Did you know you can save up to 42% with an Explorer Pass? 

If you visited the below 5 attractions without our pass, you'd spend $273.08. With our Explorer Pass, it's only $159. 

That's a total saving of $114.08.

Read on for some NYC inspiration and discover how you can save on your sightseeing.

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New York itinerary

Choice 1: Empire State Building

Where better to have that “Oh my gosh, I’m in New York” moment than at the tip-top of the world’s most famous skyscraper? Before heading to the observation deck to recreate that perfect Sleepless in Seattle moment (or King Kong impression, we ain’t going to judge), be sure to take some time to peruse the Empire State’s indoor galleries, which document the history and cultural significance of this iconic landmark.

Price without an Explorer Pass: $51.17

New York itinerary

Choice 2: Big Bus Hop on Hop off 1-Day Classic Ticket

Have you ever heard public transport being described as enjoyable? Skip the cramped subway (sometimes it's not better to do as the locals do!) and get comfy on a Big Bus tour. With two routes to choose from, it's easy to hit up all the must-see NYC spots including Times Square, Wall Street, Little Italy and SoHo. Get on and off as much as you wish, or just sit back and tune in to their digital commentary - it's a great way to learn all about The Big Apple!

Price without an Explorer Pass: $65.99

New York itinerary

Choice 3: Edge

Can you ever really ever get bored of gazing over Manhattan from high above? Probably not. But, if you’re looking to make your skyscraper experience even more exciting, Edge is probably the place to go. Travel 100-stories high and take in those views from its tilted glass walls. They'll make you feel like you're literally, well, er, on the edge. You can also test your vertigo with a stroll across their glass-bottomed deck.

Price without an Explorer Pass: $50.08

New York itinerary

Choice 4: Central Park Bike Tour

We don't know if you've heard, but Central Park is quite big. So biking is definitely a good option for exploring it. Better yet, take this bike tour from Unlimited Biking. Not only will you stop off at the park's most famous spots, but you'll also learn all about the park's history from your local guide. Notable spots you'll visit include Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle and Shakespeare Garden.

Price without an Explorer Pass: $56.84

New York itinerary

Choice 5: Best of NYC Cruise: Circle Line Sightseeing

Did somebody say photo op!? Take to the water for a close-up look at Lady Liberty along with plenty of other famous landmarks on the Best of NYC Cruise. Onboard tour guides will give you a heads up when you're about to pass another unmissable view, so you can just sit back and take in the sights with ease. 

Price without an Explorer Pass: $49

By visiting these 5 attractions with an Explorer Pass, you'll have saved 42% on your sightseeing. So, what you waiting for? It's time to get planning that NYC adventure now!