and outlandish costumes are more than welcome - as long as they don't impede all the skating. 

Then, when you're all tuckered out, hit the adjacent burger joint for some pure, unadulterated meaty goodness. Wash it all down with a drink, and you've got yourselves a party.