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Giant protected Ocean reserve, see giant blue whales and much more! 

Take the Whale Watch & Dolphin Tour with Go City®

  • Pay nothing upon arrival – simply scan your digital pass
  • Depart from Newport Landing
  • 2.5-hour whale and dolphin-watching tour
  • Commentary from your crew and captain
  • The chance to see rare blue whales, humpback whales, dolphins, and more
  • Binocular rental and drink included in the package

See orcas, humpback whales, and blue whales – the biggest on the planet – on this whale-watching tour. You'll be taken to one of the largest marine sanctuaries in California which boasts over 75 square miles of protected waters and coast and thousands of whales and marine life. Dolphins, seals and rare species of whales frequent the area all year round.

You'll board a 65-foot double-deck ship with an upstairs sundeck, wraparound seating, a snack bar, and an indoor seating area with large windows. The ship was specifically designed for comfortably watching the marine life while the captain and crew members narrate your journey and point out the sea creatures. They all have extensive backgrounds in marine biology and ecosystems and are on hand to give you the history and facts about the fascinating inhabitants.

Whale Watching & Dolphin Tour highlights

California Gray Whale – a baleen whale that can reach up to 52 feet in length and weigh 36 tons, with a life expectancy of up to 70 years. They are so named for the gray patches on their otherwise dark skin and were once called 'devil fish' because of their erratic hunting behavior. Over 10,000 gray whales take part in their annual migration.

Giant Blue Whales – measuring in at up to 108 feet and up to 180 tons, this is the largest animal ever known to have existed. They were once found in abundance in all the world’s oceans but were hunted almost to extinction. In 2002 it was reported that there were between 5,000 and 12,000 blue whales in the world, traveling in as few as five groups. Newport Landing viewed over 300 blue whales in 2020.

Orca – also known as the Killer Whale, these mammals are toothed whales belonging to the dolphin family. They are regarded as 'apex predators' because they themselves have no predators and often feed on even large sharks, using sophisticated hunting techniques and vocal signals.

Minke Whales – a sub-order of baleen whales that is the second smallest type in existence. They measure in at an average of only 23 feet and weigh around 14 tons. They are black and gray in color, recognizable by the white band on each flipper. These whales typically live between 30 and 50 years.

Humpback Whales – a species of baleen whale ranging from 39-52 feet and weighing in at an average of 79,000 lbs. The whale is recognizable by its long pectoral fins and bumpy head. They are unusually playful, tending to breach and slap the water frequently in brilliant displays. The male variety is known to sing intricate songs lasting up to 20 minutes, possibly in a mating ritual.


Whale Watch & Dolphin Tour - Beautiful Newport Beach: esplora questa e molte altre attrazioni con un Pass Tutto Incluso.

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Getting in:on your chosen date and time, simply present your pass at the ticket counter.

Please note: parking options include parking structure at 309 Palm Street (for a minimal fee), Balboa Pier Parking Lot, & free residential parking. Your pass is accepted for admission until 5:30PM.

For more information, visit the Newport Whales website.

Whale Watch & Dolphin Tour - Beautiful Newport Beach tickets help

Simply ask our help team if you have any questions.

Dove sarai

309 Palm Street, Suite A, Newport Beach, US

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Orari di apertura

Daily: 8:00AM - 7:00PM. 
For the most up to date information and tour times, please visit their website.

Please note: There is an $8.50 supplemental charge for cruises between 10:00AM - 5:00PM. 

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