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A Guide to Theatre, Opera, and Ballet in Rome

The Eternal City is, among many things, a vibrant center for the arts. It’s brimming with theatres, operas, ballets, and many more such cultural performances—all just waiting for music fans and passionate opera buffs to enjoy. If you’re going to be traveling to Rome and are hoping to see a bit of the local arts scene, check out this handy guide. We’ve pulled together the best theatre, opera and ballet in Rome for you to explore, from the big-name operas to small, intimate concert performances. These options range in price and duration, but they’re all worth the devoting an evening to the arts. [caption id="attachment_58761" align="alignnone" width="4909"]

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Teatro dell' Opera di Roma[/caption]

Best Theatres & Venues in Rome

  • Teatro dell’Opera: Home to ballet, musicals, opera, concerts, drama, and more, this gorgeous Opera House is Rome’s unofficial cultural hub. It was built in the late nineteenth century, but has since been remodeled multiple times; it’s most remarkable for its 1920s exterior and the beautiful ceiling inside.
  • Teatro Argentina: Hosting opera, symphonies, musical performances, and prose, this building actually dates to the era when Rome invented opera. Inaugurated in 1732, Teatro Argentina emphasizes both classical and modern productions and is famous for being the first venue to host several famous shows including Verdi’s “Battle of Legnano.”
  • Teatro Sistina: One of the largest theatres in all of Italy, this venue has been host to a wide array of shows from modern comedians to a reliable selection of Italian musicals. It also hosts opera, ballet, concerts, and more. Teatre Sestina is a more modern theatre than some of the other famous venues, having been introduced as a cinema-theatre in 1949.
  • Teatro Quirino: Erected in the late nineteenth century, this grand theatre is right near Trevi Fountain. Their current lineup is among the most award-winning in the city, featuring prose, operetta, ballet, and popular entertainment. They’ve also hosted some of the most famous figures in Italian cultural history.
  • Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia: One of the oldest and most storied musical institutions in Europe, this venue is actually a working musical academy. This multi-structure venue was designed by none other then Renzo Piano, and also hosts a number of performances throughout the year.
  • Palazzo Santa Chiara: An excellent venue for affordable classical music concerts, Palazzo Santa Chiara hosts the distinguished Opera Lirica di Roma. Their remarkable performances delight audiences at every turn, as an immensely talented musical ensemble accompanies Italian opera soloists.
  • Silvano Toti Globe Theatre Roma: For those looking for a unique experience, a visit to this charming outdoor venue located on the grounds of the Villa Borghese should suffice. It’s an adaptation of a traditional English theatre (made to look just like the Globe Theatre), and the performances are mostly interpretations of Shakespeare’s works, albeit all in Italian.
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Popular Musical Performances in Rome

  • Opera at the Waldensian Auditorium: If you’re looking for the most famous and most beautiful arias in the world, you’re looking for this performance. Nestled in an intimate space, this performance combines the most renowned arias by Verdi, Mozart, Puccini, and Rossini into one moving evening.
  • Three Tenors Plus Ballet at the Waldensian Auditorium: Also hosted at the same lovely venue, this remarkable cultural offering combines the lifting grace of ballet dancers with the talented musical offerings of Delfo Paone, Alessandro Risa, and Giuseppe Macagno. A musical performance not to be missed!
  • Three Tenors at St. Paul’s Church: You also have the option to see these talented gentlemen share their favorite Neapolitan music at St. Paul’s Within the Walls Church. A rare venue to be one of the first few non-Catholic churches built in the city, it’s the perfect setting for the three tenors to showcase their talents.
  • La Traviata / Pocket Opera: This delightful performance of one of the world’s most moving operas is sure to please. Come see a unique rendition of La Traviata at the Italian Methodist Church and enjoy the distinctive setting and beautiful vocals.
  • Vivaldi & Bach at St. Paul’s Church: This offers a delightful musical performance that ties two remarkable eighteenth-century composers together. Enjoy exquisite renditions of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and various pieces by Bach - a perfect combo for a perfect evening.

Save on Admission to Cultural Rome Attractions

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