• Save up to 45% off sightseeing
  • Visit as many attractions as you want 
  • Valid for the number of calendar days you purchased 
  • Choose as you go from over 35 included attractions – no need to decide before you go 
Best for: Travelers who want to hit the ground sightseeing and visit as many attractions as possible.
  • Save up to 40% off sightseeing 
  • Visit the number of attractions you purchase 
  • Valid for 60 days 
  • Choose on the day from over 35 attraction options – no need to decide before you go
Best for: Travelers who want to take their time sightseeing at a few attractions of their choice.
  • Save 20% off sightseeing 
  • Visit two or more attractions
  • Valid for 30 days 
  • Choose the attractions you want to visit in advance
Best for: Travelers who only want to visit a couple of attractions and know exactly what they want to do.