Hong Kong in March

Hong Kong in March

Are you planning to visit Hong Kong in March? Here's everything you need to know to make your vacation amazing!


  • Is Hong Kong warm in March?
  • Which month is typhoon season in Hong Kong?
  • Can you swim in Hong Kong in March?
  • Hong Kong in March: Weather
  • Hong Kong in March: What to pack
  • March Events in Hong Kong
  • The best March Attractions in Hong Kong

Is Hong Kong warm in March?

March is the start of spring, and as such, it rings in the warmer months. And, unlike the peak summer months, it's relatively dry, too, making it one of the best times to visit Hong Kong! Just don't expect a lot of sun - February to April is the city's cloudiest time of year.

Which month is typhoon season in Hong Kong?

Typhoon season lands between May and October, with peak summer of June, July, and August being the wettest and windiest months. Of course, the city's modern infrastructure can handle a typhoon these days, so it's still safe to visit. Maybe just not that much fun?

Can you swim in Hong Kong in March?

Many of Hong Kong's beaches officially open their doors - or sand - in March, so you can absolutely take a dip if you'd like.

Hong Kong in March: Weather

Overall, you can expect good weather in Hong Kong in March. Average temperatures hit 68°F, with highs of 72°F and lows of 63°F.

While still relatively dry, you can expect a couple more days of rainfall in March when compared to January or February. But at ten days of rainfall and around 45mm expected, it's hardly vacation-ruining.

What you may experience is fog. March is a pretty foggy period in Hong Kong, which means some events that require visibility can be canceled. Unfortunately, you'll never really know until the day, but just be aware you may have to shift plans around to accommodate.

We already mentioned clouds earlier, and yes, you won't be catching many rays. On average, you can expect around 4 hours of sun a day, so even pale people will have a ball!

Hong Kong in March: What to pack

Pack for spring, because while you won't be burnt to a crisp, 68°F is probably too hot for your thicker jackets, scarves, and all the wintery things that keep you warm.

And, while it's not likely to snow or frost up during your Hong Kong vacation in March, that pesky rainfall could cause some issues unless you come prepared. Pack a light rain jacket and umbrella so you can protect yourself in a pinch.

March Events in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Flower Show

If you love flowers, you'll love the Hong Kong Flower Show. Held in March every year, it brings flora-enjoyers from all over the world to see the sights, hear the sounds, and smell the petals.

Though the exact date changes every year, it does fall in March, so it's worth checking it out if flowers are your thing.

March Events in Hong Kong: Arts Month

Art lovers will also get a kick out of a Hong Kong vacation in March, because March is Hong Kong Arts Month. You'll find a ton of local events displaying artwork from all over the world, and like the Flower Show, it draws crowds from far and wide.

It also coincides with the Hong Kong International Film Festival, which has a similar worldwide draw. If you love film and want to see some unique pictures, check that one out too!

March Events in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Sevens

Hong Kong might seem like an unusual place to house a rugby tournament, but here we are! And it's not just any rugby tournament; it's the world's premier rugby sevens tournament!

For those unacquainted, rugby sevens is a smaller, shorter version of your classic rugby union. Seven people on each team, seven-minute halves, and a whole lot of ball throwing! If you're a fan of rugby, or even a curious NFL enjoyer, it's worth a look.

The best March Attractions in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Maritime Museum

When the rain is predictable and the fog less so, why not toss your worries away and go to a museum instead? The Hong Kong Maritime Museum is a great place to explore our history of sea exploration, as well as the trade routes that made Hong Kong such a powerhouse.

With tons of exhibits to check out, authentic artifacts to study, and personal stories to explore, it's a great day out for anyone with a passing interest in history and the sea.

The best March Attractions in Hong Kong: Monopoly Dreams

If you're bringing the little ones with you, do them a favor and go visit Monopoly Dreams. It's the world's first theme park dedicated to the famous board game, featuring larger-than-life pieces, a whole game world to explore on foot, and even a story and challenges to enjoy.

Mr. Monopoly - you know, the guy who never wore a monocle - must stop a dastardly diamond thief before his prized jewels are stolen. Work in groups, solve puzzles, complete challenges, and explore the board to thwart him.

The best March Attractions in Hong Kong: Dark Side of Hong Kong Walking Tour

If the skyscrapers, super malls, and glitz and glam had you fooled, think again. Over a quarter of Hong Kong's population lives in poverty, and on this tour, you'll explore the rich : poor divide and see the difference for yourself.

Your guide will take you to places where the poorest live, show you the criminal excuses for apartments that some call home, and explain how some people are just shoved away from the higher parts of society. It's a real eye-opener, and will have the conscientious-minded writing letters to government officials in no time.

And that's everything you need to know to make your Hong Kong vacation in March a memorable one! If you're looking for more ways to bulk up your travel itinerary, look no further than Go City. With our All-Inclusive Pass and Explorer Pass, you can see all of the city's best bits for one low price!

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