Bode Museum

The Bode Museum was originally called the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum but was renamed the Bode Museum (in 1956) after Wihlem von Bode who put the wheels in motion for the museum. In 1897, construction of the Bode started on the northern tip of Museum Island. The museum is donated to the Renaissance and was designed by Eberhard von Ihne.


The Bode Museum is perfectly located on the museum island and is a must-see when visiting Berlin. There are plenty of Bode highlights but we’ve outlined why the museum should be top of your museum hit-list
The Bode Museum is home to a rare collection of sculptures from the middle ages to early Renaissance
It contains a large collection of Byzantine Art, coins and medals
The museum has undergone several stages of restoration after being badly damaged in the Second World War. After recent extensive renovation work it re-opened to the public in autumn 2006

Did you know:

- The museum houses the Sculpture Collection and Museum of Byzantine Art

- The display of sculptures is enriched by some 150 works from the Gemäldegalerie collection

- You can see the Bode Museum from the River Cruise included with the Berlin Pass

- The museum acts as a sort of entrance to the Museum Island and on entering the Bode Museum you pass through the great dome

- Bode has been called the Bismark of Museums as the most important figure in the history of Berlin Museums


For more information, including venue opening hours, visit the Bode Museum website.