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Best Beaches Near Rome

Rome is simply bursting with amazing things to do. From perusing some of the greatest works of art mankind has ever produced and exploring the archaeological wonders of Ancient Rome, to noshing your way through pasta joint after gelato shop, there’s no end to the remarkable things to enjoy in the Eternal City. Of course, summertime can be exhausting in Rome, and often quite hot. While you may not think of Rome as a beach destination, there are several beaches within easy distance of the city—just perfect for cooling off. In fact, Lazio, the region of Italy where Rome is located, is famous for its many beautiful beaches. We’ve pulled together a list of the top beaches near Rome for those looking to build a beach day into their Rome vacation. Here’s our rundown of the top beaches near Rome, ranked by distance in ascending order;

  • Ostia Lido
  • Santa Severa
  • Santa Marinella
  • Anzio
  • Gaeta
  • Sperlonga

First, a general note. Significant portions of most beaches in Italy are privately operated, meaning that you’ll need to pay a modest fee to get access to the beach for a day (or longer, depending upon the kind of pass you purchase). That fee will cover a lounge chair (fee per person), umbrellas, outdoor showers, restrooms, a dressing room, and more. If you’re going to be visiting a beach for longer than a day, invest in a short-term pass to save money.

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Ostia Lido

20 miles / 32 kilometers from Rome

A large neighborhood near the ancient port of Rome, Ostia is the most popular beach town for locals, with many Romans spending their holidays enjoying the cooler weather at the shoreline. The atmosphere here is an exciting and active one, with dozens of popular bars and restaurants catering to Romans and visitors alike. There are more public beach spaces here than some others, so you can just claim a spot with a towel. This is probably the most touristy spot on the list, but it’s also the easiest to get to. Take the commuter train to Ostia (which you can pick up at the Piramide metro station).

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Santa Marinella / Santa Severa

40 miles / 63 kilometers from Rome

These two seaside towns are located north of Rome, a mere 10 kilometers apart. Santa Severa is a tiny town, most remarkable for its well-preserved ninth-century castle overlooking the sea. It was also once home to the ancient Etruscan port of Pyrgi. The waves are going to be a bit more active here than at some other beaches, so it’s nice for watersports. Santa Marinella is characterized by calm, warm waters which are mostly shallow—a perfect spot for families. The town itself is less popular with tourists, so what it lacks in amenities it makes up for in privacy and authenticity. Both beaches can be reached via regional train (Roma Termini towards Civitavecchia).

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50 miles / 89 kilometers from Rome

This charming small town is historically significant as the landing site for Allied troops during WWII, during their successful campaign to free Rome from Nazi occupation. You’ll find a number of historical monuments and a museum to this effect. On its own merits, however, you’ll also find that Anzio is a delightful little beach town. With long expanses of sandy beach spanning the whole town, and the impressive backdrop of Emperor Nero’s beachside villa, Anzio boasts a simply stunning waterfront. It’s also home to various fishing enterprises, so you’re practically guaranteed to enjoy a sumptuous seafood feast at the local restaurants. You can get here via a roughly one-hour train ride (Roma Termini towards Nettuno).

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75 miles / 120 kilometers from Rome

This beautiful coastal city in central Italy, Gaeta is a Mediterranean beauty. You’ll find much of historical interest in the Monte Orlando Park, a protected waterfront area with extensive Roman ruins. Enclosed within the park are few landmarks of note, including an eleventh-century sanctuary and the Villa di Tiberio archaeological site. Don’t miss the striking Grotta del Turco marine cave—an ideal site for nature lovers and culture buffs. There are also a number of exciting dive sites within the park, perfect for those looking to enjoy a good excursion beneath the waves. This beach may also be reached via a different train line (Roma Termini towards Naples) and a regional bus ride.

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80 miles / 128 kilometers from Rome

Further south than Anzio, this charming coastal town is about halfway between Rome and Naples. In addition to the expansive beaches that hug the entire coastline, Sperlonga also features some significant history. It’s best known for the ancient Roman sea grotto discovered on the grounds of the Villa of Tiberius (one-time Emperor of Rome). The grotto was filled with the exquisite eponymous sculptures, which are now on display in a museum in Sperlonga. The beach itself is known for its warm, easygoing waters, making this an excellent beach for the little ones. You can reach Sperlonga via train and then a short bus ride, a ride which takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. Keep in mind that not all trains from Roma Termini will stop at the appropriate station, so be sure to check in advance of boarding.

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