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Adventurous Things to do in Barcelona

Is the monotony of real life getting you down? Ever feel like your weeks pass without any...excitement? That all changes now. Book your vacation to Barcelona, pack your most badass sunglasses, and read on. Because we've found the most adventurous things to do in Barcelona, and we've written them down just for you.


  • Segway swerving
  • Cable climbing
  • Escape escapades
  • Watery wonders
  • Wave warping
  • and more!
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Ciutadella Segway tour

Adventure means many things to many people. For some, it may be deemed adventurous to try a new type of chip. Paprika flavor, or something equally exotic. But people like you, surely you're looking for something completely out of your comfort zone. How about traveling on two wheels while standing up?

Now that's a segue...into Segway! Yes, you too can board your very own two-wheeled wonder and explore the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella on this adventurous tour. And don't worry, if you've never operated this people magnet, you'll get a few lessons before burning off into the distance with your guide, at which point they'll impart key knowledge to keep your brain bulging all day. Learning and adventure? Say it isn't so.

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Barcelona Cable Car

Do you like getting high? As in, high above the ground? Do you dare put your life and safety in the hands of a cable car? Well, if you do, then you'll love hopping aboard the Montjuïc Cable Car - the easiest and safest way to make it to the top of one of Barcelona's most picturesque places.

Built back when Barcelona hosted the 1992 Olympic Games, this 750m journey begins at Parc de Montjuïc before ascending - smoothly - towards

Castell de Montjuïc. Look out the window, and you'll see stunning sights such as Gaudi's great Sagrada Familia. Then, explore the castle, snap some pics, and hop on to return back to terra firma. Heart-pumping, gravity-defying fun!

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Illa Fantasia Waterpark

Water; nature's life-giver. Over half of our bodies are made up of it. Hell, we need to drink it to survive. We should thank water. Every day. But that doesn't mean we can't have little fun with it.

That's why you adventurous types should sprint down to Illa Fantasia Waterpark, where you can bodaciously ride some sick water slides. Alongside the park's 22 thrilling slides, you can also take on the wave pool, and then, when you want to take a break, grab a bite at one of the park's many restaurants. Adventure. Fun. All in one. So why not check it out if you're the daring sort?

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Escape Hunt Barcelona

Have you ever been stuck in a lift? It can be terrifying. No amount of button pushing, screaming, or door-banging can save you. You simply have to wait for maintenance to fix the issue. But, what if the lift was merely a challenge to overcome? What if there were a series of clues you had to solve to open the doors. Could you do it then?

Why not put your supposed lift-escaping powers to the test at Escape Hunt Barcelona. Yes, despite our overly-complex explanation, we're talking about escape rooms! Just a stone's throw from Sagrada Familia, you'll find six challenging rooms with puzzles to solve, clues to discover, and ultimately, one exit you need to open.

Can you solve the mystery of Gaudi and escape his artistic prison? Will you outsmart the Vampire of Barcelona's devious schemes? Can you break out of the School of Thieves? All of these questions, and more, will be answered when you head to Escape Hunt Barcelona! Oh, and the games can be played in English too, if you'd rather not make proceedings even harder than they already are.

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Let's go back to the water for our next choice on the list - surfing. There are no two ways about it; surfing is cool. It looks cool, cool people do it, and the thrill of riding the waves probably feels cool, literally. We wouldn't know, as we barely have the stomach for such adventure. But you probably do! So why not get on the waves and show that water who's boss?

Arguably the best place to catch waves in Barcelona is at Barceloneta Beach. So, if you've got the skills to pay the bills, feel free to grab a board, swim out, and get surfing! However, if you're a little green behind the ears and need a few pointers, why not try a surfing school? It's a great way to meet new people and make a fool of yourself while you learn. Then, when they least expect it, you can dazzle them with a flip or something. Now that's surfing!

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Barcelona Bike Tour

Another great way to see more of the city while getting your blood pumping - cycle tours are one of the best adventurous things to do in Barcelona.

For three hours, your English-speaking guide will ride with you as you explore and learn all about the timeless city. Taking you through the likes of Old Town and the Raval Neighborhood, as well as riding past landmarks such as the Sagrada Familia and the Vila Olímpica, it's the perfect way to see the sights, catch some sun, and, more importantly, have fun! And don't forget your camera, because you can't pander to your 7 followers without taking a few snaps of your discoveries.

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Scuba Diving

Let's end this list on, you guessed it, the water! Who knew everyone's favorite drink could be so packed full of adventure! This time, we're going deep underwater to explore the seabed. That's right, baby, it's scuba diving! What's more thrilling than being stuck underwater breathing through an oxygenated tube? Nothing, nothing at all.

You'll find plenty of diving schools throughout Barcelona, but if you want to err on the eco-friendly side, go with Underwater Barcelona. They pride themselves on being the only eco-diving company in town, so go check them out. They have a whole host of courses, services, and specialties on offer, so no matter your proficiency, they've got you covered.

And those are our picks for the most adventurous things to do in Barcelona!

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