Barcelona in March
Robert Heaney

Barcelona in March

As Barcelona waves goodbye to winter and beckons in the spring, the city begins to enjoy the best of all worlds – Sunny days and mild temperatures, a bustling atmosphere without too many crowds, and a whole host of events to keep spirits high.

Choosing to visit Barcelona in March may prove a rewarding decision no matter your travel style. Many would consider the spring period the best time to take a trip to the Catalan capital. Take this chance to explore everything the city has to offer without battling constant crowds and jump into one of the many local festivities and events.


Tourism in March

Barcelona tourism in March

Spring offers the city of Barcelona a delightful grace period in which tourism rates begin to rise gradually without taking over the city as can be expected in the summer months. With temperatures averaging between the low-40s and high-50s, you can bet on mild but sunny days and cool but pleasant evenings.

While it may not be the best time for a dip in the Mediterranean, and while you’ll likely need to pack a jacket or two, March offers the ideal opportunity to explore everything that Barcelona has to offer. In booking your trip, you’ll find yourself blessed by lower airfares, cheaper hotels and pretty much your pick of the litter for accommodation.

But the biggest benefit of visiting Barcelona in March will be the opportunity to see just about anything you want without any of the summertime hassle. You shouldn’t have to fight huge crowds to get into your choice of attractions, and booking should often be available for the same day.

This would be the perfect opportunity to explore the Sagrada Familia without having to wade through the tourists. Or wander around Park Güell during one of its quietest and most tranquil times. Or visit Barcelona Zoo without all of the summer break kids taking up the best viewing spots. Your trip will truly be your own in spring.


Sant Medir

Barcelona Sant Medir

Early in March, locals to the old town of Gràcia take to the streets to observe the Sant Medir parade and all of the festivities it brings with it. The event is most well-known for the many candies, toffees and treats thrown to onlookers by those within the procession of horses, floats and lorries.

Following in the footsteps of a local baker who began the annual procession in the 19th Century after miraculously recovering from illness, the celebration has since become known locally as the dolça festa, the ‘sweet festival’ for the many treats gifted to the enthused observers.

If you happen to be visiting within the first week of March and feel like embracing your inner child, be sure to make your way to the parade with a spare bag in hand ready to join the many expectant kids to catch all the candy you can!


Barcelona-Sitges International Vintage Car Rally

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This is truly one for the vintage vehicle buffs. For over half a century now, Barcelona has been witness every March to an enthused procession of nostalgic and bygone automobile models. For two days, the city’s coastal routes of Barcelona and Sitges growl with the sound of hundreds of these beasts for onlookers to revel at.

The rally has become a staple for vintage car enthusiasts the world over, with many flocking to the city each year for the event. As such, the streets surrounding the rally route often like to capitalize on this increased custom with various events, live music, merchant stalls, wine tasting sessions and workshops.


Barcelona Marathon

Having indulged in the many food-based festivities of the fall and winter seasons, many locals and visitors start training for the Barcelona Marathon. The 26-mile route takes runners on an athletic tour past some of the city’s most iconic monuments.

Beginning at the foot of Montjuïc, the course loops around the inner districts of the city, past the likes of Camp Nou in the west and Parc del Fòrum in the east, before looping back around via the coast. If running is your thing, why not train up for a few months before your trip for a unique way to explore the city?


Barcelona Beer Festival

Barcelona beer festival in March

Barcelona in March is also typically host to the Barcelona Beer festival, which has grown rapidly since its inception in 2012 to host around 30,000 attendees each year. The festival brings together more than a thousand accredited professionals to celebrate and share their love of brewing beer.

Offering many hundreds of variations of beer and a whole host of different activities, beer lovers both local to and visiting Barcelona can truly revel in their shared beverage passions. The event also offers a range of shows and live music for attendees to enjoy. Why not go grab yourself a beer or three during your springtime visit?


St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's Day in Barcelona

While St. Patrick’s may not be a strictly Catalan or even a Spanish event, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t embraced by those who want to celebrate. There’s always sure to be a sizable group of expats and tourists gathering at their nearest Irish Pub to sink a few pints of Guinness. Among the most popular venues are Flaherty’s, the George Payne and the Wild Rover.


Wrapping Up

Springtime is often overlooked by many as an ideal time to visit Barcelona. While it may not offer the same warm days and perfect swimming weather as summer, it compensates handsomely by allowing you to see Barcelona in a more quiet and authentic state.

Alongside the benefits of lower tourism rates, you’ll also have the opportunity to observe and even participate in many of the region’s most hotly anticipated events of the year. Whether you’re looking for a genuine cultural experience or simply a relaxing trip to the heart of Catalonia, visiting Barcelona in March will almost certainly pay dividends.

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