Morning Macarons in Montmartre

Get picturesque Parisian views and try an iconic Parisian snack, the macaron at the Famous Moulin de la Galette Restaurant.

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macarons in montmartre

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Enjoy Morning Macarons in Montmartre with Go City®

  • With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
  • Enjoy four macarons and a hot drink at Moulin de la galette. 
  • This sweet treat is available until midday. 

Wander through the magical alleyways of Montmartre and you'll get breathtaking views of the city below before you go for an all French morning snack, on us. 

This is truly a tantalising treat, with your pass you'll get four macarons and any hot drink of your choice from traditional Parisian bistro Moulin de la galette.  

Macarons, a traditional French sweet have become a must-try part of any trip to the city and the mythical Montmartre is a must-see for lovers of charming cobbled streets and spell-binding views. 

Montmartre and Macarons, two things ticked off the bucket-list before lunch? This really is the crème de la crème of Paris!

Morning Macarons in Montmartre: 이 관광지와 다른 많은 관광지를 통합이용권으로 방문해 보세요!

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Getting in

Just show your pass at Moulin de la Galette when you arrive before taking a seat at a table.

Please note: this offer is available at specific hours so please make sure you check the operating hours.

For more information please the Moulin de la Galette website.

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Passholders can claim this offer daily from 8AM - 12PM (midday).

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구매일로부터 90일 내에 활성화되지 않은 이용권은 환불해 드립니다.

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