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The Best Gifts in 2015 for People Who Travel

Whether they travel by choice or out of necessity, we've rounded up the top 2015 holiday gift ideas for people who travel. These gifts will make the hustle and bustle a little more merry and bright by making packing a breeze, travel a little more luxurious, and trips a little bit more memorable. Plus, you'll look like a gifting genius.

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Gifts for Him

  • Reversible belt: get them a quality reversible brown/black leather belt. It's a convenient investment piece that will last for years to come and come in handy when packing light.
  • Carry-on size garment bag: even if they don't travel regularly for business, this is just one of those things that every man who travels should have. We like the ECBC Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag because it's carry on size, has easily accessible compartments for electronics and liquids, and space for additional clothing. There are lots of options, just be sure to get one that's carry-on size.
  • Travel cocktail in a bag: make their next flight a little more enjoyable by putting together a DIY cocktail in a bag. Just grab a couple nips of their favorite liquor, any garnishes, mixes, or drink powders (like powdered lemon or iced tea), some bar nuts, and put them all in a plastic bag they can get through security.
  • Shaving kit: everything they'll for grooming on the go in a compact, easy-to-pack carrying case. The Art of Shaving offers some high quality, compact traveling kits that are great to start and easy to get through security.

Gifts for Her

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  • Blanket scarf: our favorite part about the current blanket scarf trend is their versatility. Blanket scarfs are big enough to double as a warm and cozy blanket when the AC is blasting on the plane. ZARA and H&M offer a variety of options of over-sized scarfs to choose from.
  • Jewelry organizer: we're a fan of any product that can pull double-duty while traveling, like this jewelry organizer that's chic enough to double as a clutch for a nice night out. Get a neutral color for added versatility.
  • Mineral water spray: a go-to for an aprés-flight refresher and for preventing dry skin from that thin airplane cabin air. We like these little ones by Evian, but there are lots of options, just be sure to get travel size ones.
  • Travel flats: there's nothing better than having a pair of compact, comfy flats to slip on after a day of trekking around in heels or sandals when traveling. Yosi Samra offers lots of stylish and practical options.
  • Travel hairdryer: not all hotels are equipped with hairdryers in each room and even when they are, they're not always reliable. A compact, foldable hairdryer is a must-have for any woman who's a frequent flyer.

Gifts for the Kids

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  • Fun luggage tags: kids love adding anything fun to their luggage collection. Pick them out a fun luggage tag, they'll love filling in their information and feeling like an official traveler.
  • Packable games: look for self-contained games and toys that are easy to pack. Traveling art sets, magnetic board games that keep all of the pieces together, and accessories for any tech games the kids have all make great gifts they're sure to get some use out of.
  • Disposable (or indestructible) camera: kids will love getting behind the lens and capturing their favorite moments from your trip, but their parents may not want them handling their nicer equipment. We like this Thomas Adventure Kit from Toys 'R Us that comes with binoculars and a flashlight for exploring, too.
  • Fun headphones: though perhaps more a gift to surrounding passengers, a fun pair of headphones makes in-flight entertainment a little more special.
  • Travel toiletry organizer: keeping kids organized while traveling is difficult, but a personalized hanging organizer can make it fun--and easy. This is a great idea for kids that are a little older, too as they're great for schlepping down dorm halls and can hang right in the shower.

Gifts for All

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  • Inflatable neck pillow: packs lights, takes up next to no space, and makes a long flight much more comfortable. We like this one from Brookstone which comes with a coordinating eye mask.
  • Reusable travel size containers: everyone likes stocking up on the hotel goodies when they travel, but most people prefer to use the products that they know and love. A nice set of reusable containers for liquids are a great investment for any travel regular.
  • Wine bottle protector: looking for a gift for somebody traveling somewhere with great local wine or liquor? Grab them a couple of bottle protectors for their trip, they'll come in handy.
  • TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry: treat your travel enthusiast to 5 years worth of traveling with ease. They'll have to go in and interview with certified personnel, but you can offer to foot the bill as a holiday treat.
  • USB charger: there's nothing worse than having your cellphone battery die right when you're about to snap that picture-perfect moment. An external USB charger keeps any tech-savvy traveler prepared.
  • Digital home monitoring system: give the gift of peace of mind with a digital home monitoring system like the Nest Cam. They'll be able to check on things at home and get alerts right from their smartphone while they're away.
  • Experience gifts: if you know of an upcoming trip, do a little research and treat them to an experience they might not otherwise splurge on. From discount multi-attraction passes, to a cooking class with local flair, or a gift certificate to a top restaurant, experience gifts are a great way to enhance their trip by helping them create lasting memories.

Gifts for the Budget Traveler

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Gift experiences, not sweaters this holiday season. Go City Card discount multi-attraction passes are in 11 US cities.[/caption]

  • Silk sleeping bag liner and pillow case: trust us, this comes in handy when relying on budget accommodations (hostel beds, anyone?). These pack light, wash easily, and provide a little peace of mind at night.
  • Water bottle: get them a water bottle that's easy to take around. Using water fountains in airports and around the city is one of the easiest ways to save money while traveling. We recommend water bottles with simple designs, as ones with straws tend to leak when the airplane cabin pressure changes.
  • Kindle: a kindle is great for anyone on your list, but particularly budget travelers. They'll be able to link their library card to their account and download everything from the latest New York Times bestsellers, to maps, magazines, and even travel guides to all of their destinations--for free. Plus, they take up much less space and weigh less than a pile of books.
  • Discount multi-attraction passes: if you know where your budget traveler is going, see if you can get them a discount multi-attraction pass to top attractions, museums, tours, cruises, and more in one of 11 cities in the US.

Do you have any suggestions to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below and we might add it to our list!

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