What better way to experience the capital of Hawaii than to rent a moped in Honolulu? On a moped, you have the ability to navigate the busy city streets, visit the beaches or travel the windy roads of the Hawaii coastline. Home to more than 75% of the state’s population, Honolulu is always a busy place for tourists and locals. If you’re looking for a way to escape the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, a moped may be the answer. If you'd like to work your moped rental in a larger vacation itinerary, then a Go Oahu®Card may be a smart choice. Save up to 55% on combined admission to top tours, cruises, museums, and of course, your moped rental. Or, customize your own pass and save a guaranteed 20%.

Special Moped Requirements in Hawaii

Before you read any further, keep in mind that there may be some requirements for motorcycle or moped rentals. Many rental shops will require riders to be 21 or older (though some will rent to adults 18 and older). Typically, you will need a driver’s license to rent a moped and a motorcycle endorsement for a motorcycle rental. Many rental shops will also require an insurance deposit for the bike. Rates and hours will vary between locations, so make sure you compare prices online before committing to one shop over another. Each store has a variety of bikes to choose from, and their staff will assist you in finding the right size and style of moped for you. Renting a moped is a great idea if you’re interested in visiting one of the city’s many attractions, and it allows you the freedom of setting your own itinerary. Check out Honolulu hotspots including the historic Pearl Harbor or the Bishop Museum. Of course, you could always explore outside of the city limits as well. Hanauma Bay’s incredible fish, turtles and other sea creatures are sure to amaze snorkelers. Explore the Valley of the Temples, hike through the Diamond Head volcanic crater or marvel at the breathtaking views from Tantalus Point. Swing by Hanauma Bay, Oahu’s preferred snorkeling beach or kick back on the soothing shores of Lanikai in Kailua. On the north shore of the island, you can visit Laie’s Polynesian Cultural Center, the town of Hale’iwa or the famous Dole Plantation. No matter where you choose to go, the ride will be one of the best parts of the trip!

Why Use a Moped Instead of a Car in Honolulu?

Isn't Diamond Head just stunning? Image credit: Dakuna.com Isn't Diamond Head just stunning? Image credit: Dakuna.com
In choosing a moped over a rental car, you’ll be able to save money, help the environment and never have to stress about parking. In fact, Honolulu’s parking laws make moped parking easier than ever. Even if you’ve never driven a moped before, you can learn operation techniques from the rental staff of several moped rental stations, including Hawaiian Style Rentals. Hawaiian Style Rentals also offers tours right from their store. These tours help you to avoid getting lost on foreign land or spending the entire day looking at a map. The tour will bring you from storefront to waterfront as you cruise along the beaches of Lanikai, learn about local points of interest and hidden gems. You’ll see views from Diamond Head, the beautiful community of Kahala and many incredible resorts. On the highway, you can enjoy testing out the mopeds’ speed as your tour guide brings you to the historic Hanauma Bay.
Honolulu Triathlon 3 Makapu'u Point Light
Here, you can snorkel, explore and learn about the astounding nature surrounding you. On the last part of the tour, you can see the historic Makapu’u Lighthouse, marvel at the gigantic waves at China Walls and more. Upon your return to Lanikai, you’ll be welcome to kick off your shoes, relax in the sand, swim, snorkel and kayak. Return to the store with your tour guide or spend the rest of the day at Lanikai.

Take a Moped Tour of Hawaii

Maui is known for its pristine beaches. While you can't ride a moped on the beach, it can definitely get you there!
You can also rent a moped while venturing to the other islands. Aloha Motorsports in Maui have a guided West Maui tour, which takes guests to the world famous Nakalele Point, or “The Blow Hole.” You can see an old Hawaiian village, sample authentic Hawaiian banana bread and take a quick hike to The Blow Hole. Once you get there, you’ll see where the name comes from – the geyser-like spray is mesmerizing. The tour can be taken as a private, semi-private or group excursion and will be an incomparable experience for all.

Save on Admission

What could be better than seeing the islands’ fantastic scenery on the open road? Renting a moped will insure that you have a memorable and exciting trip to Hawaii. So make your Oahu vacation a memorable one with a moped rental from Hawaiian Style Rentals. And remember, you can save on your rental, plus admission to other popular Oahu attractions, with the Go Oahu®Card. Go Oahu card