This spring, LEGOLAND® debuted a brand new attraction in their California park – NINJAGO The Ride. It’s inventive, it’s high-tech, and it’s an exhilarating experience. It’s also perfect for active kids who like their rides hands-on, and for any fan of ninjas in pop culture. NINJAGO is based on the popular line of NINJAGO toys that debuted in 2011, as well as the accompanying Cartoon Network series of the same name. All your favorite characters are back in action, including Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane, all training under the wise Master Wu to learn the ancient art of Spinjitzu.

NEW for 2018 - NINJAGO Film & Special Events

2018 brings many new developments for this beloved franchise. On January 12, a brand new film experience opens up in the LEGO Showplace Theater. Entitled LEGO NINJAGO: Master of the 4th Dimension, this thrilling film highlights the adventures of the ninjas as they prepare the learn from the "Scroll of the 4th Dimension." Then, on January 13 & 14, LEGO NINJAGO Days offer the opportunity for fans of the franchise to partake in special events related to LEGO NINJAGO. First, you'll get to view the brand new 4-D film. Then, play along in an scavenger hunt for the ninjas through Miniland. You'll also get to enjoy a character meet-and-greet and play a brand new LEGO NINJAGO video game.


legoland-california-resort-ninjago-the-ride-kai-300dpi-4X6 Image credit: LEGOLAND California Resort.
Inspired by the quickness and agility of ninja warriors, NINJAGO The Ride is a media-based interactive attraction, manufactured by Triotech and equipped with Maestro™ hand gesture technology. This creative technology allows guests to interact with the digital projections in front of them by actually impacting their environment through their unique hand gestures. Act like real ninja warriors would by swiping, swishing, slashing, and more -- all with your hands! This new tech will capture your every movement and help you throw virtual lighting bolts, fire balls, waves of ice, and more. You’ll also experience both 3-D and 4-D effects like wind, heat, and smoke to make for a fully rounded interactive experience. Be prepared to kick some butt! NINJAGO The Ride also allows riders to collect points for training and battles, with scoreboards displaying your totals at the end of the ride. Compete with siblings or parents in a fun and exciting challenge that you’ll want to take up over and over again. Overall, this ride is a definite must for visitors to LEGOLAND. It's the hottest new thing in the park and your kids won't want to miss out!
legoland-california-resort-ninjago-the-ride-vehicle-300dpi-4X6 (1) Image credit: LEGOLAND California Resort.


And that’s not all – NINJAGO The Ride is just the beginning of this amazing new warrior-inspired land. It’s actually the center of an entirely hands-on NINJAGO land within LEGOLAND California that prepares you for the agility, deftness, and reaction times you’ll need to succeed at NINJAGO The Ride. Known as NINJAGO World, this land is a place of non-stop action and total play. Enjoy safe and low-key rock-climbing elements, practice your precision in Jay's Lightening Drill, and more. Don't forget to enjoy the atmosphere! This fanciful version of classical Japanese culture is filled with LEGO sculptures of fantastic creatures, ninjas, and even buildings.

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