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Three Days in Abu Dhabi for Tourists

Planning a trip to the Emirates this year, and have your sights set on Abu Dhabi? If you happen to be making the journey to Abu Dhabi with about three days to explore, then we’re sure you in search of a few top attraction options. So, to help you out, we’ve pulled together a list of some top activities and attractions to enjoy on your long weekend in Abu Dhabi. This three-day itinerary includes:

  • Morning Desert Safari
  • Kayak Tour of the Mangroves
  • Cruise n’ Dip in Abu Dhabi
  • Heritage Village
  • Eco Donut Boat Rental in Abu Dhabi
  • Sunset Cruise in Abu Dhabi

Save on Admission

Hoping to save on admission to top Abu Dhabi attractions? Pick up the Go Dubai® Card today and save up to 52% on combined admission! Spending less time in Abu Dhabi? Check out our one-day itinerary and our weekend-itinerary for more ideas.

Day 1Morning Desert Safari

Image of Adult, Male, Man, Person, Shoe, Female, Woman, People, Glasses, Start off your three days in Abu Dhabi with a bang. Embark on one of the most memorable journeys you can make in the Emirates – a desert safari! This adventure leads you into the heart of the Abu Dhabi desert with plenty of traditional Arabian fun awaiting you. Ride aboard a 4X4 “dune crasher,” poke around on a camel ride, practice your technique for sand-boarding, and more. Clocking in at four hours long, this safari will take up your entire morning. Getting In: Morning Desert Safari tickets are included with the Go Dubai® Card.

Kayak Tour of the Mangroves

Image of Water, Boat, Canoe, Kayak, Rowboat, Vehicle, Lifejacket, Vest, For your afternoon attraction on day one, you’ll want to go in a different direction. Forget about the desert – you’re headed to the water! Jump aboard these sleek kayaks for a chance to get a bit of exercise while sightseeing. On this kayak excursion, you’ll paddle throughout the famous mangroves, often called a hidden gem of Abu Dhabi. See an abundance of flora and fauna (see, the total opposite of your morning!) and marvel at how these lush groves thrive so near the desert. The entire event will take about two hours. Getting In: Kayak Tour of the Mangroves tickets are included with the Go Dubai® Card.

Day 2 Cruise ‘n’ Dip

Image of Boat, Vehicle, Water, Boating, Water Sports, Person, Cool off the morning of your second day in Abu Dhabi with a peaceful cruise. You’ll set sail from Yas Marina – itself a very exciting and chic destination – and then roam around the inshore islands for a bit. Then, the vessel will drop anchor in shallow water and give all passengers about 45 minutes to paddle, swim, and play. This is a nice attraction for those of you traveling with kids, who want to enjoy watersports but may not be suited for more strenuous activities. This whole excursion (including swimming time) takes about two hours. Getting In: Cruise ‘n’ Dip in Abu Dhabi tickets are included with the Go Dubai® Card.

Heritage Village

For greater insight into Arabian history, a visit to Heritage Village might suit. This free attraction draws many visitors from the West, as it provides an excellent opportunity to see what life was like before the big financial and technological boom in Abu Dhabi. Here you’ll find – as you might imagine from the name – a recreated historical village complete with artisans and craftspeople who demonstrate things like potter-making, spinning, weaving, and iron-work. A visit here could take about 1 to 2 hours. Getting In: Heritage Village is free to explore.

Day 3 Eco Donut Boat Rental

Image of Water, Waterfront, Port, Pier, Boat, Vehicle, Sailboat, Watercraft, Harbor, Dining Table, Yacht, Cup, This leisurely ride aboard a delightful (and adorable) vessel is sure to please. I mean, how often can you sail around in a donut? It’s another, more relaxing way to explore the Eastern Mangroves that combines the adventure of sightseeing with the fun of playing around with your very own eco-vessel. The best part? For those of you invested in eco-tourism, this attraction is very environmentally friendly. Your rental is good for 30 minutes of sightseeing and exploring. Getting In: Eco Donut Boat Rentals are included with the Go Dubai® Card.

Sunset Cruise

Image of Nature, Outdoors, Sky, Sunrise, Horizon, Scenery, Sun, Sea, Water, What better way to conclude a magical weekend in Abu Dhabi than with a serene sunset cruise? Lasting about 1.5 hours, this cruise sails throughout the inshore islands and providing many scenic vistas like Raha Beach, Samaliyah Island, and the striking Abu Dhabi skyline. Sail away from Abu Dhabi (not literally at this point, of course), knowing that you’ve had the vacation of a lifetime. Getting In: Sunset Cruise in Abu Dhabi tickets are included with the Go Dubai® Card.

Don’t Forget to Save

So go ahead and consider adding a few of our favorite attractions to your three-day Abu Dhabi itinerary. And remember to save on admission to these and other great Abu Dhabi attractions with the all-inclusive Go Dubai® Card. Pick one up today to save up to 52% on your favorite Emirati activities!

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