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Travel Apps That Save Money on Activities

You’ve been meticulous in tracking flight costs, militant in your search for the best affordable accommodation and what you don’t know about seasonal price fluctuations for New York, Paris, Singapore and Seoul simply isn’t worth knowing. Because, well, everybody loves a bargain, right? And why not? It’s what travel apps like Skyscanner, Priceline, Kayak, Booking, Hopper and Airbnb were made for. 

Perhaps you’ll also want to splash some cash on that tiny designer swimsuit for your Malibu Beach break. Or stock up on souvenirs on your vacation: think fine leather goods (and even finer wine) in Rome, Golden Gate Bridge fog globes in San Francisco and authentic celadon ceramics in Seoul

To do so without fear of breaking the bank, it’s critical that you keep that fiscally prudent cap firmly on your head once you reach your destination. That means eating at street food stalls as well as swanky restaurants, taking care not to fall foul of local scams (like these Paris classics, or these Barcelona shockers) and, of course, not paying top dollar for local attractions and activities when there’s absolutely no need to do so. 

Global Travel Apps That Save Money on Activities

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If you know what you’re looking for, there are a few good travel apps that can save you money on activities and attractions in international destinations, including the likes of Klook, Viator and Go City. Heck, it’s even possible to do the notoriously expensive London on the cheap if you know your onions. Apps like Go City’s dedicated attraction and activity passes offer deep discounts on popular tours, attractions and more, with savings that accumulate the more sightseeing you do. Others like Klook tend to have smaller fixed discounts with specific travel partners, and often operate a ‘best price guarantee’. In other words, they’ll refund you the difference if you book through their app and subsequently find the same ticket (like for like) cheaper elsewhere.

In addition to these, voucher sites like Groupon operate globally, with presence across major vacation destinations in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Here’s where you can find money-saving bargains for local tours, attractions, restaurants, concerts and shows, often with up to 50% off the usual price.

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Sure, you might have to trawl through a few teeth whitening deals and offers on bulk toilet tissue purchases to find them, but there are often diamonds to be found in the rough. Just be sure to check there’s availability during your travel dates before committing the cash.

Local discounting is also common, so it’s worth checking whether your destination has travel apps that save money on local activities, attractions, shops and restaurants before you travel. Many major cities will do this. Our advice? Research, research and research some more, then bag any apps you think you might want to use before you travel to avoid falling foul of pesky roaming charges when downloading them abroad.

Save Money on Activities and Attractions with Go City

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Ok sure, we’re bias and, in the interest of journalistic balance it’s important for us to point out that *other apps for saving money on activities and attractions are available*, but we’re sure you’ll understand if we blow our own trumpet rather than bigging up our rivals here.

Go City has worldwide coverage, with passes available for sightseeing and activities in cities from Singapore to Sydney, Seoul to San Diego, London to Las Vegas and Bangkok to Barcelona. And that’s just for starters. Here’s how the different pass types work…

Go City Explorer Pass

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Once you’ve chosen your destination (currently around 30 and counting), you can select an Explorer Pass for the number of attractions you plan to visit (usually between two and seven, but varies by city). Download the Go City app to your phone and, hey presto, you’re good to go. The Explorer Pass activates when you scan in at your first attraction or activity. You then have a full 60 days to use the remaining credits on your pass so, you know, you can do so at a very leisurely pace, should you so desire. 

Picture yourself in Dublin, for example, where you might want to tick off a trio of big hitters like the legendary Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Zoo and a day trip to the charming seaside town of Howth with its iconic lighthouse. In Chicago, you might fancy a hop-on hop-off city tour, a thrilling trip to the Skydeck, 1,353 feet above the city streets, and – heck, why not? – a high-powered speedboat thrill ride on Lake Michigan.

Woman jumping for joy at the Skydeck in Chicago

In each case, a three-choice Explorer Pass will save you $$ (or €€) on the regular ticket cost for those three attractions. There’s also a cumulative effect on savings so that the more choices you have on your pass, the greater percentage you can end up saving overall.

Go City All-Inclusive Pass

The All-Inclusive pass works slightly differently in that with this option you select the number of days you want (as opposed to number of attractions). The pass then activates as soon as you visit your first attraction and remains valid for the duration of the number of consecutive days you’ve selected. How much you’ll save against standard entry prices therefore depends on how much you plan to fill your boots with sightseeing activities and attractions. Simples.

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Note that activities and attractions can vary across the two pass types, so it’s well worth checking which best suits your specific requirements. Some major cities including London and Paris have alternative dedicated passes which work similarly to the All-Inclusive option, but often include exclusive experiences not otherwise available on other pass types.

In Conclusion…

There are stacks of travel apps out there that can save you cash on flights and hotels, and several more that offer discounts on activities and attractions. Our advice? Do your own research for your specific destination and, if you have the time and inclination, mix and match to get the best possible selection of experiences at the lowest possible prices. What, as they say, could be simpler?

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