San Francisco might be known for its swinging, singles scene, but there are plenty of great family-themed attractions and restaurants as well. During your next trip to the City by the Bay, consider grabbing a bite at one of these outstanding family-friendly eateries. There are so many family places to eat in San Francisco that you will want to make sure you leave room for seconds! Drop by Pizzeria Delfina at 2406 California Street for a family-sized pizza and see why GQ's Alan Richman named the Panna Pie the third-best in the country back in 2009. A simple pizza comprised of tomato sauce, cream, basil and shaved parmigiano, Pizzeria Delfina’s Panna pie is just one of the tasty options. There’s also the Broccoli Raab - which features Star Route Farms broccoli raab, caciocavallo, mozzarella, olives and hot peppers - the Salsiccia - which is made of house-made fennel sausage, tomato, bell peppers, onions and mozzarella - or the Carbonara - a pie built off of guanciale, one farm egg, pecorino, scallions and black pepper. Despite its name, Pizzeria Delfina doesn’t just have pizza. There are also a number of antipasto options to choose from like chilled Tripe "Tripperia Style" or Fried Torpedo Onions and fresh, healthy salads like the Insalata Tricolore served with lemon vinaigrette & grana padano or the Tuna Conserva served with cannellini beans & watercress. Inspired by its chef’s memories of New York-style pies and visits to the best pizzerias in Naples, Pizzeria Delfina also serves Italian deserts like a seasonal fruit crostata and Bellwether Farms ricotta cannoli. For a taste of the Far East, bring your family to 49 Stevenson Street for a meal at Yank Sing. Named by the San Francisco Chronicle as one of the "Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants" in 2013, Yank Sing is well-known for its brisk service and for having deem sum (which means "to touch the heart") carts laden with stocked with freshly-made offerings. Deem Sum can be steamed, baked, grilled, stir-fried or deep fried and all of those different cooking styles are on display at Yank Sing. Choose from classics like Shanghai Dumplings and Savory Vegetable Dumpling or opt for more exotic fare like Stuffed Crab Claws or Fried Won Tons. Those with a sweet tooth will want make sure they end the meal with Yank Sing’s famous Mango Pudding. If your family wants to sample some of San Francisco’s seafood, stroll down to Scoma's at 47 Al Scoma Way on Fisherman's Wharf. Family owned and operated for almost 50 years, Scoma's is committed to conserving the environment and has a licensed fish preparation station which offers public viewing of the kitchen’s daily operations. Scoma's also offers complimentary valet parking. With mouth-watering favorites like Pan Seared Halibut with Savory Tapenade, Gold Rush Grilled Salmon with Heirloom Tomato Concasse and Steamed Clams Bordelaise, the seafood selections at Scoma's can’t be beat. When you are there make sure to sample Scoma's San Francisco-style crab cakes, which are made with dungeness crabs, hearty cioppino and fresh seafood. Need things to do in San Francisco? Save up to 55% on admission to top attractions like the Children’s Creativity Museum and the Asian Art Museum with a San Francisco discount attractions pass by Smart Destinations.