One of the premier theme park destinations in Northern California, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is the place to go if you want to make the most out of your trip to the west coast. Divided into three sections, "Land," "Sea," and "Sky," Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has a plethora of rides and attractions that will appeal to every member of your family, no matter what their age is or how intense they like their roller coasters. Speaking of roller coasters, here are a few of the more extreme rides that you can expect at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Roar – One of the tallest wooden roller coasters in the country, Roar features Millennium Flyer trains and exceptionally tight turns which really emphasize how fast the ride moves. Medusa – At 150-feet-tall and 3,985-feet-long, Medusa is the longest roller coaster in Northern California and is also one of the tallest. Medusa reaches speeds of up to 65 mph and also incorporates a "Sea Serpent" element which makes the ride even more intense. V2: Vertical Velocity – The ride used to be 186 feet tall but it had to be lowered down to 150 feet in order to comply with new regulations. The height reduction didn’t slow Vertical Velocity down any, as the ride has been known to reach speeds of up to 70 mph. In addition to those rides, thrill-seekers also have these options to choose from: Cobra, Roadrunner Express, Superman: Ultimate Flight, VooDoo, Tazmanian Devil, Hammerhead Shark, SkyScreamer, Wave Swinger, Boardwalk Bumper Buggies and more! There are also a wide variety of kiddie rides at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. There’s Acme Water Works, a water attraction that allows family members to fire water cannons at each other and cool down. Another Acme-themed attraction, the Acme Foam Factory is a two-story building filled with foam balls that are perfect for blasting at family and friends. Fans of classic “teacup” style rides, can take a trip on Pepe Le Pew’s Rafts of Romance and help the famous skunk search for "l’amour" while they twirl and spin. Kids who can’t quite go on roller coasters yet will enjoy Sylvester’s Pounce & Bounce, a miniature freefall designed for children who are still growing. In addition to the rides and attractions, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom also has sharks, elephants and a variety of other exotic animals. Guests who are interested can also have the life-changing experience of swimming with the dolphins! Need things to do in San Francisco? Save up to 55% on admission to top attractions and tours with a San Francisco discount attractions pass by Smart Destinations.