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Things to Do in Cancun Besides the Beach/All-Inclusive Resort

Cancun is a top destination for people who want to have fun, relax, or just get away. With beautiful water and beaches, Cancun has been a destination for vacationers for decades, and it is easy to see why. But what is a person to do if they can only enjoy so much time by the sand and the water—what is there to do that lets them stretch some muscles and even their brains? Cancun has many different places to go for a change of pace and lots of different things to do besides the beach/all-inclusive resort activities that are fun. Find a balance between relaxing and adventuring to make your Cancun vacation all the more enjoyable.

Save on Admission to Things to Do Besides the Beach/All-Inclusive Resort

With a Go Cancun Card attraction pass, you can visit these exciting attractions and save up to 45% on combined admission fees to these and other great Cancun attractions. Of course, this one-day itinerary is only one of many ways to enjoy your limited time in Cancun. The Go Cancun Card gives you the flexibility to totally customize your vacation – just pick and choose what you want to see during your one day in Cancun and save on admission. It’s that easy!

Xcaret Park

Image of Summer, Nature, Outdoors, Scenery, Person, Swimming, Water, Vegetation, Land, Referred as an oasis of natural beauty in a place full of natural beauty. Xcaret Park has a Mayan Village, Mayan Temples, the Paradise River, and the Vino De Mexico Wine Cellar—and more that you can visit all in a day—or come back again, it’s up to you. Xcaret Park also has a Children’s World where kids can play in their own pool and several different water rides. There are 40 different attractions at Xcaret Park. Other great activities at Xcaret Park include the Paradise River which is just what it sounds like. You will take a beautiful float down the river in almost surreal beauty as parrots fly overhead. You can also tour the Underground Rivers, or take the Scenic Tour that gives you 360-degree views of the Caribbean. If you visit Xcaret Park on your first day in Cancun, you may never want to go back to the beach. Getting in: Xcaret Park tickets are included as a Premium Attraction option with the Go Cancun Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Extreme Adventure Park

Image of Vegetation, Jungle, Nature, Outdoors, Land, Rainforest, Tree, Woodland, Face, Head, Person, Photography, Portrait, Adult, Female, Woman, Grass, Accessories, Glasses, Bracelet, Helmet, A day at the Extreme Adventure Park is just as it sounds. You can snorkel at two different reefs—each considered to be some of the most beautiful sites in all of Mexico. The Great Mayan Reef for example, will give you a chance to see sea turtles, many different colors of reef and more species of fish than most can imagine. An ATV ride through the jungle may also be on the itinerary. Imagine yourself as an explorer, but your path is already prepared as you drive through the jungle looking at flora and fauna. When your ATV ride is over, you can also choose from six different zip lines and interactive bridges that will allow you to climb from tree to tree. And there is more—so much more. Getting in: Extreme Adventure Park tickets are included as a Premium Attraction option with the Go Cancun Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Tulum-Tankah Cenotes Eco Adventure Tour

Image of Adventure, Person, Ziplining, Adult, Female, Woman, This site is an adventure to remember, and it is also a chance to learn more about the Mayan culture. The trip involves visiting an archaeological dig site where you’ll learn more about the great Mayan civilization and the archaeologists who have discovered important knowledge about the ancient culture. You’ll also get to visit and swim in cenotes, which are naturally occurring swimming holes formed by rivers. Cenotes are beautiful and fun. You’ll also have a chance to kayak through the river, and to learn even more about the Mayans who lived here centuries ago. Getting in: Tulum-Tankah Cenotes Tour tickets are included as a Premium Attraction option with the Go Cancun Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Columbus Lobster Dinner Cruise—with Steak and Vegetables

Image of Dating, Person, Romantic, Adult, Male, Man, This adventure is an opportunity to sail around Cancun’s lagoon as the sun sets. While sailing you will get to enjoy a perfectly prepared meal with appetizers and desserts that you and someone special will find tastes even better when surrounded by all of this natural beauty. You can also have a photo taken while you’re onboard and you’ll be serenaded by a live saxophone band too. This will an evening to remember for the rest of your life. Getting in: Columbus Lobster Dinner Cruise tickets are included with the Go Cancun Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Tulum Express Tour

