Placing an order, pricing, and discounts

  • My country is not listed, can I still place an order?
    Please call our customer service team at 800-887-9103 for assistance with your order.
  • Do you offer group discounts?
    Yes, we do. If you are traveling with a group of 10 or more, you may be eligible for a group discount. Please contact [email protected] to learn more about special rates.
  • Do you offer discounts for seniors, military, or students?
    No, we don't offer discounts for seniors, military, or students.
  • I have a promotional code for Go Orlando, how can I use it?

    Scroll to the bottom of the checkout page and you'll find a box to enter your promotional code. If the code you have entered is valid, you'll see the discount reflected in the price of your order. Please keep in mind that your promo code discount cannot be combined with an existing online sale.

  • Why should I buy a Go Orlando pass online?

    If you purchase your pass online you can take advantage of online discounts and save even more. Purchasing the pass in Orlando means you'd be required to pay the full price of the pass.

Refund policy

  • What is your refund policy?

    Our risk-free guarantee gives you 30 days from your purchase date to return any non-activated passes for a full refund.

Getting and using your pass

  • How do I activate my pass?

    Simply visit your first attraction to activate your pass.

  • How long is All-Inclusive pass valid for?

    Visiting your first attraction activates your pass. You'll then have 2 week period to visit all your attractions. You have one year from the purchase date to activate your pass.

  • How will I get my pass?

    You can choose to receive your pass digitally via email or you can print it at home. Download the free Go City app and you can use your pass straight from your phone.

  • Can other people use my pass?

    No, Go Orlando products are non-transferable and may not be re-sold.

  • Can I visit the same attraction more than once?

    No, you can only visit each attraction once with Go Orlando.

  • What is the age range for a child pass? What should I do if my child is under the minimum age?

    Child passes are for 3 to 12-year-olds. If you have a child under the age minimum, check with the attractions in advance. Most attractions do not charge for children under the age of 3 but there are some exceptions, especially if an attraction is geared towards children.

  • What are Go Line privileges?

    Go Line privileges allow Go Orlando pass holders to skip the ticketing line and enter certain attractions. Go Line privileges allow you to get into select attractions quicker so you have more time to sightsee.

  • Do I have to make reservations for attractions?

    Certain attractions may require an advanced reservation. Please make sure you check each attraction page to find any necessary reservation information. Please note – making reservations will NOT activate your pass. Your pass is only activated when you visit your first attraction.

  • How long is Explorer pass valid for?

    Visiting your first attraction activates your pass. You'll then have 30 days from the first scan to visit all your attractions. You have one year from the purchase date to activate your pass.

Changing an order

  • Can I make changes to my order?

    Please get in touch with our customer service team directly using the contact form below if there's anything you need to update or change with your order.

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