Time spent in Hawaii usually consists of two kinds of activities; the relaxing, beach-related kind, and the adventuring, exploring kind. From hiking the iconic Diamond Head crater to exploring Hanauma Bay by snorkel, the Hawaiian adventurer has a lot of classic outdoor options to choose from. But for the traveler interested in a rare opportunity, there’s a brand new tour this season to check out – the Makapuu Lighthouse Hike, guided by Kaimana Tours, LLC. Available at a discounted price through both of Smart Destinations’ budget-friendly passes, this newly added activity is a unique opportunity to visit some of Oahu’s most famous historical sites. The tour goes past many of the most beautiful and truly representative Hawaiian natural landmarks, as well as a bounty of wildlife. From Koko Head and Koko Crater to the gorgeous seascapes of Oahu’s southeastern coastline, the photo ops on this hike are practically endless. And that’s not even including the stars of the tour – the historic red-roofed Makapuu Point Light and the Halona Blow Hole. The Makapuu Point Light was first lit in 1909 and has been preserved with many of its historical components. The iconic red roof makes this lighthouse easily identifiable from far away. Makapuu also boasts a rare, hyper-radiant lens – which is to say, a super-size lens for maximum reflective capacity. It’s actually the largest lens of any lighthouse in the US! The location of this lighthouse atop a high point on the island makes the summit of this trail an ideal opportunity to capture those panoramic views of nature’s beauty. On a clear day, you might even be able to see as far as Molokai and Lanai.

Makapuu's red roof
The Halona Blow Hole, while a popular tourist spot, is rarely seen in its full glory. The water-spouting is as its peak on a windy day at high tide – so if you want to capture the true power of this blow hole, try to pick a windy day for your hike. It will probably be cooler, too! This trail is about 2 miles round-trip and professionals rate the hike at a moderate difficulty level. It’s perhaps not the best choice for very small children, but this hike is great exercise and an even better educational opportunity for older children, and of course, everyone else! The terrain is usually hot and dry, so wear plenty of sunscreen and bring a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from extended sun exposure. At the highest point in your hike, you will stand 500 feet above sea level and look down upon some of the most stunning views in all of Oahu. At this elevation, Makapuu Lighthouse stands as the third highest lighthouse in the country. For the wildlife enthusiasts out there, the offshore islets visible along this hike are natural sanctuaries for many varieties of Hawaiian seabirds, including the iwa, the frigate bird, and the tropic bird. From November to May, you can even see migrating humpback whales from numerous vantage points along the trail. So don’t forget to pack binoculars! And as always, pick up a Go Oahu card to save on this amazing hike and all of your exotic excursions in Oahu!