Science Center Spectrum (Museum of Technology)

Adjacent to the German Museum of Technology, the Science Center Spectrum was founded in 1983 and is one of the oldest museums of its kind in Germany. 

Containing more than 150 interactive experiment stations across four diverse floors, expect an experience that is filled with fun and wonder as you explore the fascinating exhibits. For example, at the experiment stations in the "Light and Sight" area, visitors are invited to create new colour tones by mixing large-scale light surfaces originating from real sunlight.

Visitors can also marvel at a rainbow suspended in the air without the use of any water. The exhibition's zones are easily navigated by means of a revolving colour band featuring brilliant colours, from violet to vibrant red. Interactive media stations also give visitors an opportunity to gain deeper insights on the exhibits, which are brought to life in playful and inspiring ways.

For more information, including venue opening hours, visit the Science Center Spectrum (Museum of Technology) website.