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Destination Family Reunion Tips

Although it seems like it might be easy to have a family reunion at someone’s home, many people do not have enough room to accommodate all their family members or do not live in an area that is easily accessible for people to travel to. One thing that some ambitious planners have been doing to help remedy situations like these is to have a Destination Family Reunion. It might not make sense for you to pack up Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sue and Uncle Joe and head off to a travel destination, but if it does, here are some Destination Family Reunion Tips to help you get started. In order to save cash wherever your family decides to go, be it New York City, Boston, Miami, San Diego or somewhere else, consider finding a deal that will ensure all of your food, lodging and other needs are taken care of at a reasonable price. By finding yourself a deal that includes food and lodging at a fun place, you’ll give your family peace of mind about where they are staying and also hopefully provide them with a chance to interact with other guests who are also capitalizing on a similar package. (This can be a good thing when family members need a break from one another.) When looking at different places, bear in mind that trips to local attractions and things like alcohol and tips are not always included If you find a place to go but are worried about what seeing the local sights is going to cost the family, Go City Cards and Explorer Passes are an affordable way to take advantage of everything that a city has to offer. These all-inclusive passes offer great flexibility because they allow the family to visit as many or as few of the included attractions as it wants and they will save each member up to 55% on combined admission prices for top museums, tours, and attractions. The cards and passes also come with a free full-color guidebook packed with extra discounts and special offers - plus, many of Smart Destinations' products and passes are available for download on your smartphone! Go City Cards and Explorer Passes can be used at 53 Boston attractions, 25 Chicago attractions, 36 Los Angeles attractions, 35 Miami attractions, 56 New York City, 36 Oahu attractions, 46 Orlando attractions, 45 San Diego attractions and 29 San Francisco attractions. If you do decide to take a group trip to one of those cities, another way that your family might all be able to stay together is via an apartment or home switch. There are numerous websites and message boards where families who want to swap dwellings for a week or two can connect and work out the details. This is also a great way to get insider tips about the best things to do in a particular city. Swap apartments with a family in New York and they might have some good advice about a great place near the Central Park Zoo to have a picnic for your family reunion; switch residences with people from Oahu and they will probably have some advice about where to go on Waikiki Beach. Whatever you decide to do, here are a few general Destination Family Reunion Tips:

Plan early

Pick a date and stick to it

Make sure to keep a budget in mind that’s realistic for everyone

Ask for advice from people outside of the family

Plan on doing things that will be fun for the whole family, regardless of age

Take lots and lots (and we mean lots) of photos

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