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Gear Up for Transformers the Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

Transformers fans, listen up! You too, thrill riders! This May, a new motion simulator will be added to the ranks of The Simpsons, King Kong, and Revenge of the Mummy rides, and it promises not to disappoint. The ride is, of course, is the new Transformers ride opening in the park sometime in May of this year.

What’s the Ride Like?

Described as a next generation thrill ride, Transformers the Ride – 3D pulls together flight simulation technology, striking robotics, and special HD 3D effects to create an experience not easily forgotten. Riders are put right in the middle of a war zone; surrounded by the towering Decepticons, you’ll fight alongside Optimus Prime to protect the powerful AllSpark, the source of life for all Transformers, from getting into the wrong hands. Whether you’re a diehard Transformers fan, have one in your family, or are just in it for the thrills, this is one battle you won’t be able to sit out of.

What Should I Do in the Meantime?

While you’re waiting for the ride to open in May, Universal Studios Hollywood has come up with something to keep you busy. Visit http://www.prepareforbattle.com/ to learn more about the ride, hear what people are saying about it, and plan your visit. Make sure to go to the Intel section to watch intercepted video transmissions, hear special audio clips (for recruits only!), and, most importantly, gear up for battle. If you’d like to do some exploring outside of the park, pick up a Go Los Angeles Card – you’ll be able to combine admission to Universal Studios Hollywood with any of the card’s other 30+ attractions, including Madame Tussauds Hollywood and the Sony Pictures Studios Tour, to name a few. If you keep busy in the area, it’ll be no time before you’re lining up for the ride of your life.

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