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Travel From Dubai to Qatar

2022 has been an odd year for many of us. For some, it's meant a return to the 'normal' that existed before 2020. To others, it meant great uncertainty and displacement. But as we approach the latter half of the year, there's one thing that's obvious. 2022 is a big year for Qatar. It's a World Cup year, and they have the privilege of hosting the most watched sporting tournament on the planet. Usually a summer tournament, due to the average temperatures in the region during the summer months, the Qatar 2022 World Cup is not only the first held in the Arab world, but the first to take place in winter. People from all over the world will come to watch countries face off on the field. And one of those people may well be you.

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However, the sharp-eyed of you out there may have noticed which country neighbors Qatar. We're talking about the United Arab Emirates, and the jewel in its crown, Dubai. So, if you want to make the most of your trip around the world, you might want to split your vacation between the two. Dubai has some of the most highly praised experiences on the planet, so it's absolutely worth a visit. But what is the best way to travel from Dubai to Qatar, so you can go see the games? Let's talk about it.

Travel from Dubai to Qatar - the cheapest way

As you may expect, the cheapest way to travel from Dubai to Qatar is by car. However, the trip, which pretty much runs along the coast of the Persian Gulf, will take nearly 7 hours to complete. You can expect to pay around $100 for gas, and that doesn't include the price of the rental vehicle, which could set you back another $5-200, depending on the car you choose. So, it's definitely an option, especially if you want to make the most of the views, and time is on your side. However, if neither of those takes your fancy, let's explore the other options on offer.

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Travel from Dubai to Qatar - the quickest way

Unsurprisingly, the quickest way to travel from Dubai to Qatar is by good old airplane. You can take a direct flight from Dubai International Airport to Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar, in just over an hour. This could cost anywhere between $180-$500, so if you're lucky and book ahead, you could actually save money when compared to renting a car.

However, you will need to take travel to and from the respective airports into account, depending on the location of your hotel or accommodation. If you're lucky, an affordable bus will take you close enough to where you're staying. If you're not lucky, you may have to take a cab. And if you do, the costs could add up.

Bear in mind that this is only if you're pitching a tent in Doha. If you're staying in one of the other Qatarian states hosting matches, we'll need to talk about those too!

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Traveling to other cities in Qatar

As with all World Cups, the tournament is held in multiple places throughout Qatar. Rather than cities, these are called states. So, if you're not staying in Doha, and have instead chosen to stay in one of the other states that are hosting matches, let's talk about how to reach them!

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Al Wakrah

Al Wakrah is the closest state to Doha. So close, in fact, that you'll be able to take a 13-minute cab from Hamad International Airport to the center of Al Wakrah. The cab should set you back about $18, so easy peasy.

If you hire a car when you arrive at Hamad International Airport, the journey will be the same period of time, so 15 minutes.

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Al Rayyan

Al Rayyan is a little further away from Doha than Al Wakrah, so getting there will be a bit harder. After arriving at Hamad International Airport, you'll need to get a bus or cab to Al Mansoura, and then a train to Education City. These will likely cost around $12 and take around 25 minutes.

If you hire a car when you arrive at Hamad International Airport, the whole journey will take around 23 minutes.

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Further still from the above is Lusail. To get there, take a 40-minute train from Hamad International Airport to Lusail , which is super cheap at around $2. Then, get a cab from the station to your accommodation. Prices will vary because, unfortunately, we aren't mind readers, and have no idea where you're staying!

If you hire a car when you arrive at Hamad International Airport, the entire journey will take you around 38 minutes.

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Al Khawr (Al Khor)

The final and furthest World Cup state on the list is Al Khawr, sometimes referred to as Al Khor. To get there, the recommended route says you should take a bus from Hamad International Airport to Al Khawr Gardens. This will take about an hour, and set you back around $40. Then, hail a cab to your temporary residence. If it's in the center of Al Khawr, it will cost around $7.

If you hire a car when you arrive at Hamad International Airport, the journey will take you around 43 minutes.

And that about covers everything you need to know about travel from Dubai to Qatar! If you're heading to the World Cup, have fun, and make sure you respect the traditions and laws that govern Qatar.

If you're heading to Dubai and looking for fun without the fuss? Look no further than Go City. With our All-Inclusive Pass or Explorer Pass, you can see all of Dubai's best bits when and how you want. If you're looking for some extreme sports to get the blood pumping, why not check out our guide to the best thrill-seeking activities in the city? Live for the night? Read up on our recommendations for the best neon-soaked activities. Feeling peckish and want to know what's good? We've got you covered, thanks to your ultimate guide to the best eats in Dubai.

There's so much to do, see, and experience that no matter what you decide to do, you'll love your time in the city!

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