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Mandai Wildlife Parks All on One Pass Discount

If you want to get close to nature in Singapore (and we mean really, really close), there’s no better place to do so than in the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. This vast tract of rainforest and wetland in the north of the island contains several of Singapore’s premier attractions, namely Bird Paradise, River Wonders, Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. But why visit just one when you can tick off all four Mandai wildlife parks with a single discounted pass? Read on for our guide to the available multi-park ticket options and short summaries of what to expect from each attraction.

Bird Paradise

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Twitchers will be in their element in this kaleidoscopic paradise of technicolor plumage and tropical birdsong. Containing somewhere in the region of 3,500 feathery friends, Bird Paradise is the newest of the Mandai Wildlife parks, having opened its gates in May 2023. Here’s where you can get up close to pretty pink flamingos, striking scarlet ibises, majestic Philippine eagles, noisy laughing kookaburras and ostentatious Andean cocks-of-the-walk, with their brilliant orange crests. Your social feeds will never have looked so colorful.

It’s easy to while away an entire day exploring Bird Paradise, where 10 themed zones contain over 400 species across a whopping 42 acres. Say g’day to the emus in the Australian Outback, be dazzled by rainbow parrots in the Lory Loft, and hear Bali mynahs, straw-headed bulbuls, and laughing thrushes in full throat in the Songs of the Forest zone. Daily presentations featuring some of the world’s most successful winged predators give you the chance to watch harris hawks, white-bellied sea eagles and other majestic birds in flight.

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Must-See Bird Paradise Zones:

  • Amazonian Jewels – authentic South American rainforest setting with flamboyant Andean cocks-of-the-walk, toucans, green oropendolas and more.
  • Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove – king, gentoo, Humboldt and punky northern rockhopper penguins, rule the roost in this underwater kelp forest and rocky beach.
  • Nyungwe Forest Heart Of Africa – the park’s largest zone boasts around 80 African species, including flamingoes, bee-eaters, parrots and turacos.

Singapore Zoo

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Singapore Zoo is the reserve’s stalwart sensation, having spent the last half-century entertaining hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The zoo’s open-plan format and tip-top conservation credentials have led to it being considered one of the very best on the planet. And, once you step inside, it’s not difficult to see why. Here’s where you can come face to face with over 4,000 cute, fearsome, majestic and downright weird creatures from Singapore and around the world. We’re talking everything from proud African lions and bashful white rhinos to two-toed sloths, Malayan flying foxes, golden-headed lion tamarins and stunning electric blue geckos.

Stare down an African painted dog (if you dare), grab a selfie with the orangutans and book a feeding session with the elephants, giraffes or zebras. There’s all this and much more across 12 epic zones.

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Must-See Singapore Zoo Zones:

  • Fragile Forest – a tropical rainforest inside a 20,000 cubic meter biodome, Fragile Forest is home to golden-headed lion tamarins, colorful eclectus parrots, majestic Malayan flying foxes, tiger salamanders and more.
  • Wild Africa – meet the giants of the African savannah, among them, lions, giraffes, elephants and rhinos.
  • Reptopia – slither into the zoo’s reptile house for scaly encounters with panther chameleons, bearded dragons, emperor scorpions, diamondback rattlesnakes and many more cold-blooded critters.

River Wonders

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River Wonders showcases all the weird and wonderful creatures you might reasonably expect to find living in and around the world’s waterways. That means that, round these parts, you’re just as likely to spot a graceful manatee or giant river otter as a prowling leopard or giant panda. The various zones are themed around some of the world’s biggest, most biodiverse rivers, including the likes of the Mekong, the Amazon, the Congo and the Ganges.

Take a meandering wander through its 30 acres, or hop aboard the Amazon River Quest boat ride to get a flavor of what’s in store. The Amazon Flooded Forest contains the world’s largest freshwater aquarium, where you can watch the manatees, giant otters, stingrays, red-bellied piranhas and other colorful riverine critters frolic under 10 meters of water. Hit up the Yangtze River zone to say hey to the giant pandas, and mosey up the Mekong to come face to fin with the biggest catfish on the planet.

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Must-See River Wonders Zones:

  • Amazon Flooded Forest –.the manatees and giant river otters in this vast aquarium are some of the park’s most popular residents.
  • Ganges River – meet the Indian gharial, a fearsome relative of crocs and alligators with a quite enormous snapping jaw.
  • Pavilion Capital Giant Panda Forest – don’t miss your chance to get up close to lovable giant pandas and their little red panda pals!

Night Safari

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Not just any old zoo, the Night Safari is the world’s first nocturnal zoo, showcasing the crepuscular creatures that are most active around dusk and throughout the hours of darkness – around 900 animals across 86 acres of lush parkland. There’s a fun tram ride included in the price of your ticket, which provides a fine overview of the park: a wild 40-minute adventure that comes complete with a fascinating audio narration and allows you to catch a glimpse of the hippos and Asian elephants. Or you can take to the themed trails to get even closer to the residents here, often separated only by cattle grids thanks to Mandai’s open-plan zoo format.

Hit up the East Lodge Trail, where beasts of the African savannah come head to head with giants of the Asian tropics. We’re talking African aardvarks, Malayan tigers, spotted hyenas, shaggy sloths and beautiful white-faced owls. indigenous cats from the Asian peninsula rule the roost along the Fishing Cat and Leopard trails, while the Tasmanian Devil Trail shines a light on animals of Antipodean origin.

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Must-See Night Safari Zones:

  • Tasmanian Devil Trail –.putting the ‘wild’ in ‘wildlife’, the ferocious Tasmanian Devil is star of the show here. These screeching marsupials are joined on the trail by kiwis, wallabies, sugar gliders and more.
  • Fishing Cat Trail – for lovers of oddball animals, this zone features spectacled owls, whistling ducks and barking muntjac deer alongside the muscular fish-loving cats that give the trail its name.
  • Leopard Trail – not just for leopards, this trail also counts majestic Asiatic lions, huge Malayan flying foxes and ferociously cute bushbabies among its many inhabitants.

Mandai Wildlife Parks All on One Pass – Discount

General admission to all four Mandai wildlife parks is included with a Singapore attractions pass from Go City, meaning you get discounted entry on one pass. The Singapore pass also includes entry to bucket-list downtown and Sentosa landmarks including Gardens by the Bay and Universal Studios.

Alternatively, discounted multi-park passes are available direct from the Mandai Wildlife Parks website, where you can also buy tickets for add-on experiences such as feeding and animal-handling.

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