Supertree structures at twilight in Singapore's Gardens by the Bay.
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New Things to do in Singapore

Singapore’s relentless progress towards becoming one of the world’s top tourism destinations means any article fanfaring its newest attractions is destined to seem hopelessly out of date within a few months of publication. Great avalanches of new attractions have opened their doors since the turn of the decade, with many more exciting projects in the pipeline. One thing’s certain though, and that's that you’ll never go short of fun activities and attractions in Singapore! Here’s our guide to some of the best – and, for now, newest – things to do in the Garden City, including:

  • Avatar: The Experience
  • The Museum of Ice Cream
  • Skyhelix Sentosa
  • Jurassic Mile
  • KF1 Karting Circuit
  • Kingfisher Wetlands at Gardens by the Bay
  • Splat Paint House

Avatar: The Experience

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Fans of cinema’s best-loved bright-blue dudes are in for a treat. No, we’re not talking about The Smurfs, but the Na’vi people from James Cameron’s blockbusting Avatar movie series. The huge Cloud Forest dome at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay has been transformed to recreate the bioluminescent alien environments of Pandora, the Na’vis’ home planet, with five immersive walk-through zones. Come face to face with otherworldly flora and mythical creatures like the friendly Ilu, a marine creature featured in the latest Avatar movie, The Way of Water. There’s even an opportunity to fly your own Banshee over the Hallelujah Mountains, as well as encountering a baby Banshee and a Viperwolf pup.

Museum of Ice Cream

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Love ice cream? We know, we know: silly question. Of course you love ice cream! One of Singapore’s quirkier new attractions, the fabulously bonkers Museum of Ice Cream has a multitude of technicolor sensory zones to explore. Rediscover your inner child in the dreamlike unicorn playground, go bananas on the huge fruit-shaped swings and dive into the enormous sprinkle pool (not real sprinkles of course; that really would be bonkers). Of course what you really came here for is the unlimited ice cream to which your ticket entitles you, served throughout the zones in a rainbow of different forms and colors. Ice ice baby!

SkyHelix Sentosa

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Perched high on Imbiah Lookout on Sentosa Island, a location already celebrated for its panoramic views, the new SkyHelix Sentosa attraction takes you even higher! Rise to nearly 80 meters above sea level from where (complimentary slushie or soda in hand) you’ll enjoy 360-degree vistas of the Singapore skyline, the Southern Islands and beyond. You get to spend a full 10 minutes at the top of the ride, where the gondola gently rotates, providing you with countless opportunities to cram your Insta feed full of humblebrag no-filter snaps – unusually, phones are allowed on the ride. Book a sunset slot to see the skies turn flaming orange and flamingo pink from one of the finest vantage points in town.

Jurassic Mile

Make no bones about it, the Jurassic Mile is one of Singapore's most roar-some new attractions. You'll find it along the recently opened Changi Airport Connector, a 3.5-kilometer jogging and cycling path that includes a stretch roamed by life-sized dinosaurs. Spot gentle giants including the brontosaurus, dodge vicious velociraptors and look out for the terrifying T-rex tearing through the fence! Kids and adults alike will adore this fun family activity, which also includes huge flying critters and cute baby dinos hatching from their eggs.

Montane Orchidetum

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Opened in 2021, the Montane Orchidetum is one of the newest additions to the already spectacular National Orchid Garden, the star attraction at Singapore’s Botanic Gardens. This two-story tropical hothouse is a work of art in itself but gets even better once inside, where you’ll enjoy the somewhat immersive experience of ascending through a tropical mountain ecosystem, rich with the intoxicating sights and scents of hundreds of blooming orchids, bromeliads, magnolias and tropical rhododendrons. Afterwards, wander the scenic Secret Ravine to reach the orchid garden’s other no less impressive glasshouses.


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Singapore’s floral heritage comes spectacularly to life at Scentopia, one of Sentosa Island’s most scent-sational new attractions. See what we did there? Using augmented reality exhibits and a perfumery that highlights the science behind your favorite spray-on scents, it’s something of a sensory saturnalia. Check out mind-melting augmented reality exhibits including dinosaurs, colorful blooms and huge fungi in the gallery, learn about the weird and wonderful ways in which animals smell the world around them and discover the world’s largest flower, the carnivorous Rafflesia, first documented in Singapore over two centuries years ago.

KF1 Karting Circuit

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Go-karting is big business in Singapore, where adrenaline junkies in search of their next fix are never far from a nerve-shredding attraction or seven. Opened in 2021, the Formula One-inspired KF1 is (at time of writing) Singapore’s largest karting circuit, boasting 750 meters of track and 16 bends and corners. Advanced petrolheads can leave competitors in their wake, with karts capable of burning rubber at speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. A driving license is required if you feel the need for such speed, but you don’t need one for novice sessions (max 30km/h) or (at the risk of stating the obvious) for circuits of the dino-themed kids’ track.

Kingfisher Wetlands

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Gardens by the Bay’s sprawling 250-acre complex rewards multiple return visits and the Kingfisher Wetlands, one of its newest attractions is no exception. Explore the mangrove forest where native species including firefly mangroves and nipah palms can be seen, and keep your camera at the ready for snaps of the beautiful birdlife; there are over 130 species nesting in the reserve, representing nearly one-third of all Singapore bird species and including all nine native kingfishers! Eagle-eyed visitors may also be lucky enough to spot the occasional Malayan water monitor or smooth-coated otter gliding across the water.

Splat Paint House

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Unleash your inner Jackson Pollock in Singapore’s endlessly entertaining Splat Paint House, a permanent new attraction since 2021 following a successful run as a pop-up. This is a place to let loose and create unique artworks by – the clue’s in the name – splattering paint across your canvas in as wild and creative a way as you deem appropriate. Paints are safe and overalls are provided so get busy and get creative: splatter your canvas, splatter the walls and, heck, maybe even splatter your friends!

The Round Island Route

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Launched at the beginning of 2022, the first section of the Round Island Route encircles Singapore’s east coast, with walking and cycling tracks spanning a whopping 75 kilometers. Rent a bike and get ready for the ride of your life. Highlights along this epic coastal trail include the boardwalk and sweeping waterfront views at Changi Bay, a huge bridge that spans the Sungei Punggol canal and all manner of fascinating flora, fauna and marine life. Eyes peeled for majestic white-bellied sea eagles and brahminy kites patrolling the skies!

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