Things to do in Downtown Bangkok

Things to do in Downtown Bangkok Business District

If you're looking for things to do in Bangkok's brilliant downtown district, you've come to the right place! Check out our picks of all the unmissable experiences in Sukhumvit below!


  • What is the main street in downtown Bangkok?
  • Which is better Sukhumvit or Siam?
  • Is Sukhumvit a safe area?
  • Things to do in Downtown Bangkok
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What is the main street in downtown Bangkok?

The high street in downtown Bangkok is called Sukhumvit, one of the city's liveliest spots. With a ton of malls, restaurants, clubs, and attractions, you could easily spend most of your vacation there and come away satisfied!

Which is better Sukhumvit or Siam?

We'd choose Sukhumvit over Siam, especially if it's your first time in the city. Siam is just a stone's throw anyway, and you'll want to be among the nightlife in downtown Sukhumvit to make the most of it!

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Is Sukhumvit a safe area?

As far as bustling metropolitan hubs are concerned, Sukhumvit is relatively safe. As long as you're sensible, you should be fine. However, if you want to avoid the sleazier side of Bangkok life, best avoid Nana Plaza, which is Bangkok's unofficial red light district.

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Things to do in Downtown Bangkok: centralwOrld

If shopping's what you need, centralwOrld's where you need to be.

With approximately 500 establishments to explore over eight massive floors, you're bound to find something to take home!

Renowned brands like Apple, Zara, The North Face, SuperSports, Toys' R' Us, and many more have set up shop within this shopping behemoth, and when you're all shopped out, you can head up the 7th floor for some much-needed chow. From traditional Thai offerings to Western delights, you'll find something to fill your belly. Then, if you need a break, check out the massive on-site cinema, or carve some glaciers at the ice rink.

With us, you'll also get exclusive discounts on all of the above, as well as access to the VIP lounge, where you can kick back and rest your legs.

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Things to do in Downtown Bangkok: Grand Palace Walking Tour

If culture's your bag, you'll find that in downtown Bangkok, too! Just take this walking tour of the city's regal Grand Palace and get immersed!

As you explore this expansive and awe-inspiring complex, your journey will lead you through some of the palace's most remarkable and significant edifices. Take your time to marvel at the ornate golden spires and the intricate embellishments adorning these magnificent structures.

The pinnacle of your tour will undoubtedly be the visit to Wat Phra Kaew, also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Nestled in the heart of historic Bangkok, this temple is an absolute must-see on your Grand Palace adventure.

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Things to do in Downtown Bangkok: Temple and Royal Palace E-Scooter Tour

Or, if you'd rather take a more exciting mode of transport to see the royal sights, why not take this e-scooter tour of the royal palace and temples?

This brisk tour will guide you through the temple complex, allowing you to marvel at its grand architectural splendor and resplendent gold exteriors. All the while, your knowledgeable English-speaking guide will share the rich history of this royal house, shedding light on the ceremonies and state functions held here.

Stops on the tour encompass the Grand Palace, the Ministry of Defence, Wat Pho, and Pom Pro Sumet Fort. You'll also navigate the city's intricate network of side streets to gain a unique perspective on its diversity.

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Things to do in Downtown Bangkok: Chao Phraya River Hop-on Hop-off Boat Tour

If you want to see all of downtown's sights from a different perspective, then this hop-on, hop-off boat tour of the Chao Phraya River let's you do just that!

As you journey along the Chao Phraya River, marvel at the opulent Grand Palace, Wat Pra Keow's Emerald Buddha, the intricate Wat Pho temple with its golden Reclining Buddha, the fragrant Pak Klong Taladd flower market, lively Chinatown, ICONSIAM mall (featuring an indoor floating market), and more.

And you can get off and freely explore each and every one of them at your own pace. Then, when you've seen your fill, simply hop back on the next boat and carry on. It puts you in control of your tourism experience, ensuring you can see all of downtown's best bits in a single day.

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Things to do in Downtown Bangkok: Zoom Rooftop Bar

All this exciting exploring might leave you feeling a tad parched. Never fear, because if you ascend to the 40th floor of the JC Kevin Sathorn Hotel, you can relish panoramic vistas, and enjoy a refreshing cocktail at Zoom Rooftop bar, one of the trendiest spots in town.

This stylish haven is an ideal vantage point to witness the sun's descent over Bangkok's downtown. And, with us, you get a choice of a local beer, cocktail, fruit juice, or a soft drink. So, even if you're not a drinker, you can still come up and make the most of the photo-finish views.

Settle into one of the plush lounge sofas, capture Instagram-worthy moments, and savor the gleaming city lights. It's the perfect locale to commence or conclude your evening. Make sure to dress smart, or you won't get in. After all, it's a trendy rooftop bar - you know what to do.

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Things to do in Downtown Bangkok: King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk

And finally, we'll end proceedings on another rooftop. But it's not just any rooftop; it sits atop the tallest skyscraper in the city!

Ascend via one of the world's swiftest video-themed elevators to the King Power Mahanakhon Tower, where you'll enjoy breathtaking 360-degree views of Bangkok's iconic landmarks. You can also ascend to the 78th-floor outdoor observation deck for unobstructed panoramas. The bold among you may even dare to try the Glass Tray Experience, a glass-bottomed floor that'll give you vertigo as you observe the city beneath your feet.

Or, if that's too stressful, check out the augmented reality exhibit, which gives you an overview of the area and the building itself. It's still fun, trust us!

And those are our picks of the best things to do in downtown Bangkok! If you want to see the best of the rest of the city, go with Go City! With our All-Inclusive Pass and Explorer Pass, you can see Bangkok's best bits for one low price!

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