Batman Vs. SupermanFreddie Vs. JasonKramer Vs. Kramer. It seems that, as a species, we have a fascination with face-offs. We even have a classic 1997 action thriller named after them! So, clearly, humans love a good head-to-head. 

In the spirit of healthy competition, let's pit two of New York's best attractions against one another and see which comes out top. The Edge Vs. the Empire State Building. Young blood versus the old guard. Youth Vs. Experience. Who will win? Does visiting both make you the real winner? Let's explore. Round 1. Fight!


Edge Vs. Empire State Building: Backstories

Edge vs Empire State Building


The Empire State Building likely needs no introduction. Once the proud owner of 'the world's tallest building' moniker, it has since been beaten by some ungodly tall creations in the past 50 years. Still, it's arguably one of the most recognizable landmarks on the planet. At nearly 1,500ft tall, it towers over the rest of Manhattan like a beacon of capitalist excess. Around 4 million people ascend its many floors to look out over the city every year. So it's probably going to win the popularity contest. 


Edge vs Empire State Building

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The Edge, on the other hand, is the guitarist of U2. Wait, that's not right. Just going to check our notes. No, this Edge is, in fact, a massive observation platform found in the gentrified redevelopment of Hudson Yards. Surrounded by new builds and moderno architecture, its tower of sights is unmissable. As it's so new, there isn't much backstory to mention here. But, given the comparisons between its name and a certain stadium-rock guitarist, one could only imagine there is some crossover there. Just to be clear, there isn't. We had to say that for legal reasons. But one can imagine


Edge Vs. Empire State Building: Cinema stylings


Edge vs Empire State Building

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The Empire State Building has a rather storied history on celluloid. Who could forget King Kong climbing the tower's summit with damsel in hand while planes pepper them with gunfire? But that's just one of many. In fact, it's likely one of the most photographed landmarks in cinematic history. 


Edge vs Empire State Building

How does Edge measure up? Well, given its relative infancy, not so well. In fact, no matter how hard we looked, we couldn't find a single film that featured it. However, while it may not be in any movies, you can actually watch movies up there. Yes, the Edge has its own outdoor cinema thanks to a partnership with NY's Museum of Modern Art. Beat that, Empire State Building!


Edge vs Empire State Building

What can you do at Edge

When you arrive, you'll likely want to see the view from the top and discover what all the fuss is about. So, head inside and ride the elevator a might 100 stories up. Then, step out onto the open-air viewing platform and see for yourself. 

Oh, did we mention that platform has a glass floor? No? Well, if you're already up there, you'll learn the hard way. Once you're braving it, dare to sip some champagne and look out on the city's skyline in wonder. Take some snaps too, because a chance like this should not go begging. 

Then, when you're done soaking up the views, head down into Hudson Yards. You'll find plenty of places to eat, drink, and even shop in this new development, so go ham. 


Edge vs Empire State Building

What can you do at the Empire State Building

While it may be tempting to head straight to the top of the Empire State Building, settle down. Take it slow and soak it all in. 

Start at the bottom, where you'll be greeted by the recently-restored Art Deco lobby, which boasts 24-karat gold and aluminum leaf ceiling murals. Enough opulence! Time to move on. Next, immerse yourself in the Empire State's interactive museum, which features a dozen galleries that explore the history of the building, from its conception and creation through to today. Selfies ahoy with the large King Kong statue on display.  

Then, head up to the 80th floor and wander the art exhibits that are all dedicated the icon of the NY skyline. 

Now, yes, it's finally time to make your way to the summit and experience the best views in the city. You'll get a 360-degree view of the city that is as Grammable as any other skyline. Come rain, shine, or freezing temperatures, your time in the summit will be aided by state-of-the-art heaters that will keep you warm and toasty during New York's most arctic months. 


Edge vs Empire State Building

How to get to Edge

For starters, head towards Hudson Yards. You can get there on the subway by taking the Number 7 through Times Square to Penn Station. Bus-wise, the M34-SBS, M12, and M11 bus lines stop within a few minutes walk of the tower. You could even hop on two wheels and bike there. Cycle to the Hudson River Park along the West Side Highway and follow the trail down the Hudson Yards. Easy, peasy, and good for the ol' heart!


Edge vs Empire State Building

How to get to Empire State Building

If you're in New York City, you're halfway there. However, there's no need to live on a prayer, because it's pretty easy to see it with the eye test. Just look up from most places in the city, because you'll be able to orient yourself with no problem! If you're heading in from further outside the city center, the nearest metro stations are Herald Square and Penn Station. Or, if you're getting the train, disembark at Grand Central, and it's a short 10-minute walk from the station. 

We've even got a blog dedicated to the best times to visit the Empire State Building. So, if you're not sure when to head there, have a look and see what we suggest!


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The battle is over. But who won? That's up to you to decide. No matter who reigns victorious in the Edge Vs. Empire State Building face-off, you should definitely check out both when you visit New York. And, when you're in the city that never sleeps, make sure your itinerary is loaded up for a full 24 hours with Go City. Thanks to our All-Inclusive Pass and Explorer Pass, you can see Edge, the Empire State Building, and New York's best of the rest at one low price!