Among the most significant and most popular historic sites in the country, George Washington’s Mount Vernon brings eighteenth-century America to life. Enjoy meticulous gardens and sprawling grounds, a gorgeously restored mansion, historic outbuildings, and fascinating museum exhibits as part of your trip into the past. Bonus? All of it honors our first President, George Washington.

How to get George Washington's Mount Vernon discount tickets?

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Tips for Visiting George Washington’s Mount Vernon

George Washington's Mount Vernon Go city A glimpse inside the mansion. Image credit: George Washington's Mount Vernon website.
  • Download the Mount Vernon app for all the latest info, guides of the estate, and more!
  • You could also take a virtual tour of George Washington’s Mount Vernon before you go to get a sense of what you really want to see in person.
  • Definitely consult the Estate Map before visiting.
  • Save on admission to George Washington’s Mount Vernon with a Washington DC Explorer Pass®.
  • If you have the flexibility in your schedule, opt to visit some of the locations that require shuttle rides, like the Distillery and the Pioneer Farm, exhibits which showcase Washington’s range of interests and talents.
  • Although the attraction is open year round, special seasonal activities and exhibits are only available between April and October, so keep that in mind when planning your trip.
  • Did you know that Washington loved dogs? Feel free to bring yours!
  • Parking is free and the main buildings are accessible. Wheelchairs are available on a first come, first served basis for no fee.

When is the best time to visit George Washington's Mount Vernon?

George Washington’s Mount Vernon is a very popular attraction, so an early visit can never hurt. It’s also a good idea to visit earlier in the day during the summer months, as you will be outside a lot and the midday heat can be oppressive. Most visitors spend between 3-4 hours at this attraction, so plan your day accordingly.

What to bring to George Washington's Mount Vernon?

  • Bags should be no larger than 16x16x8 inches
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • A camera or other recording device
  • Money for souvenirs
  • Bottled water; otherwise, no outside food or drink is allowed
  • Stroller are allowed, but cannot be taken inside the Mansion

What is there to do at George Washington's Mount Vernon?

While the estate itself is massive, there are several distinct areas you can visit to make the most of your experience. Here are our suggestions for where to start.

The Mansion

George Washington's Mount Vernon Go city George Washington's Mount Vernon Mansion. Image credit: George Washington's Mount Vernon website.
Where Washington lived five decades of his life, the Mansion is a beautifully appointed and decorated building, with 21 elegant rooms. The building itself was built by his father in 1735, and George Washington took up residence here after the death of his older half-brother. The interiors are carefully restored to resemble the way they looked at the end of the eighteenth century. So, you can expert exquisite furnishings, detailed wallpaper, elaborate artwork, and so on. Visiting the Mansion can take between 15-35 minutes, which largely depends on the number of guests visiting that day.

Mansion Outbuildings

See where the real work of the estate was done – weaving, churning, curing, and more. Tour more than a dozen of these small, historic outbuildings where the servants and staff members of the estate spent much of their time. You can also see demonstrations at a working blacksmith’s shop! Visit time is usually around 30 minutes.

Gardens and Grounds

George Washington's Mount Vernon Go city One of the gardens at Mount Vernon. Image credit: George Washington's Mount Vernon website.
This is an area where Washington spent a lot of his time and energy, and it shows. The gardens span more than 6 acres, and are truly magnificent and precisely manicured. There are actually several separate gardens, each with a different purpose. The gardens include a greenhouse for exotic specimens, a pleasure garden featuring native and acclimatized plants, and even a kitchen garden. Washington had a dual interest in plants, actually, so his garden encompasses plants designated for both pleasurable and botanical purposes. He even conducted experiments on plants; for example, we have records indicating that he tried to grow exotic seeds from China in the botanical garden. Visit time is usually around 30 minutes.


There’s an entire component of the estate devoted to raising the varieties of livestock and other animals that would have been on the estate in Washington’s day. Kids will love a chance to see these special breeds, from sheep and cattle to turkeys and hogs. There are also some horses, mules, and oxen. Visit time is usually around 15 minutes.

Slave Memorial and Burial Ground

George Washington's Mount Vernon Go city Image credit: George Washington's Mount Vernon website.
As part of its historical heritage, Mount Vernon also honors the (mostly unmarked) graves of the slaves and free blacks who worked on the estate in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Visitors can also view a special exhibit called "Lives Bound Together," which tells the personal stories of some of the men and women kept as slaves at Mount Vernon and traces Washington's own changing attitudes towards slavery over his lifetime. Visit time is usually around 15 minutes.

Washington's Tomb

George Washington died in the Mansion’s master bedchamber on December 14, 1799. Our first President elected to be buried on his beloved estate. In 1831, a new tomb was constructed to hold both the President and his wife Martha (as well as some other family members). Today, you can see both the old and new burial places. Visit time is usually around 15 minutes.

Reynolds Museum & Education Center

George Washington's Mount Vernon Go city An exhibit at the Museum. Image credit: George Washington's Mount Vernon website.
This is where you can really see Washington’s history brought to life. Learn all about his childhood, his leadership, and his vision for America. You’ll get to enjoy videos, artifacts, multimedia displays, and hands-on activities for children. Visit time is usually around 45-60 minutes.

What attractions are near George Washington's Mount Vernon?

George Washington’s Mount Vernon is just a few miles south of Washington, D.C., so it’s a quick drive back to the city and other top attractions. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • You’re right near Old Town Alexandria, filled with shops, restaurants, and historic buildings.
  • A quick ride on Route 1 north and you’re at the city’s most popular mall, Pentagon City Mall.
  • The National Harbor is just across the Potomac, and it’s an up-and-coming area filled with shops, restaurants, and much more.
  • Potomac Yard is just a bit north, and is the pickup point for many cruises and tours.
  • Pop back up to D.C. for a visit to a fun museum like the informative Newseum.

Where is there to eat near George Washington's Mount Vernon?

  • Dining options at Mount Vernon include the popular Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant and a Food Court.
  • If you’re looking for something quick, nearby Route 1 has everything from fast food to sandwich shops like Subway.
  • You’ll find delicious, authentic Mexican fare and refreshing drinks at El Paso.
  • Like Asian cuisine? Then Thai Herbs may be appealing.
  • Head to the National Harbor for great seafood options like McLoone’s Pier House.
  • In the mood for steak? Try Old Hickory Steakhouse.

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