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What to Bring on Vacation

What should you bring on vacation? Of course, the answer to this question differs based on the destination, your itinerary and how you’re getting there. Most vacations, however, fall under three main categories of sunning, skiing or sightseeing. Here are some tips for things to bring on a tropical vacation, a ski or snowboard vacation and a sightseeing vacation:

Tropical Vacation

A trip to a tropical location means you’ll definitely need sunscreen, a hat, sandals, sunglasses and breathable, comfortable clothing. Due to the humidity and consistent possibility of rain showers, you should bring an umbrella and/or a rain jacket, as well. Plan on bringing 2 bathing suits instead of one, as they’ll take longer to dry. Since the tropics are almost always warm, you should bring lightweight, light-colored clothing (mostly shorts and T-shirts). You may also want to bring one or two nicer outfits in case you decide to go out for a formal dinner. If you plan on going hiking or walking around a lot, make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes and cotton socks, as walking around in flip flops for a week can become painful for both your feet and your back.

Ski Vacation

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Packing for a ski vacation is a little bit more complicated. You’ll need to watch the weather of the destination up until a few days before you leave in order to accurately predict the temperature. You should also remember that there can be a significant difference between temperature in the town and temperature at the summit. Weather can also be drastically different; it can be cloudy at the base but snowing at the summit. Of course, the most important things you’ll need to bring on a ski vacation are your skis/boots/poles or snowboard, and a helmet with goggles. Ski socks are also important, but easy to forget. Many skiers will recommend slipping your ski socks inside your boots so as not to leave them behind. In terms of clothing, you should aim for waterproof, wind-resistant outerwear and thin, but warm, clothes underneath. Bring long underwear, a few turtlenecks and some fleece pullovers. You should also have a fleece turtle’s neck, a warm fleece band that will protect your face from the cold and the wind. You can even find a helmet liner with a turtle’s neck attached. You’ll also need warm, waterproof gloves and some hand warmer packets for those extra cold days. Additionally, you should bring clothes to change into once the ski day is over, a pair of regular walking shoes and a bathing suit for unwinding in the hot tub! If you forget any piece of equipment, head to the gear shop that will be most likely be located right at the base of the mountain.

Sightseeing Vacation

Planning a whirlwind tour of an amazing city like San Francisco, Chicago or New York? You’ll need to have a few things with you at all times. First of all, walking shoes are a must. They should be broken in, comfortable and in good condition. If you’re traveling in humid conditions, try to avoid wearing jeans, as they are heavy and take long to dry if they get wet in the rain. Depending on what attractions you’re visiting-for example, a fine art museum- you may want to dress up a little nicer than you would if you were walking around a mall. Secondly, you should also have a small backpack with you to carry things like snacks, maps, cameras, cell phones, sweaters, umbrellas and guidebooks. Draw string bags are usually ideal, as your items will be safer than if they’re in a zippered bag. This drawstring bag will be especially useful if you’ll be walking all day, for example: going for a hike, walking around a theme park, etc. For more tips on what to bring with you, make sure to do a little research on your exact location. Many travel books and websites will have the inside scoop on things you might need!

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