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Best Las Vegas Souvenirs

Vivaaaaa Las Vegas – so the song goes, a cheesy tune to match the cheesy lyrics. And chances are, reading that line conjured up images of flashing neon signs, feathers, roulette wheels and Elvis in his famous white jumpsuit. Well, you wouldn’t want to go to Vegas and not see all of that, right? Just as you wouldn’t want to go to Vegas and not come home with a tacky souvenir or two – although you’ll be pleased to learn that there are plenty of genuine, high-quality products around as well. Here are our best ideas for your Vegas souvenirs, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous:

Casino gambling chips

No doubt you’re planning to have a bit of a flutter in Vegas, and whether that’s playing poker, roulette or slot machines, the sound of chips stacking and falling will become an indelible reminder of your Vegas holiday. Each casino has its own chips, ranging from $1 up to the thousands, and you are allowed to take them with you, so they make a good souvenir if you have some leftover (just keep in mind that they can expire, so maybe cash in any big ones!) Some casinos will let you buy a new one if you ask the cashier, or you can buy customized chips and other items like cards and dice from specialist stores like Spinetti’s.


Ok, we know it’s not Switzerland or Belgium, but chocoholics may just find their new favorite thing at Bellagio Patisserie, in the foyer of the Bellagio hotel. The café is famous for its treats and delicacies, but the crowds really come to see the world’s largest chocolate fountain, an ever-flowing cascade of milk, white and dark chocolate sending cocoa aromas permeating through the lobby. You can’t sample it, sadly, but you can take home a box of artisan chocolates or macarons. Whether you share them or not, we’ll leave up to you.

Blue Man Group drumsticks

The Blue Man Group is one of the endearing favorites of the Las Vegas line-up – their color-filled show combining paint and percussion has been delighting audiences in Vegas for more than twenty years. You can take home a great memento from the show – other than a splashed shirt, that is – by buying a set of Blue Man Group drumsticks before the show. Then if you hang around afterwards, the Group comes out to meet the audience and will sign the sticks if you ask them, so you’ll have the perfect personalized souvenir!

A mini ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign

It’s one of the most iconic sights in the city and one that every visitor looks for when they first approach the strip – the dazzling, diamond-shaped ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign. This double-backed, internally lit emblem has been there since 1959, with its red and yellow eight-pointed star, ‘welcome’ letters outlined in silver dollars and flashing yellow lights chasing each other around the outside. Visitors can take home their own mini version from any souvenir shop, in the form of a magnet, sticker, mugs, towels, flashing ornaments and just about anything else you can think of.

A new spouse

Don’t worry, we’re only joking – mostly. If you have been meaning to tie the knot, and you’re a fan of the King, then why not pop by the Graceland Chapel while you’re here? You might even be able to convince people to look at your holiday pics... On the other hand, you could just pick up a trinket from the gift shop – there’s mugs, keyrings, clothing, records and collectibles, instruments, snow globes and of course Elvis bobble heads. Or pick up an authentic Elvis suit – all your theme parties from now on will be sorted!

Navajo turquoise jewelry

We promised sublime, and this is it. Known as the ‘stone of life’ by the Navajo tribe of Nevada, turquoise has long been valued by local craftsmen as a unique and beautiful component of jewelry and talismans. When the art of silversmithing was introduced to the region around a hundred years ago these two elements were combined, with the result that Navajo silver and turquoise jewelry is some of the most prized in the world. And because varying levels of copper and aluminum deposits in the stones make each piece slightly different, your souvenir will be beautiful, local and totally unique.

A podium prize

If you’re traveling to Las Vegas with the family you’ll need to find something to do other than sitting in a casino all day – so how about a family go-karting day? At Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix there are four tracks to try out, from the Kiddie Kart track for the little ones up to the Euro High Speed Track for the speed demons in the family. There are also games and an arcade room, and at the end of the day winners can redeem their tokens for a prize of their choice to take home – bragging rights included of course!

A group photo with a difference

A group photo with a neon sign in the background is all well and good, but let’s face it, it’s not very exciting or interesting. On the other hand, if you’ve got some adrenalin junkies in the group, how about a photo in mid-air? Take a selfie from a ‘limousine of the sky’ on a Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour or, if you prefer to get physical, up to ten people at a time can ride the Fly LINQ Zipline, which is a 1,121-foot-long zipline over the streets and signs of the city to the High Roller Observation Wheel at the other end. Afterwards you can purchase a professional photograph of you and your group in mid-flight – a unique souvenir perfect for sticking on the fridge at home. Or if you prefer a video memento, how about a SkyJump from the top of the 108-floor STRAT building?

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