Explore Rome in three easy steps!

  1. Pick a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7-choice Explorer Pass.
  2. Download the pass to your phone.
  3. Use your pass to reserve time slots and to enter attractions.
Our pass is easy to use

The best way to explore Rome is to download the Go City app. You can then use your order confirmation number to add your pass to your phone. Et voilà, it'll be right there on the app. (But don't worry, your pass won't activate until you visit your first attraction!).

Feeling old-school? You can also print your pass at home using the link in your confirmation email. (You can also show this version of the pass on your phone if you'd prefer!).

Visiting attractions is simple

Got your pass? Let the sightseeing begin! When you get to each attraction, tour, or activity, show your pass for entry. 

For some of Rome's most popular attractions, your Explorer Pass will allow you to reserve your time slot in advance. Plan ahead and skip those pesky ticket lines. You can find out which attractions to do this for on our reservations page.


Enjoy 35+ amazing attractions and experiences

With the Explorer Pass, you can pick 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 attractions to visit from our list of top Rome sights, tours and must-sees.

Pick and mix from big hitters like the Colosseum, the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, and Castel Sant’Angelo, to unique local experiences like Italian cooking classes and wine tastings. Take a tour of Trastevere with an expert guide, join a spooky ghost walk of the city, relax on a Big Bus tour and so much more. Your Explorer Pass lets you see it all. 


The Explorer Pass is super flexible!

Visiting your first chosen attraction will activate your pass. From then on, you can go at your own pace – you'll have 60 days to visit the rest. Sweet!

Plus, unactivated passes are valid for two years from purchase. 

A note about Purse Values

Each pass is subject to a purse value which is based on the duration of the pass. 

The purse value is the maximum amount you can use based on the standard gate price for each attraction. For example, with a six-choice adult Explorer Pass, you can visit six attractions up to the total cost of €235.

Here's a breakdown of the purse value for each Explorer Pass:

2-choice Explorer Pass: adult € 110 / child € 105

3-choice Explorer Pass: adult € 155 / child € 145

4-choice Explorer Pass: adult € 195 / child € 185

5-choice Explorer Pass: adult € 240 / child € 225

6-choice Explorer Pass: adult € 280 / child € 265

7-choice Explorer Pass: adult € 320 / child € 305