Image of Person, Many describe the Mayan ruins of Tulum as the most interesting archaeological sites of all. These ruins are surrounded by crystal-clear water and white sand beaches. The setting of these beautiful ruins also includes cliffs to make the scene truly picture perfect. To make a tour of the ruins especially great, there will be a presentation by a bilingual guide to fill you in on all that has been learned at this important site. Tulum was once a site with vigorous commerce and it still has three walls intended to protect the residents of the city from invaders, and there are several houses that were intended as burial sites for royalty still standing at the site. Getting in: Tulum Express Tour tickets are included with the Go Cancun Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Isla Mujeres Discovery Sail

Image of Boat, Vehicle, Boating, Water, Water Sports, Ferry, Person, The Isla Mujeres is a small island near Cancun. In just a 20-30 minute ferry ride, visitors will have a chance to explore an important island that has remnants of the Mayan civilization and modern amenities. While on the ferry, you can eat a delicious breakfast while enjoying the beautiful blue waters Cancun is noted for. Once you’re there, you can explore ancient ruins, or you can visit the downtown area which has many different shops to explore. There is also a pool at Isla Mujeres if you’ve had enough of the beach for a while. And, you can enjoy a domestic open bar during your day long stay. Getting in: Isla Mujeres Discover Sail tickets are included with the Go Cancun Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Moonlight Bioluminescence Snorkeling Tour

Image of Lifejacket, Vest, Face, Head, Person, Photography, Portrait, Shorts, People, Adult, Female, Woman, Girl, Teen, Male, Man, Outdoors, Water, Nature, What a trip this will be. You will be able to see ocean wildlife in a way you never thought you would have an opportunity before. Snorkeling at night with the moon offering you illumination makes the sea life absolutely beautiful. On this tour, you will get to spend an hour and a half visiting three different reefs. Even new snorkelers have the skills needed to enjoy this tour. Area 1 on the tour is known for octopus, moray eels, squid, and more. Area 2 is where you are most likely to swim with a sea turtle. Area 3 where the bioluminescence will amaze you as you are surrounded by tiny particles that will light up the water all around you. Getting in: Moonlight Bioluminescence Snorkeling Tour tickets are included with the Go Cancun Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Playa del Carmen Shopping Tour

Whether you decide you need a new bathing suit, souvenirs to remember your trip, or you just want to spend some time wandering around in air-conditioned shops, Playa del Carmen is for you. There are unique, locally owned stores at Playa del Carmen. There are also name brand stores that Americans are used to back home. There is also street entertainment, and excellent restaurants and bars. Getting in: Playa del Carmen Shopping Tour tickets are included with the Go Cancun Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Shopping Tour in Cancun

Image of Nature, Outdoors, Sea, Water, Building, Shoreline, Coast, Cityscape, Urban, City, The resort city of Cancun also boasts the Mercado 28—a flea-market shopping area that has many different booths and restaurants. These shops and booths are owned and operated by locals so their goods are authentic. This is another great chance to find a great souvenir for yourself or gifts for friends and family. This location also has handcrafted purses, jewelry and more. You will also be able to eat real, authentic Mexican food here. The next stop is the Plaza Las Americas. This is a mall that almost any American would recognize. Stores at Plaza Las Americas include Sears, Victoria’s Secret, Adidas, and more. There are also drug stores, restaurants, and movie theaters. Just like a mall in the states, you should be able to find just about anything you want or need. Getting in: Shopping Tour in Cancun tickets are included with the Go Cancun Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Chichen Itza

Image of Castle, Fortress, Bag, Handbag, Person, Shoe, Hat, Chichen Itza is a city built by the Mayans and is considered to be one of the most famous archaeological sites in all of Mexico. You can spend a full day at this site and wander around at your own pace and visit a private hospitality suite and some of the oldest buildings on the entire continent. There is also a resort pool, botanical garden, and a lounge area. Getting in: Chichen Itza tickets are included with the Go Cancun Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Cancun Wax Museum

Image of Performer, Person, Solo Performance, Guitar, Musical Instrument, Adult, Male, Man, Guitarist, Music, Musician, Microphone, Never met Queen Elizabeth II? What about Elvis? Amy Winehouse? How is it possible you may ask? At the Cancun Wax Museum of course. There are more than 100 different figures that have national importance, and global influences too. The wax museum is at La Isla Mall, so you can combine the time spent in the museum meeting up with Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and others, then go shopping. Just don’t expect them to join you! Getting in: Cancun Wax Museum tickets are included with the Go Cancun Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Save on Things to Do in Cancun Besides the Beach/All-Inclusive Resort

Save up to 53% on many of the attractions and things to do in Cancun besides the beach/all-inclusive resort mentioned above with the Go Cancun Card All-Inclusive Pass.

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